February 22, 2005 - Vol. 16, No. 21

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Jane Thibault

Senior Members
Peter Karagianis

From the Key Club: Sec.'y Bridget Cass, Bulletin Editor Alex Stewart, Mike Beliveau, Owen Sanborn

Key Club
Sec.'y Bridget Cass reports that they will be putting together a sketch show fundraiser at the High School (they will be looking for judges from our club) and they will be sending several delegates to the District Convention, April 6-10, in Springfield, Massachusetts. They plan on having their regular meetings Wednesdays in Room 218.

Win a Classic!
Pres. Paul Cotton noted the participation at Motor-Psycho Madness, Whittemore Center, U.N.H. last weekend by himself, Warren Mitchell, Dianne Roberts, Don and Sue Nelson, Roger and Pam Landry, and John Stow. Our roadshow to UMass., April 9/10 has been canceled. Our next show will be at the boat show, Steeplegate Mall, Concord, March 4/5.

Don't Show Up
Pres. Paul Cotton advised that we will be returning to Pheasant Ridge Country Club Monday next.

Chair Joe Adrignola reports that Don Nelson, Kathy Calvin, Joe Collie, Jane Thibault, Warren Mitchell, and Nancy Williams were on hand at Elm Street School, Wednesday last. The next program is at Woodland Heights School, Wednesday, March 9, 9:15a-10:30a: Joe Adrignola, Don Nelson, Larry Murphy, John Stow, Kathy Calvin, Warren Mitchell.

Jim Fortier/Joe Adrignola, $14

Sgt.@Arms Roger Landry found Chet Cilley, Larry Murphy, and Kathy Calvin pinless and Kathy Calvin for being tardy.

Happy Dollars
Jim Fortier and Joe Adrignola had a dollar each for winning the 50/50.

Kiwanis Memories
by Sr. Member Ed Chertok
This news item was in Saturday's Laconia Citizen's "Our Yesterdays 75 Years Ago": With more than 1,000 in attendance, "a large proportion of them women, the Republican Caucus," Feb. 12, "flung tradition to the wind and nominated Charles E. Carroll for mayor by a vote of about three to one. Carroll received 645 against 283 votes for Mayor Charles O. Hopkins." Precedent had been "that time-honored custom under which a mayor was permitted another turn by a sort of genial agreement among the people at large." After Judge Frank B. Tilton nominated Mayor Hopkins for reelection, Carroll stood up and nominated himself. "When Carroll rose, he was greeted with a burst of applause which thundered out into the street and caused pedestrians to halt. He spoke smilingly and in his first words remarked how happy he was to agree with Judge Tilton. He told of the bond issues of 1927, 1928 and 1929 and then roared a scathing denunciation of the expensive process by which Church street was changed from a silver avenue into a golden boulevard with a bronze tablet on the bridge to mark that thrifty administration. Carroll paused deliberately. "It is true, as Judge Tilton says," he added, "that Mayor Hopkins has not raised your taxes but he has increased your indebtedness." This brought a roar from the crowd and enthusiastic clapping of hands from the women. "It is a pleasure," he continued, "to coincide with Judge Tilton. I want to say that Laconia does need a business administration by a man who is educated to conduct it. Ladies and gentlemen, I therefore have the pleasure to nominate Charles E. Carroll as the man who is best qualified to do it." (LEC) Here is what it triggered in my memory: I remember Dad Max coming home from the caucus and telling Mother that Charlie Carroll had nominated himself. The caucus was held in the Armory on Court Street. It was a wooden building where Masons Hall now stands. After the new Armory was built on Union Avenue the building was purchased by the Odd Fellows. Saturday night in the winter there would be a basketball game and dancing there. There were also professional boxing matches. Later, the Odd Fellows had bowling alleys downstairs. The building burned sometime around 1950. The Odd Fellows built a new Hall on the front end of the ruins, selling the back area to Cote Brothers Bakery who built a distributing warehouse and garage. When Cote Brothers left Laconia, I bought that building from them. Goulet Plumbing Supply now occupies that building. The Odd Fellows sold their building to the Masons several years ago. Now to get back to Charlie Carroll. He was a colorful character, salesman, mortician's helper, and aloud voice which he didn't hesitate to use. Speaking of Church Street as a "golden" Blvd. I started to walk to the high school from Cross Street in the fall of 1926. The bridge on Church street was an old wooden narrow bridge with just enough room for two cars, as it was built for teams of horses. The new bridge was magnificent, just like the new bridge on Elm street compared with the one that it replaced. However, those were tough economic times in Laconia, the car shops had finally closed for good in 1927 ( I think) and then the 1929 stock market crash was a double blow. My Dad's business went from a volume of $75,000 at that time to a low of $ 25,000 by 1933. Things were so tough in Laconia because people could not pay their taxes and the city ran out of money so Charlie Carroll as mayor closed the schools two weeks early, telling the teachers and all school employees there was no money to pay them. Then, Charles Hopkins, Laconia mayor, referred to in the news item was a prestigious Lakeport resident. I knew his son Kenneth Hopkins who was a Kiwanian and the partner in Hopkins and Barlow Hardware store besides the Mt. Belknap Hotel in Lakeport Square. It was such a pleasure to go into that store and smell the linseed oil, paint thinner, etc. which came in casks from which the clerks would pour out whatever amount the customer bought. Charlie Carroll went on to become a Belknap County Commissioner. He married a "rich" woman. I am not sure whether she was a widow or a divorcee. Her husband had owned the Boston Elevated Railway. When Charlie died, his widow bought the most expensive casket that Wilkinson could supply so the story goes. It was also said that she placed ten thousand dollars of cash in the casket with Charlie and, as the story goes, Ace Beane swapped his check for the cash as the casket was closed saying "This will be just as good where Charlie is going."

Monday, March 21
Lakes Facilitator Anne Huff, N.H. Connections, will speak.

Monday, March 14
Our speaker will be School Resource Officer Kathleen Yale, Laconia Police Dept.

Monday, March 7
Boards meet; NISE

Monday, February 28
We return to Pheasant Ridge Country Club. Supt. Joe Panarello, Belknap County House of Corrections will speak.

Michael Bastraw

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