June 4, 2001 - Vol. 12, No. 36

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Randy Eifert

Pres. Don Nelson leads the club in song.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Senior Members
Carroll Stafford, Paul Normandin, Peter Karagianis, Bob Turner, Dick Breton, Ed Chertok, Howard Bacon

Special Olympics
Sr. Member Dick Breton was advised by Chair Roger Ballantyne that he and his Only Friend Jim Depoin attended the softball throw in drenching rain. The events were canceled with no raindate.

News from Arizona
Sr. Member Dick Breton spoke with past member Leo Sasseville who sends his best to the club.

Chair Warren Mitchell advises that we will be taking our annual trip to the Berlin club the second or third Tuesday of July.

Win a Classic!
Chair Phil Bonafide sent the Motorcycle Week sign-up sheet out amongst the members once again. In addition, Charlie St. Clair has arranged space for us at the Rally Headquarters for Saturday, June 9 and Sunday, June 10. If you check the following schedule you will notice that we have several openings still to fill. Don't make Phil come after you. This is the week where we make our hay--hopefully the sun will shine. If you've signed up for a particular shift, be sure to show or arrange your own replacement. Thurston's Marine has donated parking for interested members. Just leave something in your window to indicate membership. The train will be running starting Thursday, June 14. First shifters for each day should have blank tickets with them. We will be leaving everything at the end of the day other than cash and stubs from the barrel in our four-sided tent. The Harley will also remain, chained down, with security in the area.

Updated 060601

Saturday, June 9 (Rally HQ)

1p-5p: Williams, Bastraw, St. Clair

Sunday, June 10 (Rally HQ)

1p-5p: Williams, Chertok, St. Clair

Monday, June 11 (Boardwalk)

1p-5p: Grocki, Fisher, Eifert

5p-9p: Parrott, R. Beane, Williams, Bonafide

Tuesday, June 12 (Boardwalk)

1p-5p: Grocki, Fisher, Bastraw

5p-9p: Murphy?, Mitchell, D. Nelson, Calvin, Ballantyne

Wednesday, June 13 (Boardwalk)

1p-5p: Hirschberg, Chertok, Bacon

5p-9p: Parrott, Murphy, Bonafide, ________

Thursday, June 14 (Boardwalk)

12n-5p: Chertok, Bacon, Bettoney

5p-9p: Murphy, Roberts, E. & J. Merski, D. Nelson

Friday, June 15 (Boardwalk)

9a-1p: Grocki, Fisher, Normandin, Stafford

1p-5p: Eifert, Williams, Mitchell, Bonafide

5p-9p: D. & S. Nelson, Bonafide, Calvin, Faenza

Saturday, June 16 (Boardwalk)

9a-1p: Roberts, D. Nelson, Bonafide, Ballantyne

1p-5p: Loughlin, D. & S. Nelson, Bonafide, J. & A. Fortier

5p-9p: Williams, D. & S. Nelson, Bonafide, ________

Sunday, June 17 (Boardwalk)

9a-12n: D. & S. Nelson, Calvin, Bonafide

12n-3p: Williams, D. Nelson, Bonafide, J. & A. Fortier

Charlie St. Clair offers us space at the Rally Headquarters for the first weekend. We'll be there.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Win a Classic Next Year?
In two weeks Pres. Don Nelson will be calling for a vote of the general membership as to whether we should raffle another motorcycle next year. And, relatedly, whether we should exercise our option to purchase the box trailer we've been renting. We have paid $800 for it's use which may be applied to the $2800 purchase price. These decisions must be made as soon as possible due to the necessity of getting an order in early for a new bike.

Kathy Calvin, $23

Sgt.@Arms Roger Landry found Howard Bacon, Warren Mitchell, and Randy Eifert pinless.


Free Meal
Michael Bastraw. Then Carroll Stafford's name was chosen instead.

Board Matters Last Month
The Board voted to grant Dan Faenza's request for leave from May to October; Immediate Past Pres. Marty Hirschberg was denied Senior Membership; V.P. Larry Murphy was appointed Chair of the committee to look into supplementing the General Fund if we did away with the meal penalty; Dental bills were paid; space of the Food Trailer at Gilford Old Home Day was reserved; $250 to the Pembroke Key Club towards their attendance of the International Convention; and Jeff Philpot was approved for membership.

Board Matters
The Board approved payment of dental bills; Immediate Past Pres. Marty Hirschberg's resignation was accepted with regret; $150 to the Laconia High School's Chemical-Free Graduation Party at the Community Center.

Next Week

Michael Bastraw


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