June 16, 2003 - Vol. 14, No. 37

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Larry Murphy

Senior Members
Bob Turner, Howard Bacon, Roger Webster, Ed Merski, Peter Karagianis, Ed Chertok

Bob Hunt with Nancy Williams, Sue Nelson with Don Nelson, Polly Chertok with Ed Chertok, Edith Faulkner with Nancy Parrott

Chair Warren Mitchell is planning an interclub to Berlin on July 1, 8, or 15.

Nancy Williams, $15

Happy Dollars
Nancy Williams came up with money for son Andrew getting a new job and house, Bob's almost ready to return to work, and that Paul Cotton is back and Warren Mitchell is revived; Ed Chertok chipped in for the $500 scholarship his 70th reunion class will award, for being pleased at the enthusiasm of our raffle sales staff on the Weirs Boardwalk, saw his grandson on Fathers' Day, playing 18 holes in North Conway, and for Polly joining him for dinner; Roger Webster even though he lost the clown gobbler position; and Paul Cotton for Sue Nelson, Arlene Fortier, and Vi Adrignola doing an "outstanding job" with the motorcycle raffle.

Win a Classic!
Chair Paul Cotton reported the preliminary figures for the motorcycle raffle and other matters connected to our fundraiser. The winner is John Dorsch, Loudon, N.H. with ticket #10993 which he purchased at the WLNH Boatshow, Steeplegate Mall, March 14-16. He will pick up the bike next week after he returns from New Jersey. (More photos to follow. See final schedule below.)

Saturday, June 7
1p-5p: Ed Chertok, Chet Cilley, Michael Bastraw, ___________

Sunday, June 8
Phil Bonafide, Kathy Calvin, Michael Bastraw, ___________

Monday, June 9
1p-5p: Chet Cilley, Paul Cotton

5p-9p: Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell, Nancy Williams, Russ Beane

Tuesday, June 10
1p-5p: Michael Bastraw, Paul Cotton

5p-9p: Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell, Larry Murphy, ___________

Wednesday, June 11
10a-1p: Paul Cotton

1p-5p: Paul Cotton, Randy Eifert, Nancy Williams

5p-9p: Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell, Larry Murphy, ___________

Thursday, June 12
10a-12n: Paul Cotton

12n-5p: Randy Eifert, Chet Cilley, Steve Loughlin, Michael Bastraw

5p-9p: Paul Cotton, Nancy Parrott, Larry Murphy, Warren Mitchell, Edith Faulkner

Friday, June 13
9a-1p: Roger Ballantyne, Roger Webster, Howard Bacon, ___________

1p-5p: Ed Merski, Nancy Williams, Larry Murphy, ___________, ___________

5p-9p: Paul Cotton, Don Nelson, Sue Nelson, ___________, ___________

Saturday, June 14
9a-1p: Ed Chertok, Nancy Williams, Dianne Roberts, Joe Adrignola, ___________

1p-5p: Don Nelson, Phil Bonafide, Sue Nelson, Dianne Roberts, Steve Loughlin, Michael Bastraw

5p-9p: Don Nelson, Sue Nelson, Paul Cotton, Joe Adrignola, Vi Adrignola

Sunday, June 15
9a-12n: Paul Cotton, Phil Bonafide, Jim Fortier, Arlene Fortier, Warren Mitchell

12n-3p: Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell, Don Nelson, Sue Nelson, Phil Bonafide, Jim Fortier, Arlene Fortier, Steve Loughlin, Paul Normandin, Michael Bastraw, Dianne Roberts, Joe and Vi Adrignola

Past Pres. Nancy Williams--back on the Boardwalk

Photo by Randy Eifert


Chair Paul Cotton holds down the fort.

Photo by Randy Eifert


Trying the old soft-sell

Photo by Randy Eifert


Happy Birthday
June babies include Steve Loughlin, Phil Bonafide, Michael Bastraw, and Peter Karagianis.

The Suggestion Box
by Past Pres. Michael Bastraw
Let's have more interclubs.

Monday, August 4
Boards meet, NISE

Monday, July 28
Chief Tom Oetinger, Laconia Police Department, will give a tour of the new police facility (tentative).

Monday, July 21

Monday, July 14
Our speaker will be Chief Doug Aiken, Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid/Communications Division

Monday, July 7
Boards meet, NISE

Monday, June 30
Rolf Dutzman will speak on Space Program Spin-offs.

Monday, June 23
Charlie St. Clair and Jennifer Anderson will report on Motorcycle Week


Michael Bastraw

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