January 28, 2002 - Vol. 13, No. 18

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Steve Loughlin

Senior Members
Dick Breton, Bob Turner, Peter Karagianis, Ed Merski, Paul Normandin

Win a Classic!
Pres. Phil Bonafide passed around the sign-up sheets once again for our next two roadshows. The good news is that Sunday's first shift at the Bayside Expo Center swap meet, February 2 and 3 is covered by Kathy Calvin, Nancy Parrott, Nancy Williams, and Don and Sue Nelson. Then Don and Sue are on their own for the rest of the day. Saturday gets worse--Phil Bonafide and Larry Murphy are the only members there for the whole day. And thanx to Dick Breton and Warren Mitchell for setting things up. But the bottom line is that this, our major fundraiser, for the year needs everyone's help. Not only are the long-shifters gonna get plum tuckered out holding the fort by themselves, but we won't be able to sell as many tickets. Or make as much money. Or give away as much money. After that it will be Rockingham Park on February 9 and 10. Shifts will run from 9:30a-2:00p and 2:00p-6:00p. Already on board are Dick Breton, Warren Mitchell, Kathy Calvin, Joe Collie, Jim Fortier, Roger and Pam Landry. There are still many slots to be filled this last big money-maker before Motorcycle Week. Now's your chance to step up and help our major fundraiser along.

Pres. Phil Bonafide easily lifts the sign-up sheets, light on ink as they are.

Photo by Randy Eifert


Message from the North Pole
We received a note of thanx from Santa for the gift certificate he received for helping out at the childrens' party.

It's not often that one gets a letter from Santa.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Bank Finds Error in Your Favor
And we collected $10 and didn't pass Go. Laconia Savings Bank made good on a miscount from our last roadshow take.

And Again
The Lakes Region Factory Outlet returned our $10 fee for using their location for our raffle. Maybe they took pity on us because of the cold weather?

K.P.T.I. Luncheon
Part of the Midwinter Training Conference will be a K.P.T.I. Luncheon on Saturday, March 2, from 12n-2p at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Worcester. Dir. Brian Gilchrist, M.D. will speak on the future of the program. Reservations required.

Berlin Needs Signatures
The Berlin club has sent a petition to have placement of a 4-year college in their area.

While the Pats Are Away...
Sr. Member Dick Breton reports that Kiwanians have been invited for a tour of the Foxboro Stadium replacement, the C.M.G.I. Center towards the end of February. More to come.

Sr. Member Dick Breton can hardly wait.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Save the Postage
Sec.'y Kathy Calvin has been asked by the Laconia Library for our mailing list so that our members may start receiving their newsletter. In lieu of that, if any member wants to receive delivery, let her know and she will see that you make the list.

Committees, Anyone?
Pres. Phil Bonafide would like committees to report next week. And on a related topic, he is still looking for suggestions for supplementary fundraisers.

It Ain't Just and Onion
Kiwanians are invited to a trip to Bermuda, March 21-24. Expenses run $799-$1099 depending on occupancy. Pres. Phil Bonafide has the details.

Bob Turner, $21

Joe Collie inexplicably hides his hand sinister.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Anyone for poker?

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Sgt.@Arms Nancy Parrott found Nathan Robertson pinless and Warren Mitchell for not signing Joe Collie's apron.

Nancy Parrott happily announces the audit results.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Warren Mitchell pays the price for ignoring a satisfied Joe Collie.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Happy Dollars
Don Nelson gave up a buck for surviving tubing at Gunstock; and Bob Turner for winning the 50/50.

Guest Speaker
This writer introduced three members of the Laconia Human Relations Committee. First up was Co-Chair Carol Pierce who states that their 33-35 volunteer organization, mandated by the City, are charged to assist political refugees and immigrants adjust to joining our community. These new neighbors come from such diverse countries as Bosnia, Croatia, the Sudan, China, Rwanda, Uganda, Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Russia. Next was Donations Coordinator Priscilla Fox, Lutheran Social Services, says that volunteer activities include teaching English, orienting families to the community, taking families food shopping or to appointments, and mentoring. They are also on a constant lookout for jobs for their clients. Wendi Harris is an ESOL (English as Second Language) teacher at Laconia High School and coordinator for the rest of the district. She presently has 85 students enrolled in her classes who must not only learn conversational English but to read and write. She presently needs volunteers to provide educational help at all grade levels and assistance in communicating with families and teachers. Clerical help is also needed. Adult ESOL classes are available through Laconia Adult Education.

Priscilla Fox, Carol Pierce, and Wendi Harris of the Laconia Human Relations Committee

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Human Relators and a Human

Photo by Randy Eifert


Governor Visits
Gov. Steve Hill will be visiting our division (and others), Saturday, February 2, at the Grappone Conference Center, Concord. Cocktails are at 6p followed by a buffet dinner, presentations, and dancing. Cost is $32 per person. R.S.V.P. by January 25. Past Pres. Nancy Williams and guest will be in attendance.

Pres. Phil Bonafide would like all members to review the bylaws and suggest any changes they feel would be in the best interests of the club. The bylaws are now online
here or by clicking the links that will appear on all new Kronikle pages.

Shriners' Memories
Here's probably the last installment of pictures from our last roadshow. Thanx to the photogs.

Warren Mitchell and Roger Landry on the Sunday shift

Photo by Nancy Williams


Pres. Phil Bonafide meets Mister Neon.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Nancy Parrott and her 100-for-$100 customer.

Photo by Nancy Williams


Men are from Mars.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Immediate Past Pres. Don and Sue Nelson: on the road again

Photo by Nancy Williams


Vi Adrignola is unaware that Phil Bonafide puts someone in kicking range.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Monday, February 25

Monday, February 19
Sgt. Robert Bryant, N.H. Fish & Game will provide a special Powerpoint presentation.

Monday, February 11
David Stamps will speak on the Laconia Main Street project.

Monday, February 4
Boards meet; NISE

Michael Bastraw

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