June 20, 2005 - Vol. 16, No. 38

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Warren Mitchell

Senior Members
Peter Karagianis, Ed Chertok, Ed Merski

Honorary Members
Dick Breton

Polly Chertok with Ed Chertok

Win a Classic!
Pres. Paul Cotton reports that the winner of this year's raffle motorcycle is Skip Waelty, N. Reading, Massachusetts, ticket #3338. He purchased the ticket from Immediate Past Pres. Warren Mitchell around 12:30p the day of the drawing. He is still deciding whether to take the Harley or the cash. Special thanx to Meredith Kiwanis and Sheriff Dan Collis for helping out with sales before the drawing.

Saturday, June 11
11a-3p: Larry Murphy, Ed Chertok
3p-7p: Phil Bonafide, Michael Bastraw, Jackie Bonafide

Sunday, June 12
9a-1p: Nancy Williams, John Stow
1p-5p: Phil Bonafide, Michael Bastraw
5p-9p: Paul Cotton, Phil Bonafide, ___________

Monday, June 13
9a-1p: Larry Murphy, Dianne Zawacki, Paul Cotton
1p-5p: Joe Collie (2p), Michael Bastraw
5p-9p: Nancy Williams, Jeff Stone, Russ Beane, Katey Stone

Tuesday, June 14
9a-1p: Roger Ballantyne, Paul Cotton
1p-5p: Ed Chertok, Michael Bastraw
5p-9p: Dennis Denoncourt, Dianne Roberts, Larry Murphy

Wednesday, June 15
9a-1p: Larry Murphy, Roger Ballantyne
1p-5p: Ed Merski, Joe Collie (2p), Paul Cotton, Michael Bastraw
5p-9p: Warren Mitchell, Jim Fortier, Paul Cotton

Thursday, June 16
9a-1p: Paul Cotton, Ed Merski
1p-5p: Nancy Williams, Larry Murphy, Paul Cotton
5p-9p: Don Nelson, Sue Nelson, Warren Mitchell

Friday, June 17
9a-1p: Paul Cotton, Larry Murphy
1p-5p: Phil Bonafide, Warren Mitchell, Paul Cotton
5p-9p: Don Nelson, Sue Nelson, Joe Collie

Saturday, June 18
9a-1p: Paul Cotton, Dianne Roberts, John Stow
1p-5p: Paul Cotton, Don Nelson, Sue Nelson, Ed Chertok, Joe Adrignola, Steve Loughlin
5p-9p: Michael Bastraw, Don Nelson, Sue Nelson

Sunday, June 19
8a-11a: Paul Cotton, Phil Bonafide, John Stow, Joe Adrignola
11a-3:15p (ten needed at least) Paul Cotton, Phil Bonafide, Jackie Bonafide, Don Nelson, Sue Nelson (12n-3:15p), Dianne Roberts, Michael Bastraw, Warren Mitchell, Steve Loughlin, ___________

Scenes from the Boardwalk
I have on hand hundreds of photos from the Weirs submitted by Steve Loughlin, Jackie Bonafide, and supporter Steve Rivera. I plan to spread them out over the next 3-4 issues.

"My name is Paul and I'll be your host for the week."

Photo by Jackie Bonafide


Under the rosy glow of our red tent are Sue Nelson, Don Nelson, Larry Murphy, Michael Bastrraw, and Nancy Williams--past presidents and first ladies all.

Photo by Steve Rivera


Sue Nelson on the outside of the tent, proving that it did rain during the week..

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Jackie Bonafide, Immediate Past Pres. Warren Mitchell, and Past Pres. Don Nelson on the look-out for the next sale.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Everyone took advantage of the gorgeous Fathers' Day weather.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


The question is answered: where does Santa vacation?

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Past Lt. Gov. Tony Romano hawks over the bullhorn.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


The crowd gathers for the big draw.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Pres. Paul Cotton takes the opportunity to thank everyone who participated in this year's raffle and explain where the money goes.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Sheriff Dan Collis inaugerates our new drum by reaching in for the winning ticket.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


And the winner is...

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Sold by Warren Mitchell

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Pres. Paul Cotton makes the call to Skip Waelty.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


The end is here--Warren Mitchell packs up for the last time.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Get Well Soonest
Pres. Paul Cotton noted that Past Pres. Phil Bonafide will be having rotator cuff surgery. Phil later reported that things went well and he should be good as new in 6-8 weeks.

Jane Thibault/Nancy Williams, $14

Past Pres. Nancy Williams and 2nd V.P. Jane Thibault share the cash.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Steve Loughlin and Larry Murphy were found pinless.

Happy Dollars
Jane Thibault and Nancy Williams each had a buck for winning the 50/50; Paul Cotton had one for Motorcycle Week being over; and Warren Mitchell for something.

Guest Speaker
Pres. Paul Cotton introduced Exec. Dir. Martina Green, Project Extra, to the club. With a $3.6 million grant over five years, the program provides a variety of after-school programs and aims to strengthen areas of weakness in academics for elementary, middle-, and high school students. #2: Learn new life skills, hobbies, and leisure activities. #3: Allow students to bond with each other and adult mentors. #4: Provide service to the community. #5: Students will be safely supervised. This year they served 895 students with 41% of them attending more than thirty days. For more information
email Martina Green or call 524-5710.

Exec. Dir. Martina Green, Project Extra, and Pres. Paul Cotton

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Monday, July 18

Monday, July 11
Dianne Zawacki inducted; Boards meet; NISE

Monday, July 4
No meeting.

Monday, June 27
Scott Fitzpatrick, childrens' Audubon program, will speak.

Michael Bastraw

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