March 6, 2006 - Vol. 17, No. 23

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families

Reported by Pres. Joe Collie


Warren Mitchell

Senior Members
Roger Ballantyne, Warren Mitchell, Peter Karagianis, Ed Merski, and Paul Normandin

Find the turkey.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin

Win a Classic!
Immediate Past Pres. Paul Cotton reported that Joe Collie, Mike Bastraw, John Stow and Paul Cotton sold tickets during the two day WLNH Boat Show. Next is the N.H. Home Show, The Center of N.H., Manchester. Friday, March 10--11a-3p: Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell; 3p-8p: Larry Murphy, ______________. Saturday, March 11--10a-3p: Don Nelson, Sue Nelson; 3p-8p: Kathy Calvin, Patty Jeanne Calvin. Sunday, March 12--10a-3p: John Stow, Phil Bonafide; 3p-4p Take-Down: Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell. Time to dig deep, folks. We still need someone to help out Larry Murphy on Friday. It's possible that we could pay for the bike with a successful show.

Reading is FUNdamental
Sec.'y Kathy Calvin reminds us that there are two RIF sessions over the next couple weeks. The first is this Wednesday, March 8th, from 9:15-11:00am at Woodland Heights and the second is next Tuesday, March 14th, from 1:00pm-2:00pm at Elm Street School. See her to sign up or email

He'd Give You the Shirt Off His Back...
Roger Landry informed the club that he still has a shirt left--XL with no name on the sleeve. He also reminded the club that if you haven't picked up your shirt or paid for it, please do. President Joe Collie had this to say about the shirts "I get up at 4:30 in the morning and having a Kiwanis shirt is one less decision I have to make on a Monday morning. Thanks, Roger!"

Roger Landry has an XL up for grabs.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin

Hey Kiwanis...THANKS!
We received two thank-you notes. One from the Laconia Teen Center for the donation of the hot dog machine on February 21. They noted after some cleaning it should be good to go. We also received a thank-you from the Portsmouth Children's Museum for our financial contribution to their Museum to You project.

So Noted...
Sec.'y Kathy Calvin noted that an ad in the newspaper recently pointed to story time at the "Kiwanis Children's Room of the Laconia Public Library." The club appreciates the recognition.

Bored Meeting...Oh, wait...BOARD Meeting
Sec.'y Kathy Calvin read the minutes from the boards meeting of February 6th. The club approved $100 to the Kiwanis Foundation of New England...again. Also, the board approved $100 to the Laconia High School Band Boosters for the Comedy Night fundraiser, $250 to Laconia Little League from the Boys and Girls Committee, and $250 for the Portsmouth Children's Museum's Museum to You Project. Also, a leave-of-absence was approved for Charlie St. Clair. Sec.'y Kathy also read the minutes from the meeting of February 21st. The financial report for December was read and approved. Minutes from both meeting accepted as read.

Pres. Joe Collie presides over the Boards Meeting.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin

50/50 Winner
Warren Mitchell, Russ Beane, and Roger Landry split $18 dollars. Do the math.

Roger Landry, Warren Mitchell, Chet Cilley, and Paul Cotton were pinless. Phil Bonafide was late and paid a fine of $.26. (That should delay the next financial report.)

Happy Dollars
Warren Mitchell, Russ Beane, and Roger Landry gave $3 three ways. Do the math. Larry Murphy gave a dollar for getting a bonus at work and Ed Merski gave a dollar because he is now unemployed. President Joe Collie suggested Ed hold on to that buck as he may need it.

Free Meal
Steve Loughlin

Roger Landry collected $20.

Happy Birthday
March babies include Past Pres. Jim Fortier, Jeff Stone, and Hon. Member John Bancroft.

From Sr. Member Ed Chertok
Good to hear from you. I encourage you to go and attend the convention in Montreal. I am not sure that Polly can take the necessary walking around to the underground and from the station to convention headquarters that is a big (and I mean big) building with lots of walking inside. Probably much too much for her. Are the motorcycle ticket sales keeping up to, behind, or ahead of previous years? Weather here is good. Stupidly, I got one shoe caught in a hose while washing my golf shoes after a super round, had putted into the cup twice while off the green. Had won ten cents, when spike caught, lost my balance, hit the pavement with left hand extended to break the fall. Result: skinned knee, elbow and shoulder, with two fractured fingers. No golf for a minimum of three weeks. So it goes. I won't make the tour this year. Take care & my greetings to all the Laconia Kiwanians.

From Sr. Member Roger Webster
Hi, Guys: I notice that Joe A. is sitting by himself as he again wins the lottery. That seems to be saying something, "where are my friends?" The Mesa Police seem to have caught the man behind the killing of the five people next door.

Monday, March 27

Monday, March 20

Monday, March 13
Guest speaker will be Program Administrator Kristina Toth, Family Connection Center. John Stow requests special boards meeting to go over financials for January.


Patty Jeanne Calvin leaves her mom a little note.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Michael Bastraw

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