April 15, 2002 - Vol. 13, No. 29

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Russ Beane

Senior Members
Dick Breton, Ed Merski, Carroll Stafford, Paul Normandin

Key Clubbers Sec.'y Rachel Morin, Bulletin Editor Aaron Stewart, Kate Stewart, and Kayla Daigneau

Win a Classic!
Pres. Phil Bonafide reports that the crew at the WLKZ Home Show, Winnipesaukee Expo Center, Saturday and Sunday, April 13/14 raised $980. Thanx to Dick Breton, Warren Mitchell, Bob Turner, Larry Murphy, Nancy Williams, Phil Bonafide, Michael Bastraw, Joe F. and Vi Adrignola, Steve Loughlin, and Kathy and Patty Jeanne Calvin for helping make this fundraiser a success. Next up will be Keene next month, then, Memorial Day weekend, and Motorcycle Week. Everyone should make an effort to clear some time for our last big push. Pres. Phil Bonafide repeats the importance of showing up if you sign up for a shift. If you can't make it, arrange your own replacement so no one's left hanging.

Key Club
Ed. Aaron Stewart reports that the club recently attended the Key Club New England District Convention in Springfield. The club normally meets every other Thursday, 7p, in the High School Media Center. The next meeting will be on May 2. The Laconia Club will be represented by Alyson Tanguay when she becomes Lt. Gov.

Club Elections
Nominating Committee Chair Michael Bastraw advised the membership that the following will appear on the ballot for club elections for 2002-2003 to be held at the Annual Meeting on Monday, May 6: for Director (four to be elected)--Joe Collie, Don Nelson, Steve Loughlin, Warren Mitchell, Randy Eifert, and Russ Beane; Treasurer--Chet Cilley; 2nd Vice President--Nate Robertson; 1st Vice President--John Grocki; President--Larry Murphy. At least one week before the Annual Meeting, nominations from the floor will be entertained.

He'll Be Back
Sr. Member Roger Webster says, "Hi," to one and all and plans on being back in the area from Mesa, Arizona, in a week or so.

He'll Be Back, Later
Sr. Member Dick Breton advises that Past Pres. Leo Sasseville will be one of our August guest speakers during his visit to the area.

Diamond Anniversary
Pres. Phil Bonafide reports that the guest list for our 75th anniversary celebration is coming together. Treas. Chet Cilley says more ads are coming in. We need all we can get.

No Such Thing As Bad Publicity
Sr. Member Paul Normandin brought in newspaper clippings of a series of ads Laconia Savings Bank is running. One features our very own Steve Loughlin, who saves himself a buck by touting Kiwanis.

Hi, Steve.

Photo courtesy Laconia Savings Bank


Amending the Bylaws
Pres. Phil Bonafide has added amendments to our club's bylaws solicited from our membership. When the changes have been incorporated into the existing bylaws, it will be available for review online.

Russ Beane/Roger Landry/Warren Mitchell, $19

Happy Dollar
A buck from the above.

Sgt.@Arms Nancy Parrott found Larry Murphy pinless and Chet Cilley late.

Guest Speaker
This writer introduced Supt. Joe Panarello, Belknap County House of Correction, to the club. Starting in 1972 as an attendant at the State hospital, he has been with the State for 18 years--lastly as Dir. of Medical and Forensic Services--he has run the jail for over 2 years. The HoC (House of Correction) holds people in pre-trial custody, individuals sentenced to a year or less, protective custodials (including intoxication holds), and federal prisoners. 2400 were booked into the facility last year which include 1301 into the "drunk tank"--50% higher than anyone else in the State. As budgets have been cut, there is no rehab programs available. Last Motorcycle Week saw 229 intakes, down from the record 414 from 1998. There are 57 presently in the HoC where a maximum of 80 may be housed. During Motorcycle Week, all but six are shipped to other facilities and courts defer sentences for the duration of the event. The HoC provides minimum, medium, and maximum security sections monitored by 14 full-time guards and 11 part-time. Supt. Panarello has the authority to release for good behavior an inmate when 2/3 of their sentence is served. The jail raised $71,000 last year from fees for federal prisoners at a rate of $65 per head per day. Inmates are given the opportunity to work in the County Home and other facilities. Visitors are allowed four times a week. The most common form of contraband is cigarettes which are worth ten-times the price of marijuana.

Monday, May 6
Annual Meeting, Club Elections, Boards Annual Meeting, NISE, Lt. Gov. Ken Georgevits visits

Monday, April 28

Monday, April 22
Pres./CEO David Graham, New Hampshire Music Festival, will speak.


Michael Bastraw

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