June 2, 2003 - Vol. 14, No. 35

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Roger Ballantyne

Senior Members
Bob Turner, Howard Bacon, Roger Webster, Roger Ballantyne

Special Olympics
We again have the opportunity to help run the softball throw at the Special Olympics, University of N.H., Saturday, June 7. Members who wish to participate should plan on registering at 8:30a and stay to the event's end around 3:00p. Right now, Acting Chair Randy Eifert is planning on attending with at least one daughter.

Chair Joe Adrignola showed off a poster and thank-you's from our recent Reading Is FUNdamental appearances. In attendance at Pleasant Street School, Wednesday last were Joe Adrignola, Kathy Calvin, Michael Bastraw, Don Nelson, Chet and Grace Cilley, and Warren Mitchell. We have 14 non-Kiwanis RiF volunteers signed up so far to join us at next week's meeting.

Chair Joe Adrignola with a poster from our fans.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Win a Classic!
Chair Paul Cotton acknowledged the members who attended the Auto Show Saturday last: Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell, Phil Bonafide, Don and Sue Nelson, and Michael Bastraw. The Motorcycle Week schedule also made the rounds again. Here is the updated version. As you can see, we are still a bit thin on some shifts. If you can't make a scheduled shift, find your own replacement and let Chair Paul Cotton know. Parking is available at Thurston's Marine and Past Pres. Joe Adrignola's house. Members should plan on turning in all tickets and monies Monday next.

Saturday, June 7
1p-5p: Ed Chertok, Chet Cilley, Michael Bastraw, ___________

Sunday, June 8
Phil Bonafide, Kathy Calvin, ___________, ___________

Monday, June 9
1p-5p: Chet Cilley, ___________

5p-9p: Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell, Nancy Williams, Russ Beane

Tuesday, June 10
1p-5p: Michael Bastraw, ___________

5p-9p: Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell, Larry Murphy, ___________

Wednesday, June 11
1p-5p: Michael Bastraw, Randy Eifert, Nancy Williams

5p-9p: Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell, Larry Murphy, ___________

Thursday, June 12
12n-5p: Randy Eifert, Chet Cilley, Steve Loughlin

5p-9p: Paul Cotton, Nancy Parrott, Larry Murphy, ___________

Friday, June 13
9a-1p: Roger Ballantyne, Roger Webster, Howard Bacon, ___________

1p-5p: Ed Merski, Nancy Williams, Larry Murphy, ___________, ___________

5p-9p: Paul Cotton, Don Nelson, Sue Nelson, ___________, ___________

Saturday, June 14
9a-1p: Ed Chertok, Nancy Williams, Dianne Roberts, Joe Adrignola, ___________

1p-5p: Don Nelson, Phil Bonafide, Sue Nelson, Dianne Roberts, Steve Loughlin, ___________

5p-9p: Don Nelson, Sue Nelson, Paul Cotton, Joe Adrignola, ___________

Sunday, June 15
9a-12n: Paul Cotton, Phil Bonafide, Jim Fortier, Arlene Fortier, ___________

12n-3p: Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell, Don Nelson, Sue Nelson, Phil Bonafide, Jim Fortier, Arlene Fortier, Steve Loughlin


Bob Turner, $19

Sr. Member Bob Turner will laugh all the way to the bank.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Free Meal
Dianne Roberts


Laws and Regulations Chair Phil Bonafide presented the proposed changes to our bylaws and policies and procedures. After discussion and minor modifications, the changes were adopted by the membership present. Key among them was removing the 30% of total membership cap for creating Senior Members. Now the Boards will set a number at the first meeting in October that will limit how many Senior Members the club will hold for the year.

Immediate Past Pres. Phil Bonafide's long hours of work came down to a few minutes discussion and a job done well.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Goodbye, Joe
Pres. Larry Murphy read Pres.-Elect Joe Collie's letter of resignation. He will be starting a new job at WZID in Manchester which will include our meeting times. It is a good step up with "more opportunities." He will be staying in the area and if thing's change, he would very much like to return. Good luck, Joe, and thanx.

And That Means...
The Boards must nominate replacements for Pres.-Elect and one Vice Pres. With one-week notification, the club will then vote.

Press Release
by Treas. Chet Cilley
David Ross with his mother receives his new bicycle from Brian McCall of Lakes Region Cyclery. David won this bicycle at the Laconia Kiwanis Bicycle Rodeo recently held at the parking lot next to City Hall. Volunteers from the Laconia Kiwanis Club, the Main Street Program, Dennis Dionne, the Laconia Police and Fire Departments, the City of Laconia, Laconia Parks and Recreation, local bicycle dealers, and the Laconia Public Works Department serviced many residents and their children. Laconia Kiwanis sponsors many programs for the children of the Lakes Region. For more information about Laconia Kiwanis, please call 524-9109.

A fine-looking set of wheels there.

Photo by Chet Cilley


The Suggestion Box
by Past Pres. Michael Bastraw
How about having the Boards minutes presented to the club in a more timely manner--say, at the next regular meeting? Then we would hear about it before it is old news.

Monday, June 16

Monday, June 9
RIF personnel will join us for the evening.


Michael Bastraw

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