February 19, 2008 - Vol.19, No. 21


 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families




Warren Mitchell

Senior Members:
Ed Merski, Warren Mitchell, and Paul Normandin

Fund Raising:
Brian Winslow and Joe Collie shared the highlights of the recent fund raising committee meeting, held at lunchtime last Friday, February 15th. In addition to Brian and Joe; Dick Metz was also in attendance, though Dick was not at the meeting tonight. Some of the highlights were:
*** Go forward with Bike Week raffle of trip to Bike Week in Myrtle Beach
*** Explore possibilities of charity nights at a bigger track on the seacoast or return to The Lodge next year.
*** Look at more involvement in the 4th of July Celebration, where we already have an involvement and a built-in audience.
*** Explore the possibility of an ATV raffle over fair season, culminating at the Sandwich Fair in October. Joe will explore dates, etc...
Next week, hopefully more information will be made available regarding the Bike Week Raffle. Also, as indicated, Past President Joe Collie will have a schedule of possible fairs to attend with an ATV raffle, including dates, vendor fees, and attendance figures. Stay Tuned.

Brian Winslow illustrates how big Dick Metz's drink was at lunch last week.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Reading is FUNdamental...
There are 2 RIF distributions coming soon:
*** Friday, March 7th at Woodland Heights School, 9:30am-11:15am
*** Friday, March 12th at Pleasant Street School, 1:45pm-2:45pm
Don Nelson and Kathy Calvin are on the list so far. Please check your availability and join us for the fun! Sign up sheets will be circulated again next week.


He's doing just fine...
Larry Murphy was down to Florida recently to check in with Jim Fortier. He says Jim is enjoying his time down in Barefoot Bay. He is enjoying the sunny weather and continuing to feed the turtles. He looks forward to seeing us again in April.

Brian Winslow, $16.

Happy Dollars
Brian Winslow for winning the 50/50 and Roger Landry for Warren buying a classic pick up truck that Roger was interested in. Now he doesn't have to spend the money, he can still drive it, and will make money off Warren buying parts at NAPA. Seems he should have given three happy dollars for that one!

This is why he's on the fund raising committee: he raises money!
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Joe Collie was late.
Dianne Rogers was pinless.
Paul Normandin had no name tag.

Looking Forward...

31 days till Spring... ...................................................... .......................So much for global warming!
Photo by Warren Mitchell

Upcoming Schedule:

NOTE: During January and February, we meet at One Mill Plaza...


Monday, February 25th
Eric Johnson, Principal Elm Street School

Monday, March 3rd
We're back at Pheasant Ridge.

Boards meet, Food Pantry money collected

Monday, March 10th
Jim Cande will speak on a possible opportunity of a fund raiser between Laconia Nationals and Kiwanis Club.

Monday, March 17th
Laura Brousseau with the Faith, Hope, and Love Foundation

Monday, March 24th
Karen Dennis, March of Dimes

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Joe Collie

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