March 24, 2003 - Vol. 14, No. 25

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Warren Mitchell

Senior Members
Bob Turner, Peter Karagianis, Carroll Stafford

From HOBY: N.H. Chairman Fergus Cullen and CLEW Chair Zack Ringelstein, Moultonboro Academy

CLEW Chair Zack Ringelstein, N.H. HOBY Chair Fergus Cullen, and Key Club Chair Jim Fortier

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Club Elections
Sec.'y Kathy Calvin cast one vote to elect Warren Mitchell ("drinks at his house after the meeting") Second Vice President; and Paul Cotton to the Boards of Directors. As his first act, V.P. #2 Warren Mitchell called for a special Boards meeting after the regular meeting to authorize a sponsorship ad for the Sachems Lacrosse team.

Past Pres. Joe Adrignola reports we received thank-you notes from Community Health & Hospice (see release below) and Lakes Region Daycare for our recent donations. He noted that we received some good publicity in both The Citizen and The Laconia Daily Sun.

Win a Classic!
Chair Paul Cotton reminded everyone that we have a big show coming up at the Northeast Motorcycle Expo, World Trade Center, Boston, April 4-6. Friday, set-up, 1p: Paul Cotton and Warren Mitchell; 4p-10p: Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell, and Larry and Rosemary Murphy. Saturday, 10a-4p: Carroll and Sandy Stafford, Michael Bastraw, Kathy Calvin, Phil Bonafide, and (maybe) Chet and Grace Cilley; 4p-9p: Kathy Calvin, Phil Bonafide, __________, __________. Sunday, 10a-2p: Paul Cotton, Roger and Pam Landry, Warren Mitchell, and Joe and Vi Adrignola; 2p-5p: Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell, __________; Take-down: Paul Cotton and Warren Mitchell. As you can see, some members are putting in a major number of hours and long days. Anyone else who can help out should call Paul Cotton at 524-2883 or look for the sheet to sign up. This is important as Paul must arrange for special passes to the show ahead of time. For more info on the show go to Here are directions to and from the official parking garage: FROM Points North via I-93: Heading southbound on Interstate 93 Boston, take Exit 23, High Street. At the bottom of the ramp, proceed straight onto Purchase Street. Take the first left onto Congress Street. Take the next left onto Congress Street. Take the next left onto Atlantic Avenue. Take the next right onto Seaport Boulevard and follow Seaport Boulevard for approximately .8 miles. The Seaport Boulevard entrance to the Seaport Garage will be on the right, just past the Seaport Boulevard/B Street intersection. TO Points North via I-93: Follow the signs in the Seaport Garage to the B Street exit. At the end of B Street, take a left onto Seaport Boulevard. At the first set of lights, take a right, and then bear left at the Moakley Courthouse. At the next set of lights, take a right and proceed over the Moakley Bridge. At the next set of lights, take a right onto Atlantic Ave. Follow the signs for I-93 North. And Kev-Marv Productions (our hosts) say that the cheapest parking is nearby, next to Anthony's Pier Four for $7 per day.

The Big Show

Courtesy Graphic from Kev-Marv Productions


N.H. HOBY Chairman of the Board Fergus Cullen reminded us that the Hugh O'Brien Youth program identifies and develops leadership skills for 800-1000 high school students a year in N.H. CLEW Chair Zack Ringelstein thanked the club for our continued support of the CLEW seminars, the next will be on April 19 and include several area Freshmen and Sophomores. He presented a certificate to Key Club Chair Jim Fortier.

It's nice to be appreciated.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Guest Speakers
This writer introduced, from Child and Family Services, the Coordinator of the Family Sponsor Program April E. Houle, M.Ed.; and Teen Turnabout Program Supervisor Christopher Irvin, B.S. to the club. Houle pointed out that Child and Family Services has been around for 150 years making it the oldest organization of it's type in N.H. Their mandate is to assist children and families with an array of social services. Their funding comes from local and state sources and grants. Chris Irvin advises that his Teen Turnabout program tracks court-involved youth and provides extra supervision at school and the home. For more info on Child and Family Services at

Christopher Irvin, April Houle, Child and Family Services and Past Pres. Michael Bastraw

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Raising Arizona
Wed, 19 Mar 2003 13:23:51 -0800 (PST)
From: Roger Webster <>
Hi Mike and All: Greetings from The Southwest. Temp. is in the high 70's, puffy white clouds, blue sky. We have just finish a wonderful ARIZONA BAR-B-CUE in our courtyard at our resort, feeding about 1000 folks. Pat and I will be returning to Laconia on April 23, 5 weeks from today. Any function the club is having after that date please sign me up for them, i.e.: RIF, bicycle rodeo, etc. Have been having a great time with the local Kiwanis club doing peanut sale, estates sales, flea markets, shots for tots, etc. Hellos to all.

For Immediate Release
Community Health & Hospice, Inc.
March 18, 2003
by Jackie E. Bonafide, Director of Development
Laconia Kiwanis Club Donates $5000 to Community Health & Hospice
Laconia, NH - Joseph Adrignola, Past President of the Laconia Kiwanis Club and current chair of the club's "Young Children, Priority One" initiative and Margaret Franckhauser, Executive Director of Community Health & Hospice announced today that the Laconia Kiwanis Club, through the Laconia Kiwanis Charities Fund, is donating $5000.00 to the Community Health & Hospice (CH&H) Young Family Program. The CH&H Young Family Program serves teenage or young parents; families who are temporarily homeless; children with a chronic illness or developmental disability; premature infants; children with no health care provider; or any parent with concerns or questions about child development. Services include home care from Pediatric Visiting Nurses, Mother-Baby Postpartum Visits, Prenatal Home Visits, Immunizations, Child Development Clinics, Partners in Health, and Pediatric Care Management. Adrignola says, "We're delighted to support CH&H's Young Family Program. The major focus of Kiwanis Clubs throughout the world is improving the quality of life for children and families. For seventy-five years the Laconia Kiwanis Club has been dedicated to the needs of young children in the Lakes Region through its support for the Kiwanis Dental Program, the Laconia High School Key Club, Reading is FUNdamental activities in Laconia elementary schools, bicycle safety programs, Laconia Little League, the D.A.R.E. program, scholarships through the Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation, immunizations for young children, and much more." Kristen Awrich, RN, coordinator of CH&H's Young Family Program, is grateful for the donation. She says, "The Laconia Kiwanis Club has always been generous to us, They understand that if we can support families while they are learning how to find and use resources-including themselves-we will build a stronger, healthier generation of children." Even though there is little or no reimbursement for some Young Family Program services, CH&H still offers them. Awrich adds, "We are dedicated to improving the health of all children in the Lakes Region-especially those who might otherwise fall through the cracks."Margaret Franckhauser adds, "The Young Family Program is a fragile one: Medicaid reimbursements only cover 40% of what it costs to deliver our services to eligible clients. We also deliver vital services to many families for which there is no reimbursement at all! Without support from organizations like the Laconia Kiwanis Club, future Medicare and Medicaid cuts will have a serious impact on our agency. It means a great deal to us to have the support of the members of the Laconia Kiwanis Club. Their generosity is touching, and an inspiration to all of us." Community Health & Hospice, Inc. is a not-for-profit, Medicare-certified provider of home care and hospice services, licensed by the State of New Hampshire and accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP). The agency is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and supported by private and corporate donations, the Lakes Region United Way, and Lakes Region communities. CH&H services include the Young Family Program, Home Care (nursing and rehabilitation), Hospice, Support Services, and the Volunteer Program. To contact CH&H, call (603) 524-8444 or (toll free) 1-800- 244-8549. The CH&H website is The Laconia Kiwanis Club welcomes new members as well as financial support for programs which serve the children of Lakes Region communities. Over the past 75 years, the Laconia Kiwanis Club has raised and expended over a half million dollars for children in the Lakes Region. The club meets at 6:15 PM every Monday evening at Pheasant Ridge Country Club in Gilford. For more information contact Randy Eifert at 524-4535 or visit their website at

Past Pres. Joe Adrignola, Exec. Dir. Margaret Franckhauser, and an uncashable check.

Courtesy Photo


Monday, April 28
Archaeologist Karl Rhonke will speak on the White Mountain National Forest.

Monday, April 21

Monday, April 14

Monday, April 7
The Boards meet; NISE

Monday, March 31
Riae Mellow Andrews will talk about the Crash Carts for Kids program.

The Suggestion Box
This is the inaugural installment of a new column for members to publish all their great ideas for improving our club. I hope to hear from everyone with future suggestions.

Observations: Sr. Member Roger Ballantyne just told me that when he joined in 1975, the club stood at 125 and he had to wait for someone to leave before he could be inducted. By 1990 when I joined, we were down to around 45. We now number 33 regular members--23 Active, 10 Senior. A large membership makes more things possible than a smaller one.

Suggestion #1: Appoint a Membership Chair (we don't have one since Nate Robertson left) who will put together a working committee that will stay on the case with all of us.

Suggestion #2: Take better care of new members. Get them involved, help them find their place in the club, and take numerous absences as a warning sign demanding attention.

Suggestion #3: Maintain a club that anyone would want to join because we really have our act together. (I've got a boxload of ideas for this one, but I'd like to hear from others first.)

Suggestion #4: Let the community know what a great club we have. We want them to be breaking down our doors to be part of the Kiwanis experience.

Suggestion #5: Use Honorary Membership to increase the pool of club participants with people who may not be able to afford the expense of regular meeting attendance.

I cannot take authorship for all these suggestions--but I thought they should be put down in writing with the hope that we'll start doing some of the things we know we must.


Michael Bastraw

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