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Ed Merski

Senior Members:
Ed Merski, Roger Webster Dennis Denoncourt, and Jim Fortier
, De

Sue Nelson with Don Nelson
Rick Matarazzo of the Phantom Phenders with Tom Knox

Sue Nelson
Rick Matarazzo







With Fond Memories….

Tonight’s meeting started with a moment of silence for Ed Chertok. Ed passed away this past weekend at the age of 93. There was a funeral earlier in the day attended by Charlie St. Clair, Ron Penn, Brian Winslow, Joe Adrignola, Kathy Calvin, and Phil Bonafide among others. Tonight’s meeting was moved along quickly so that club members could attend the shiva at Woodside for Ed.

View a celebration of Ed's life at the Wilkinson Beane website by "clicking" here.

There will be a celebration of Ed Chertok's life at The Belknap Mill in the room named after his mother, Rose Chertok Hall. The event is scheduled for Sunday, February 1st at 11am. Let's see if we can get as many Kiwanians there as possible.

See a pictorial tribute to Ed Chertok and newspaper clippings at the bottom of this page (or "click" here.) T

Road Trip……
Lt. Governor Joe Collie went to Portsmouth last week and visited with the Seacoast Kiwanis Club. He’ll have an update on the visit last week. Stay Tuned….


Also next week……
President Brian Winslow will have an update on his meeting with the 4th of July Committee. He is meeting with them Tuesday, January 27th. Also, Brian will have an update on The Lodge at Belmont and the totals from our recent fund raising nights.


Tom Knox and Rick Matarazzo won and split $21.

Rick Mazaratto (left) from Phanton Phenders wins the Phifty Phifty with Tom Knox.
Photo by W
. Stephen Loughlin

Happy Dollars:
Jim Fortier gave 3 happy dollars…1 for having a new grandchild, 1 for being here in Kiwanis and 1 for heading back to warm weather the day after tomorrow. Dennis Denoncourt gave 1 for having all his fingers attached despite getting them all chopped in a snowblower. Tom Knox and Rick Matarazzo gave one each for winning the 50/50. Roger Landry gave 1 because he did not win the stupid award this week. He tore the garage door off his garage, but his mistake was trumped by Dennis and the snowblower.

As a CPA, Dennis should be crunching numbers...not crunching his fingers.
Photo by W
. Stephen Loughlin


Here are 3 reasons NOT to stick your hand in a snowblower.
Photo by W
. Stephen Loughlin

Joe Adrignola was fined for not having a pin. Lori Dickson was pinless, too and so was Jim Fortier.


Guest Speaker:
Dr. Mark Edelstein was the guest speaker tonight. He is the President of Lakes Region Community College. The college, which is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary, has 80 staff members. Tuition runs about $175 per credit or $5,000 a year. He says that this is half the rate of UNH. Edelstein says that they average about 3,000 enrollments per year and experienced 11% growth last year. They offer 22 degree programs, including the only fire science program in the state of NH. Their nursing program is 4 years old now and they do that in conjunction with LRGH. He said the LRCC’s nursing program students pass the national test at a 95-96% rate the first time they take the test.

Another big program is an automotive program. The students are sponsored by GM and have a 100 percent placement rate at dealers in the Lakes Region. They also have a marine service program in partnership with Mercury. Some of the new programs being offered include their Energy Services and Technology Program. The only other college in the country offering this program is Lane College in Oregon. Other popular programs include Culinary Arts and Media Arts and Technology.

LRCC promotes a smaller class size with very little lecturing. Most of the learning is interactive. The Community College system in New Hampshire are now independent of state governance and is no longer a state agency. The Board of Trustees was empowered in 2007 and the effect has been a decreased bureaucracy with greater efficiency.

Edelstein says that the mission of community colleges has 3 components: 1. Technical 2. Transfer 3. Workforce Development. The strategic plan for the next phase of growth at LRCC consists of expanding access, ensuring student success, and increasing ties to business and industry and educational institutions. 95% of students are from NH and 95% of the graduates stay in NH and contribute after graduation.

L to R: Dr. Mark Edelstein and Pres. Brian.
Photo by W
. Stephen Loughlin


A Pictorial Tribute to Ed Chertok
by W. Stephen Loughlin

"Click" on thumbnail picture to open a larger picture.
A loving husband
A proud Kiwanian
An orator
A gentleman
A winner
A giver
WiWith John E. Sununu in 2002Wth
With John E. Sununu in 2008
With proud son-in-law
With friends
A champion of community service
Always ready to share a smile
TDTogether Forever!
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Newspaper Tributes to Ed Chertok
"Click" on the respective story below to open the article.
Once opened, "click" on the article to make it larger.
January 25, 2009 Sunday Citizen: "Chertok remembered: Purposeful life of service"
January 26, 2009 The Laconia Daily Sun: "Funeral to be held today for Ed 'Sonny' Chertok"
January 27, 2009 The Laconia Daily Sun: "Remarkable life of 'Sonny' Chertok celebrated at Laconia service"
January 27, 2009 The Citizen of Laconia: Editorial "Ed Chertok: A tough act worth following"
This past September, The Laconia Daily Sun ran a five part series entitled: "Ed “Sonny” Chertok’s memories of nearly a century’s worth of life and business in Laconia." Those articles are available below. Simply "click" on the story you care to read. Note: after opening the article, if it appears small, move your curser over the article and "click" on it and it will increase in size.


Note: Ed Chertok attended his last Kiwanis meeting on November 10, 2008. At that meeting, Ed spoke on the history of the Laconia Kiwanis Club. To view pictures and video of that meeting, "click" here.


Upcoming Schedule:

Monday, February 2nd
Boards Meet and Food Pantry money collected

Monday, February 9th
Jane Bergeron, Organ Donor Program guest of Roger Landry

Monday, February 16th
Charlie Mallar, New England Dist. Kiwanis guest of Joe Collie

Monday, February 23rd
Maria Street, Executive Director, Ozanam Place, guest of Joe Collie

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Joe Collie

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Pictures contained in this newsletter have been modified to assure a fast download. Therefore, if you try to print them, they will not be of the best quality. If you should desire a picture better suited for printing, feel free to request a copy by emailing W. Stephen Loughlin at steve@theloughlins.com