January 3, 2006 - Vol. 17, No. 14

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Peter Karagianis

Senior Members
Paul Normandin, Ed Merski, Peter Karagianis, Warren Mitchell

Do Not Attempt to Adjust Your Picture
This writer advised that we are having technical difficulties with our online bulletin caused by our internet service provider moving our files to a new server (storage) system that is incompatible with the software I've used since the start. The most obvious result to the viewer are the garbled photos in last week's edition. [Since then, the basic problem remains and will take time to work around as the ISP is stumped on a fix. This means moving to a new program, learning same, and incorporating our pages into it. The good news is that I have a new crowbar that will let me force the pages and photos into a viewable situation, so no one should notice any difference.]

Working the Kettle
Sr. Member Warren Mitchell noticed the participation of the following for the Salvation Army kettle, Friday, December 23: Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell, Don Nelson, Phil Bonafide, Roger Landry, Nancy Williams, Charlie St. Clair, Larry Murphy, Kathy Calvin, Scott Beane, Carroll Stafford, and Joe Collie. He noted that Past Pres. Paul Cotton provided a ladder from which to hang our banner and Steve Loughlin taking pictures every hour.

Uniformly Yours
Roger Landry took the final order for club shirts.

Dining Out
Roger Landry has dining out fundraising coupons for sale from Community Health & Hospice for $30/book. He is handling this as Past Pres. Phil Bonafide had a repeat surgery on his shoulder.

Timing Is Everything
Roger Landry noted that someone will be at the back door of Meredith Village Savings Bank until 6:15p on meeting nights. So it's best to show up on time. (Past Pres. Nancy Williams-Hunt, being a softer touch, reports that there is a buzzer button to the right of the door that will sound in our meeting room.)

Win a Classic!
Past Pres. Paul Cotton has put together a crew for our Hartford, Connecticut, show. A sign-up sheet went around for our show at the Shriners' Auditorium, Wilmington, Mass. Saturday, January 14--Set-up 8a: Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell; 10a-2p: Roger Landry, Pam Landry, ____________; 2p-5p: Don Nelson, Sue Nelson, ____________. Sunday, January 15--10a-3p: ____________, ____________, ____________; Take-down 3p-5p: Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell.

Warming Up the Tree
Past Pres. Nancy Williams noted that her bank supports a Mitten Tree as a fundraising device. For every knit mitten or hat that is donated, the bank contributes $2 to a charity. Consequently, we received $14 for someone's kind donation.

Free Meal
Russ Beane


Happy Dollars
Larry Murphy had a buck for his friend waking from a coma; Dianne Roberts for her son playing with the Lakes Region Symphony Orchestra and getting a new pin from Ed Chertok for running for city council; Steve Loughlin for Nancy Williams-Hunt making the bank's community room available to us; John Stow for his wife being pregnant with their second child; Joe Collie for his wife getting past her recent health issues; Warren Mitchell for being 3 months past her medical problems.

Jeff Stone found Paul Cotton pinless.

Boards Matters
The Boards voted $150 to become a Motorcycle Rally Patron; $200 for gift certificates for the Contigianis; $50 for Santa; $250 towards childrens' gifts; approved several prospective members; and a six-month leave of absence for Jane Thibault.

Monday, January 25
Guest speaker will be Dick Metz, Old Boys Toys.

Tuesday, January 17

Monday, January 9
Dr. Lou Ricciardiello will speak on his horticulture.

Michael Bastraw

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