March 17, 2003 - Vol. 14, No. 24

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Dianne Roberts

Senior Members
Bob Turner, Ed Merski, Peter Karagianis, Carroll Stafford

Sandy Stafford

The Staffords are in the house.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Bike Rodeo
Chair Chet Cilley advises that our annual Safety Day will be on Saturday, May 10.

Win a Classic!
Chair Paul Cotton thanked Warren Mitchell, Bob Turner, Chet Cilley, Kathy and Patty Jeanne Calvin, Phil Bonafide, Jim and Arlene Fortier, Michael Bastraw, Larry Murphy, and Steve Loughlin for helping at the WLNH Boatshow, Steeplegate Mall, last weekend. We took in $3689 ($690 Friday, $1964 Saturday, $1035 Sunday). The Harley has been returned to Laconia Savings Bank. Next we will be at the Northeast Motorcycle Expo, World Trade Center, Boston, April 4-6. Friday runs from 1p-10p, Saturday 10a-9p, Sunday 10a-5p. These will be long days, far from home so this is gonna be a tough one. But it should be well worth the while with a projected 30,000 attendees. Call Paul Cotton at 524-2883 or look for the sheet to sign up. Here are some pix from the Steeplegate Mall courtesy of Steve Loughlin.

Chair Paul Cotton, Pres. Larry Murphy, Past Pres. Michael Bastraw, and Steve Loughlin are on the job.

Photo by Kathy Calvin


They seem unimpressed with Pres. Larry Murphy's stick-'em-up sales approach.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Possible Legacy: Wendi Maitland, sister of past member Cheri Marshall

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Chair Paul Cotton and friends

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Future V.P. Warren Mitchell makes with the selling.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Jeff, We Hardly New Ye
The good news is: Jeff Cilley will be starting a new job at the end of the month; the bad: it's in Charlotte, North Carolina. So, he will be leaving the club soon.

Jeff Cilley with his walking papers.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


A Matter for the Boards
Pres. Larry Murphy received a request from Carol Pierce, Laconia Human Relations Committee, who is looking for a donation for their September downtown celebration.

Happy Dollars
Chet Cilley came up with $2 for it being only 4 days 'til Spring and for his son returning from Bosnia; Jeff Cilley for the same; Joe Collie had $2 for his daughter being 6 months old today and for being the only member under 30 with Jeff's departure; Steve Loughlin for this writer being "obnoxious" and "successful" at Steeplegate Mall; this writer for seeing Steve Loughlin turn a $20 raffle sale into a $10 one.

Guest Speaker
Mayhew Trustee Sandy Stafford introduced Exec. Dir. Roger Larochelle, Camp Mayhew, and fiancee Jennifer Kent to the club. He pointed out that the Mayhew Program will serve 193 at-risk boys, aged 10 and 11, with 30 coming from the Lakes Region. The boys stay in the program for a total of 6 years with 4 weeks spent at Camp Mayhew itself. Referrals come mostly from schools with no court placements. The cost to the program is $4000 for the first year per boy and $2000 after that. For more information, go to Larochelle is also looking for some help from our club to help open up the camp in May. They need at least 3 to 6 volunteers to deal with shutters, kitchen cleaning, etc.

Pres. Larry Murphy, Trustee Sandy Stafford, Exec. Dir. Roger Larochelle, and fiancee Jennifer Kent

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Pres. Larry Murphy assured this writer that next week we will vote on the posts vacated by V.P. Nate Robertson and Director Dan Fisher. The Boards have nominated Paul Cotton for Director and (in an Apocalypse-signaling occurrence) Warren Mitchell for Second Vice President.

Monday, April 28
Archaeologist Karl Rhonke will speak on the White Mountain National Forest.

Monday, April 21

Monday, April 14
Pres. Bill Johnson, Ozanam Place, will speak.

Monday, April 7
The Boards meet; NISE

Monday, March 31
Riae Mellow Andrews will talk about the Crash Carts for Kids program.

Monday, March 24
Election of Second Vice President and Director; April Houle, Coordinator of Family Sponsor Program and Chris Irvin, Community Liaison, Child and Family Services will speak.

Motorcycle Mamma Dianne Roberts

Courtesy Photo by Larry from The Sun


Michael Bastraw

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