February 23, 2004 - Vol. 15, No. 21

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Nancy Williams

Senior Members
Bob Turner, Peter Karagianis

Caps Off
Roger Landry showed off the new Kiwanis baseball caps before they go back to Piche's to add the word "Kiwanis." They're $10 each for anyone who wants one.

Tribute Time
Roger Landry brought in two sample clocks for consideration as donations to Laconia Police Dept. for letting us meet in their community room.

Remedial clock-reading with Past Pres. Phil Bonafide

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Chair Joe Adrignola would like members who came to him with hot membership prospects to give him their names.

Don't Show Up
Pres. Warren Mitchell reminds everyone that next Monday we will start meeting back at Pheasant Ridge Country Club. Thanx again to the Laconia Police Dept. for letting us hang our hats at their place for a couple of months and the interesting programs they provided.

Win a Classic!
Chair Paul Cotton advises that Charlie St. Clair says "hi"; he could not attend the meeting as he had to be at the City Council on Motorcycle Week business. He also received a refund check from KevMarv Productions for the canceled show day at Rockingham. Our next roadshow will be at Steeplegate Mall, Concord. Signed up are--Friday, March 5, 8a-4p: Paul Cotton and Warren Mitchell; 4p-9p: Michael Bastraw and Don Nelson; Saturday, March 6, 10a-4p: Phil Bonafide and Michael Bastraw; 10a-2p: Nancy Williams; 12n-3p: Bob Turner; 4p-9p: Don and Sue Nelson; Sunday, March 7, 11a-4p: Jane Thibault and Roger and Pam Landry; 4p-6p: Paul Cotton and Warren Mitchell.

Get Ready to Laugh
Michael Toomey donated 4 tickets to the Laconia High School Band's fundraising Comedy Night, March 19, 7p-9p, Laconia High School Auditorium featuring three nationally-known comedians. It was suggested that they be raffled-off or donated to the Key Club. The event is a virtual sell-out.

Mike Toomey presents Comedy Night tickets to Pres. Warren Mitchell.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Guest Speaker
This writer introduced Lt. John MacLennan, Laconia Police Dept., to the club. They will be asking the city for five new cruisers as they have six vehicles which have over 100,000 miles on them. Digital radio technology, which will provide the ability to communicate with any other department in the state, will be tested in some of the cars. Project 54, developed at the University of New Hamsphire with the State Police, allows hands-free control of cruiser functions using voice commands and will eventually be used here. MacLennan pointed out that they are always going after grant money to equip their motor pool which includes patrol cars, supervisor's van, 4-wheel drive vehicle, prisoner van, and animal control vehicle. Members were given a tour and demonstration of some of the fleet. For more information go to

Pres. Warren Mitchell and Lt. John MacLennan, Laconia Police Dept.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Past Pres. Don Nelson rides shotgun in an LPD cruiser.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Past Pres. Phil Bonafide suggests an alternative to a trial.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Lt. MacLennan points out some of the equipment carried in the supervisor's van.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Past Pres. Joe Adrignola tries the voice-operated controls in U.N.H.'s prototype vehicle.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Monday, March 15
Exec. Dir. Dianne Zawacki and Denise Davis from the Teen Center will speak.

Monday, March 8
Program Dir. Kristen Awrich, Young Family Program and Dir. of Development Jackie Bonafide, Community Health & Hospice will speak.

Monday, March 1
We return to Pheasant Ridge Country Club, Boards meet, and NISE.

Jane Thibault, Past Pres. Nancy Williams, and Sec.'y Kathy Calvin

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


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Michael Bastraw

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