November 19, 2001 - Vol. 13, No. 8

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families

31; ahhh...just like the olden days. This is two weeks in a row we've been able to field 30+ bodies. To quote M. Stewart: it's a good thing. Bring more guests.

Don Nelson

Senior Members
Bob Turner, Dick Breton, Peter Karagianis, Paul Normandin, Carroll Stafford

Key Club Guests
V.P. Meghan Daigneau, Treas. Alyson Tankard, Kyle Fugate, Bethony Dionne

Other Guests
Rosemary Murphy with V.P. Larry Murphy, Sandy Stafford with Sr. Member Carroll Stafford, Joe Collie with Past Lt. Gov. Chet Cilley

Rosemary and V.P. Larry Murphy

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Joe Collie and Treas. Chet Cilley

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Key Club
Treas. Alyson Tankard reports that the Bikeathon, previously, reported was for St. Judes. The club also assisted Zonta in some sort of ticket sales. They will be ringing the bell for St. Vincent dePaul come holidays.

V.P. Meghan Daigneau and Treas. Alyson Tankard

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Bethony Dionne and Kyle Fugate

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Win a Classic!
Pres. Phil Bonafide was on hand for the whole day, along with Immediate Past Pres. Don Nelson for our roadshow at the Tilton Walmart. Assisting these ironmen were John Grocki, Bob Turner, Dan Fisher, Sue Nelson, Nate Robertson, Sherri Hicks, Charlie St. Clair, Kathy and Patty-Jeanne Calvin, and Michael Bastraw. Even tho' most of the foot traffic seemed to be at Home Depot's first weekend, through persistence, we were able to come close to last year's tally with a take of $850. Our next date is at the Steeplegate Mall on December 15. We have a shot at a December 22 at the Lakes Region Outlet Mall if we have enough motivated members to cover this and our bell-ringing obligations for the Salvation Army. This is a busy season for everyone. That is exactly why our club is being called upon to walk and chew gum at the same time. Let's all help out our overachievers by pitching in a bit. Isn't that why we're here? Last reminder: we've done-in most of our traditional fundraisers. We'd best make this one work to the max.

Those Bells Are Ringing...
The sign-up sheet is extant for our annual support of the Salvation Army donation kettle. We need to stand post in pairs from 9a-5p. This has been set as Priority #1 by Pres. Phil Bonafide. Everyone needs be on board for this before we cover on own fundraiser on December 22.

Join the Parade
Past Pres. Jim Fortier would like all members who feel the urge to join the Laconia Thanksgiving Parade at 12:30p at Wyatt Park. We will be towing our new trailer and raffle motorcycle (weather permitting). This is a great opportunity to strut our stuff in front of the community we support. Can we do less?

Sec.'y Kathy Calvin sent out the sign-up sheet for staffing the phones for the Santa Fund Auction for Wednesday, December 12. Let's talk exposure here...and commitment. We need to fill four chairs from 5:30a to 3:00p. Call Kathy for shift availability.

Sew It On
We received an achievement patch for our annual contribution to the Kiwanis International Foundation.

District Convention
Sr. Member Dick Breton, our sole envoy to the last convention, reports that "we didn't miss a thing." I suspect this is more an attempt at reverse logic to encourage members to appreciate what goes on beyond our own club. Really, there's a lot to be said for rubbing shoulders outside of the Usual Suspects. It's a great way of formulating perspective.

Reading is Fun...Funda...Mental
Past Pres. Joe Adrignola advises that we have been approved to sponsor a R.I.F. program in local schools. We need to provide volunteers to choose books for the program and to see them placed with the appropriate classes.

Sec.'y Kathy Calvin is unimpressed by how much gesticulation control Past Pres. Joe Adrignola is exhibiting.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Meet the Docs
Sr. Member Dick Breton reports that we have been invited to meet the new externs from Tufts U. who will be working at L.R.G.H.'s Dental Resource Center. The fete will be on Tuesday, November 22, 5:30p at the Center. Dick and Kathy Calvin will be attending. All others should let Dick know so he may R.S.V.P. This is a great chance to check out the facility if you haven't seen it; and show our club's support.

"And the best part is we'll get a free toothbrush!"

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Let's Get Serious
Pres. Phil Bonafide would like all committees to consider where money should be spent and from where it will come. In other words (these are mine), committees are no joke. This is how things happen in a club. There are Chairs, there are committee members. It's up to each to take there responsibilities seriously. All club business can't be accomplished between 6:15p and 7:30p on Mondays. To accomplish anything we have to get together 'tween hours. Don't wait for The Other Guy to make something happen. And, oh yeah, Pres. Phil Bonafide reminds all that membership development is everyone's job. If we're not growing, we're shrinking. Everything comes down to numbers.

Kathy Calvin, $23

Past Pres. Joe Adrignola ponders the enormous implications of the Calvin win which seem to have escaped the notice of Nancy Parrott.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Happy Dollars
A buck from Roger Landry for buying a "new" 1969 Chevelle and one from Warren Mitchell for getting to drive it; Carroll Stafford for wife Sandy not getting to talk tonight; Nancy Williams for being escorted by John Grocki and Peter Karagianis Saturday last.

Everyone has eyes for V.P. John Grocki.

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Sgt.@Arms Nancy Parrott did not fine V.P. Larry Murphy for having a pin.

Guest Speaker
Carroll Stafford introduced Exec. Dir. Roger Larochelle, the Mayhew Program to the club. 14 years with the program and Executive Director for 7, Larochelle is an associate with Leadership, N.H. The program started with the Groton School Camp in 1893 where boys were able to experience the open air on an island on Newfound Lake. Camp Mayhew took up this banner in 1969 with an emphasis on including at-risk youngsters throughout the state. The camp and year 'round program challenge the aged 10-11 entrants to think beyond themselves and become part of the whole group. Keith Gray of Gilmanton, who entered the program in 1989, started out on the kitchen staff and is now part of the program staff. He is currently attending the Vocational Technical College. Before joining Mayhew, Gray stated that he had no positive male role models to go by and was amazed that there were those out there who didn't yell all the time and were supportive. 33% of funding comes from individual donations, 25% from United Way, and 20% from endowments. No money comes from government agencies. Sponsorships range from $2000-$4000. For more information go to

Sr. Member Carroll and Sandy Stafford, Mayhew Trustee with Keith Gray and Exec. Dir. Roger Larochelle of the Mayhew Program

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


A happy former camper

Photo by W.S. Loughlin


Wednesday, January 2

Monday, December 17
Yankee Swap

Monday, December 10
Annual Childrens' Party

Monday, December 3
Boards meet; NISE

Monday, November 26
Exec. Dir. Nancy Christie, New Hampshire Lakes Association will speak.

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Michael Bastraw

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