March 31, 2003 - Vol. 14, No. 26

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Roger Ballantyne

Senior Members
Bob Turner, Peter Karagianis, Carroll Stafford, Ed Merski, Roger Ballantyne, Paul Normandin

Let the Bidding Begin
Pres. Larry Murphy will be auctioning off a silk tie with a Purple Lilac motif next week.

We received a thank-you note from Laconia Little League for our $200 donation.

Money for Buzzers
Pres. Larry Murphy will be passing on a request from the Fire Dept. for a donation to help buy smoke detectors to the Business Affairs Committee.

Win a Classic!
Chair Paul Cotton says that we are "all set" for the Northeast Motorcycle Expo, World Trade Center, Boston, April 4-6. Passes to the show may be picked up at the front desk with proper Kiwanis ID (your club badge). Friday, set-up, 1p: Paul Cotton and Warren Mitchell; 4p-10p: Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell, and Larry and Rosemary Murphy. Saturday, 10a-4p: Carroll and Sandy Stafford, Michael Bastraw, Kathy Calvin, Phil Bonafide, and (maybe) Chet and Grace Cilley; 4p-9p: Kathy Calvin, Phil Bonafide, and Don and Sue Nelson. Sunday, 10a-2p: Paul Cotton, Roger and Pam Landry, Warren Mitchell, and Joe and Vi Adrignola; 2p-5p: Paul Cotton and Warren Mitchell; Take-down: Paul Cotton and Warren Mitchell. For more info on the show go to Here are directions to and from the official parking garage: FROM Points North via I-93: Heading southbound on Interstate 93 Boston, take Exit 23, High Street. At the bottom of the ramp, proceed straight onto Purchase Street. Take the first left onto Congress Street. Take the next left onto Congress Street. Take the next left onto Atlantic Avenue. Take the next right onto Seaport Boulevard and follow Seaport Boulevard for approximately .8 miles. The Seaport Boulevard entrance to the Seaport Garage will be on the right, just past the Seaport Boulevard/B Street intersection. TO Points North via I-93: Follow the signs in the Seaport Garage to the B Street exit. At the end of B Street, take a left onto Seaport Boulevard. At the first set of lights, take a right, and then bear left at the Moakley Courthouse. At the next set of lights, take a right and proceed over the Moakley Bridge. At the next set of lights, take a right onto Atlantic Ave. Follow the signs for I-93 North. And Kev-Marv Productions (our hosts) say that the cheapest parking is nearby, next to Anthony's Pier Four for $7 per day. For those who want to look at the map, click here. Chair Paul Cotton points out that we are $4400 ahead of last year's pace. (Another interesting statistic is that we raise between $1.00 and $1.25 per person at our shows.) He would like to enter into a challenge with the Rotary Club who are behind with their raffle. On a side note, the pin-up to be auctioned went to the only bidder who knows who he is.

Club Elections
This writer pointed out that Pres. Larry Murphy should appoint a Nominating Committee as we are directed by our Bylaws to hold the election the first Monday of May, our Annual Meeting.

Happy Birthday
Roger Landry announced that Past Pres. Joe Adrignola will be celebrating his birthday Wednesday next.

Larry Murphy, $14

"Lucky Bucks"
Larry Murphy chipped in $2-$3 for winning the above and getting a healthy check from the Internal Revenue Service for which he thanked everyone; and Roger Landry had a dollar for having such an enthusiastic Motorcycle Raffle Chair.

Guest Speakers
This writer introduced Clinical Staff Educator Rae Mellow-Andrews, RN, Lakes Region General Hospital to the club. She has 20 years on the books with the Gilford Fire Department and over 10 years as an Emergency Room nurse and her present education position. Her specialty is in ER Pediatric Trauma Education. Pediatrics deal with children aged 1-12 and saw 67 Inpatients, 313 Outpatients, and 3500 for Emergency Service last year at L.R.G.H. She points out that children are not just small adults. They have special needs which must be met with special equipment. One such piece of equipment is a pediatrics crash cart whose drawers are color-coded to the child's size to allow for quick access to the proper emergency equipment. They need four more carts, 2 for L.R.G.H. and 2 for Franklin Regional Hospital, at a cost of $1200 each. The expense does not include supplies. For more information about hospital services, go to

Division Caucus
Pres. Larry Murphy would like anyone interested in attending the Division Caucus in Rochester, Friday, April 11, should let him know. The election of the next Lt. Governor will be on the agenda.

The Suggestion Box
One of the reasons we used to be fined for not wearing our K's to meetings was that we were expected to have worn it all day. This is still a good idea, and not just for Mondays. The symbol of our club is a reminder to the wearer of who we are to our community. And it is good advertising to anyone we meet during the day. It might also present that opening in a conversation to chat someone up about joining our club.

Monday, April 28
Archaeologist Karl Rhonke will speak on the White Mountain National Forest.

Monday, April 21

Monday, April 14

Monday, April 7
The Boards meet; NISE


Michael Bastraw

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