January 20, 2009 - Vol.20, No. 16


 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families



Larry Murphy

Senior Members:
Ed Merski and Roger Webster

Erica Cross, Key Club President
Vince Denaris, Key Club
Brenna Cass, Key Club
Jocelyn Morin, Key Club
Scott Davis, Laconia High School
Seth Levitt-Carlson, Key Club Advisor
Ivy Levitt-Carlson, Key ClubAdvisor

Erica Cross
Vince Denaris
Brenna Cass
Jocelyn Morin
Scott Davis
Seth Levitt-Carlson
Ivy Levitt-Carlson
Photos by W. Stephen Loughlin

The Lodge at Belmont…
We will not have a firm figure until they cash out, but the results from The Lodge at Belmont equal between 9 and 10 thousand dollars. Again, a firm figure will be available later…but this is about a 20 percent increase over last year. Thanks to everyone who helped out and made the trips to the track to sign the necessary paperwork. Job well done….

And the winner is…
LACONIA KIWANIS! We have word from the Salvation Army that we collected more during our day at the Kettle than the Rotary Club did last month. We collected $2,675...and though we do not know how much Rotary collected, we have been told that it was more than they did. Thanks again to those who worked that day and stood out in the cold and collected. Well done!.


Ed Chertok Update…
Roger Webster reports that Ed is still seeing visitors, but if you have a cold or any other ailments, please do not go. Best time is in the afternoon..


Phil Bonafide and Steve Loughlin win and split $8 between them.

Steve and Phil celebrate the "big" payout.
Photo by Ron Penn

Happy Dollars:
Phil and Steve each gave a dollar for winning the 50/50. Ivy Levitt-Carlson gave a dollar for the end of the semester coming at Laconia High School. Seth Ivy-Carlson gave a dollar for being back to talk to us exactly a year since they last visited the Kiwanis Club on 1/22/08.


Key Club Presentation:
Seth Levitt-Carlson and Ivy Levitt-Carlson spoke to the club on behalf of the Key Club and the opportunity they have to visit South Africa for 2 weeks. The trip is coming up this summer and will be made by 8 students and the advisors. They went through the interview process over the past few weeks and they were looking for select students who had the maturity and experience to handle being away from home for 2 weeks in South Africa. The students are the four who were in attendance tonight along with four others. There was an article in the local papers today about the trip.

Seth says that the trip will allow students to stay in the homes of the people that they visited when they were in South Africa for two years. In addition to the eight students, Bonnie Ashworth and Scott Davis will be going. Ashworth teaches science and math in the high school and Davis is the director of the Huot Technical Center at Laconia High School. They will go to Johannesburg, Sowetu, and the Apartheid Museum. While at the village, the students will be interacting with the local students at a secondary school and a town school.

Ivy says that the kids will be volunteering in schools, giving computer lessons to adults and students who are not yet computer literate, and they will get a chance to read to and interact with the younger students. In addition to that, each student will self design a learning opportunity, which is like developing a class, teaching a lesson, and then sharing with their own Laconia community how they were able to teach the lesson in South Africa.

Erica says that her area of interest is in nursing and she will visit one of the clinics. Brenna will learn language and teach language, too. Jocelyn has an interest in customs and women’s roles in South Africa. Vince has an interest in attending the FBI Academy after high school and he wants to explore investigative units and law enforcement in the region that they will be visiting. Other studies will include church and religious studies, governmental studies, food and cooking, and traditional clothing among other things.

Seth explained that one of the tentatively larger community service projects that they hope to do, while they are there, is working on the structure on an old pre-school building in the village that was built in 1896 and now is in need of some repair. They will also hopefully be able to attend a wedding while they are there. That will depend on timing. In South Africa, the entire village is expected to come to a wedding and there are no invitations. They hope to spend the last two days on Safari. Seth reported the total cost for the trip is approximately $25,000 and their plan is to charge each student approximately $300 each and fund raise the rest. They will have various fund raisers along the way and will be making requests to area organization to help as well.

For additional information go to the Laconia High School home page and “click” on The LHS Key Club South African Trip.

L to R: Seth Leavitt-Carlson, Ivy Leavitt-Carlson and Pres. Brian
Photo by W
. Stephen Loughlin


Sign of the Times...

Sign posted in law office cafeteria.
Photo by W
. Stephen Loughlin

Upcoming Schedule:

Monday, January 26th
Dr. Mark Edelstein, President, Lakes Region Community College

Monday, February 2nd
Boards Meet and Food Pantry money collecte

Monday, February 9th

Monday, February 16th

Monday, February 23rd
Maria Street, Executive Director, Ozanam Place

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