October 3, 2005 - Vol. 17, No. 1

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Paul Cotton

Senior Members
Carroll Stafford, Peter Karagianis, Roger Webster, Roger Ballantyne, Ed Merski, Howard Bacon

We Are Invited
Immediate Past Pres. Paul Cotton reports that we will be allowed to tour the new library Wednesday, November 2.

Advisor Laura Brusseau, Kayne Kreitzer, Cara Clemens, Ashlee Goyette, with the Key Club

Advisor Laura Brusseau, Chair Jim Fortier, Ashlee Goyette, Cara Clemens, and Kayne Kreitzer

Photo by W.S.Loughlin


Installation Matters
Russ Beane presented the Ned Roberts Award to Past Pres. Phil Bonafide as Kiwanian of the Year. Pres. Joe Collie presented First V.P. Jane Thibault with her official pin. Sr. Member Peter Karagianis was welcomed to the new Boards of Directors. Jeff Stone was named Sgt@Arms. Sr. Member Roger Webster was given his Legion of Honor certificate for 25 years of membership and Sr. Member Roger Ballantyne for 30 years. Sec.'y Kathy Calvin had a 12-year attendance tab for this writer.

Russ Beane presents the Ned Roberts Trophy to Past Pres. Phil Bonafide

Photo by W.S.Loughlin


Pres. Joe Collie pins V.P. #1 Jane Thibault

Photo by W.S.Loughlin


Pres. Joe Collie passed around a sign-up sheet for committee assignments.


Sec.'y Kathy Calvin advises our next Reading Is FUNdamental program will be Tuesday, October 18.

Roger Ballantyne, $20

The big bucks go to Sr. Member Roger Ballantyne

Photo by W.S.Loughlin


Nancy Williams, Howard Bacon, Chet Cilley, Steve Loughlin, and Dianne Zawacki were found pinless.

Happy Dollars
Paul Cotton had a buck for Joe Collie becoming Club President; Roger Landry for the same; Phil Bonafide for not burying the Roberts trophy; and Roger Webster for his sister-in-law's husband taking over the Manchester V.A.

Free Meal
Nancy Williams

Food Shack
Chair Jim Fortier reports that Kathy Calvin, Larry Murphy, and Chet Cilley will need help at the Key Club Food Shack for the next game on Friday.

Don't Show Up
Pres. Joe Collie reminded everyone that we will meet on Tuesday, October 11, instead of Monday.

Boards Matters
The Boards voted $1000 to Lakes Region Community Service's Giggles and Grins program; and $5000 to the Community Health & Hospice's childrens' programs.

Win a Classic!
We still need help for the New England Snowmobile Expo, Big "E", 1305 Memorial Ave., West Springfield, Mass., Friday, October 14: Paul Cotton; Saturday, October 15, 10a-4p: Don Nelson, Michael Bastraw, Larry Murphy 4p-8p: Paul Cotton; Sunday, October 16: 10a-3p: Dianne Zawacki, Dan Zawacki, ____________; 3p-4p: Paul Cotton.

Happy Birthday
October babies include Hon. Member Dick Breton and Past Pres. Don Nelson.

Tuesday, October 11


Michael Bastraw

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