November 15, 2004 - Vol. 16, No. 7

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Roger Ballantyne

Senior Members
Bob Turner, Roger Ballantyne, Howard Bacon, Carroll Stafford, Paul Normandin, Roger Webster, Peter Karagianis

Jim Depoian with Roger Ballantyne; Owen Sanborn and Amelia DeGrace from the Key Club

Sr. Member Roger Ballantyne and his best/only friend, Jim Depoian

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Key Club
Owen Sanborn reports that the Key Club will be doing a Penny Wars fundraiser and will be participating in Homeless Awareness Week.

Owen Sanborn and Amelia DeGrace from the Key Club

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Win a Classic!
Pres. Paul Cotton advises we received a thank-you letter from the Belknap County Snowmobilers' Assn. for attending the grass drags. They will shoot for an earlier date next year to avoid the cold weather. The sign-up sheet went around again for our next roadshow at the New England Motorcycle Expo, Bayside Expo Center, Boston. Saturday, November 20--Set-up: Paul Cotton; 11a-4p: Phil Bonafide, Larry Murphy; 4p-8p: Phil Bonafide, Larry Murphy. Sunday, November 21--10a-3p: Warren Mitchell, Paul Cotton; 3p-5p: Paul Cotton. We will try to have the motorcycle in Laconia Savings Bank next week.

We Have a Reservation
Roger Landry advises that we will be wintering in January and February in the Laconia Room at One Mill Plaza courtesy of Martin, Lord, etal.

Joe Adrignola notes that he, Don Nelson, Kathy Calvin, Marie Ross, Joe Collie, and Larry Murphy have signed up for the Reading Is FUNdamental visit to Elm Street School, Wednesday, November 17, 1:45p-2:45p.

Boards Matters
Sec.'y Kathy Calvin reports that the Boards voted to limit the number of Senior Members to ten; ratified past Honorary Members and included Past Pres. Dick Breton; $750 went to the Laconia High School Football Boosters for their safety program; and $600 for insurance on the raffle motorcycle.

Sgt.@Arms Roger Landry found Chet Cilley pinless and this writer late for the prematurely-called meeting.

Michael Bastraw feeds Roger Landry's gavel.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Howard Bacon/Roger Landry/Bob Turner/Warren Mitchell, $25

Bob Turner gets paid off.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin

Happy Dollars
The above winners chipped in $5.

Guest Speaker
Superintendent Joe Panarello, Belknap County House of Corrections, will have to reschedule for a later date.

Kiwanis in Florida
by Sr. Member Ed Chertok
Last week we attended the Margate Kiwanis Club that I have visited quite regularly for 17 years; although last year because of Polly's accident I had to skip attending so I was quite pleased to see five new members out of the total of sixteen of us who were there. The club seems to be reinvigorated with several projects helping children. We are fortunate that we do not have the poverty problems that are experienced here in this land of wealth and sunshine. For example, a guidance teacher at the Margate school selects 20 poor children. (Guidelines now: not more then two from any one family because, one year, ten kids were selected from one family). The Kiwanis Club takes the parents to Wal-Mart on the Friday before Christmas having each family select $100-worth of gifts for each child which the Kiwanis Club pays for at the checkout. Then early Saturday morning the 20 children shop at Wal-Mart with a goal of spending $50 each for whatever presents they want to give to their siblings or parents. The one that comes closest to spending the $50 wins a prize. Then, after buying the gifts, the 20 are transported to a community center where they are helped by the Kiwanis in wrapping their gifts. There are all sorts of drawings, everyone wins all kinds of goodies--candy, teddy bears, fun toys, etc. It is a joy to watch these kids. Polly has helped in previous years with the wrapping and also some advice when girls would come to her and ask about buying certain gifts for a brother or sister. Here is something else. We are so fortunate that we can help youngsters read. I didn't hear all the details, however the Coral Springs Kiwanis Club has a brown bag project. It seems (my poor hearing didn't pick up every word) that a school teacher noticed a youngster with orange hands. Checking into the situation, the kid was stuffing spaghetti into his pockets on Friday so he would have something to eat over the weekend when he was not at school where he received a free lunch every day. The Coral Springs club members are now packing brown bags with sandwiches, etc., to be given to these youngsters when they finish the school day on Friday. I believe I heard they plan on a thousand a week but am not sure of all the details. It could be that these are for other areas then Coral Springs as it is a fairly wealthy community while there are many predominately black and Hispanic communities. The Margate Club is thinking of supporting the brown bag project. The Board of directors here voted not to ring the bell at the Salvation Army Kettles because they do not have enough members who will volunteer to fill all shifts. Today's newspaper had Targets announce that they will not allow Salvation Army Kettles this year because other charities claimed it discriminated against them. Target said they do not want solicitors in front of their doors harassing their customers. Wal-Mart has the same policy here in Florida. The fun point of the meeting is when they get to Happy Dollars just before closing. They do not have 50/50. Everybody participates, one tries to tell a funny story or celebrate an event, it is a dollar for this and a dollar for that. They joke, poke fun at each other, it is all good humor. Last night's take from the sixteen attending was over fifty bucks. Thought you might be interested.

Monday, December 20
Yankee Swap

Monday, December 13
Childrens' Christmas Party

Monday, December 6
Boards meet, NISE

Monday, November 29

Monday, November 22
Chair Beth Arsenault and Committee Member Matt Lahey, Joint High School/Junior High School Building Committee will speak.


Michael Bastraw

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