April 6, 2009 - Vol.20, No. 27

News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families





Senior Members:
Warren Mitchell, Paul Normandin, Peter Karagianis, and Ed Merski

Honorary Member Dick Breton

Roger Landry

Happiness is...

Joe Adrignola acheives a life long dream - to be the first one in the chow line.
Photo by W
. Stephen Loughlin

Bike Rodeo Update
The annual Bike Rodeo has been set for Saturday, May 9th, at Levitt Park on Elm Street in Laconia. Mike Marsh is chairing the event. Mike gave an update to the club. He said that, so far, Piche's and MC Cycle have agreed to participate and provide bike techs for the safety inspections. Also, the bike shops are working up quotes for a bike to be given away as a raffle prize that day. Contagiani's hot dogs and soda will again be available that day and Kathleen Yale of the Laconia Police has been contacted. She was instrumental last year in spreading word of the event to the area school kids.

The event will run from 10am to 1pm and a sign-up sheet was passed around. Signed up so far: Brian Winslow, Joe Collie, Kathy Calvin, Phil Bonafide, Joe Adrignola, Dianne Roberts, Steve Loughlin, Warren Mitchell, Ron Penn, Mike Marsh, Roger and Pam Landry.

The sign-up sheet will continue to go around in the coming weeks. Please check your schedule and help us out on that day if you can. The Bike Rodeo is one of the most visible events the Laconia Kiwanis Club does in the community, so let's all get involved. Again, the Bike Rodeo is May 9th at Levitt Park on Elm Street in Laconia.


And the nominees are...
The Annual Meeting has been set for May 11th and the nominating committee will be meeting after next week's meeting. The committee consists of Joe Adrignola, who will chair, Joe Collie, Phil Bonafide, Paul Cotton, and Roger Landry. We are in need of a 2nd Vice President and members for the board to serve from October 1, 2009 through September 30, 2011. If you're interested, please let one of the members of the committee know...otherwise they may come seeking your consent to be nominated.

Nominees will be announced to the club on April 27th and the vote will be cast on May 11th.



Wait...one last minute purchase...

Joe tries to sell Dianne two tickets for $20. It didn't work.
Photo by W
. Stephen Loughlin


...and now the draw...$16.00 to the lucky winner...

Joe Collie has more hair than Roger Landry...for now.
Photo by W
. Stephen Loughlin

...and the winner is...
....................... Russ Beane (with Warren Mitchell and Roger Landry).

Russ's glasses will only work if he opens his eyes.
Photo by W
. Stephen Loughlin

Happy Dollars:
Russ Beane gave $2 to make the split easy. Russ also gave another because his son is getting married to a bank teller who he met through the glass -- his words, not mine. Roger Landry gave a happy dollar because his son returned from his 4th business trip to Saudi Arabia safe and sound.

Russ Beane is happy to have won the 50/50.
Photo by W
. Stephen Loughlin

Russ Beane is also happy to be gaining a daughter in law.
Photo by W
. Stephen Loughlin


Joe Collie
was pinless and fined a quarter and someone else was pinless, too...but this writer did not write it down. In all, we collected half a buck.

Food Pantry:
We dug a little deeper and collected $38

Board Minutes:
Kathy Calvin read the minutes from the board meeting of March 2nd. Some of the highlights were:
*** The minutes from February were approved.
*** $550 was approved to be a sponsor of the Belknap Mill's "Life's A Beach" event.
*** $250 was approved to sponsor a Laconia Little League team.
*** $100 was approved to sponsor Laconia High School Band Boosters Family Night
*** $500 was paid to Atlas Fireworks as a deposit for the 4th of July Show.
*** Meeting adjourned before it even started...7:01pm

The notebook is a disguise. This person is really reading "101 ways to kill a photographer."
Photo by W
. Stephen Loughlin


Congratulations, Roger. Now, fine yourself!
Reproduced by W
. Stephen Loughlin

Upcoming Schedule:

Monday, April 13th
Liza Levin of the Laconia Police DARE Program

Monday, April 20th

Monday, April 27th
Lakes Region Emergency Response Team

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Joe Collie

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