December 8, 2003 - Vol. 15, No. 10

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Larry Murphy

Senior Members
Bob Turner, Peter Karagianis, Ed Merski

Pres. Warren Mitchell again sent around the sign-up sheet for our meeting on Monday, December 22 at the home of Russ and Carol Ann Beane, 114 Clover Lane.

Pres. Warren Mitchell sent around the sign-up sheet for our Salvation bell-ringing duties for Tuesday, December 23. On board so far are: 9a: Charlie St. Clair/Kathy Calvin; 10a: Warren Mitchell/Nancy Williams; 11a: Phil Bonafide/Paul Cotton; 12n: Chet Cilley/Ed Merski; 1p: Dianne Roberts/Larry Murphy; 2a: ____________/____________ ; 3p: ____________/____________ ; 4p: Michael Bastraw/____________.

Let's Party
Sec.'y Kathy Calvin called in the final info slips for the Childrens' Christmas party Monday next.

Party with Us
Submitted by Exeter Kiwanis
The Exeter Kiwanis club will be celebrating the Christmas season with our annual dinner at the Exeter Country Club, December the 11th at 6pm. Please
come and help us celebrate the season. This would be a good time to get that interclub in... Please send back a reply so I can have the chef set a place for
you and your group. We'll toast the season and sing a carol or two.
Cash bar 6-7pm
Christmas Turkey dinner with the fixings
To round out the evening a good old Yankee Swap (please bring an appropriately wrapped gift - under $10 -for each person)
Cost: just $15 per person

Membership Chair Joe Adrignola needs everyone to complete their list of potential new member prospects and turn them back in. Add your own businesses to the list as necessary and chose which contacts you would like to make.

Out with the Old?
After some lively discussion on whether to continue using aprons as part of the induction ceremony, Pres. Warren Mitchell suggested that it be handled by the Membership Committee. It was also suggested that we have a designated Greeter at each meeting.

Stay Tuned
Sec.'y Kathy Calvin reminded the club that she, Charlie St. Clair, Chet Cilley, Joe Adrignola, and Paul Cotton will be representing the club at the Santa Fund telethon on Tuesday, December 9, 8a-10a.

A Friend in Need...
V.P. Paul Cotton reports that he has been volunteering for the Citizen Santa Fund, handing out clothing and other goods to those in need. Each year they distribute over $100,000-worth of goods. Anyone interested in helping out should just show up at the former Cherry, Webb, & Touraine store on Main St., 2p-6:30p, Monday-Friday and 10a-1p on Saturday.

If Women Ruled the World
Submitted by Sr. Member Ed Chertok.

Submitted by Ed Chertok


Submitted by Ed Chertok


Submitted by Ed Chertok


Submitted by Ed Chertok


Submitted by Ed Chertok


Monday, January 26
Off. Mike Finogle, Laconia Police Dept., K9 unit, will speak.

Monday, January 19

Monday, January 12
Chief Tom Oetinger or Lt. John MacLennan will give us a tour of the new police station.

Monday, January 5
We move our meetings to the Laconia Police station, 126 New Salem St., for January and February; Boards meet; NISE.

Monday, December 29

Monday, December 22
We will meet at the Russ Beane residence, 114 Clover Lane.

Monday, December 15
Childrens' Party


Michael Bastraw

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