Kiwanis Kronikle

March 19, 2001 | Volume 12, No. 25

Steve Loughlin and Sr. V.P. (Marketing) Bernie McLaughlin, Laconia Savings Bank
Photo by M. Bastraw

Kiwanis Kronikle is a weekly publication of the Kiwanis Club of Laconia, N.H., P.O. Box 757, Laconia, N.H. 03247-0757. We meet Mondays at 6:15 p.m. at the Top of the Town, 88 Ladd Hill Rd., Belmont, N.H. Please call your President or Secretary on any Member or his family in case of illness. Email: or


Roger Landry

Senior Members
Paul Normandin, Bob Turner, Carroll Stafford

Win a Classic!
V.P. Phil Bonafide reports that we grossed $4056 at the boat show at Steeplegate Mall last weekend. Looking ahead, he has decided to print more tickets with Metrocast Cable footing the bill. The bike goes back to Laconia Savings Bank for another 2-3 weeks until our next roadshow at the Winnipesaukee Expo Center. Being a local event, he hopes we can get some new members to help hawk tickets.

V.P. Phil Bonafide is having John Grocki look into the possibility of putting on a golf tournament this summer.

Movable Feast
We will meet at Pheasant Ridge Country Club, Country Club Rd., Gilford on Monday, April 2. Meal cost will be $9.75 which will be invoiced as usual. Members with suggestions for alternate meeting locations should let Steve know. We are looking for a reliable location that will provide reasonable privacy and good food affordably.

Guest Speaker
Steve Loughlin introduced Sr. V.P. (Marketing) Bernie McLaughlin, Laconia Savings Bank to the club. He presented information on privacy issues and identity theft in the age of the internet. Even with filters on computers used by K-12, student data is still collected and sold to companies. Fraud in general is 30% higher on-line. Often a users cyber-identity is coopted in order to buy goods against their accounts. It wasn't until 1998 that legislation was finally on the books to counter over 500,000 cases per year. McLaughlin advises keeping track of your billing cycles to detect any unauthorized charges, do not give out vital information without security precautions, use creative passwords, photograph credit cards, destroy any paperwork containing card information, and order copies of credit reports annually. To find further consumer information, report fraud to add your case information to a centralized database for multiple law enforcement agencies to access, and to learn what steps you should take if you become a victim, call the Federal Trade Commission's Identity Theft Hotline at 1-877-438-4338.

Nancy Parrott found Roger Landry and Warren Mitchell pinless.

After Hours
The Board had a special meeting and the Nominating Committee met.

In Three Weeks
The guest speaker will be Sheila Weeks, Belknap Juvenile Justice Initiative.

In Two Weeks
We meet at Pheasant Ridge Country Club, Country Club Rd., Gilford; the Boards meet; NISE

Next Week
Exec. Dir. Connie Morrison, Greater White Mountain Chapter of the American Red Cross will be the guest speaker.

Michael Bastraw

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