April 12, 2010 - Vol.21, No. 28


News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families




VP Mike Marsh continues to save the day.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Roger Landry

Senior Members:
Paul Normandin, Warren Mitchell, Carroll Stafford, and Roger Webster

Dick Breton - Honorary Member
Lisa Foley and Jim Nute - from The Mayhew Program

Dick Breton
Lisa Foley
Jim Nute

Project Updates:
Bike Rodeo: VP Mike reported he plans to attend a Parks and Recreation Commission meeting at city hall next Monday night at 7 pm to answer any questions. He is hopeful his attendance will assure the Kiwanis Club usage of the parking lot at the Opechee Park Clubhouse for the Bike Rodeo scheduled for the 15th of May.

Scooter Raffle: Roger Landry reported that Tom Smith, the owner of the new Laconia Antique Center in downtown Laconia has given the Club permission to put the scooter at his new store. Honorary member, Dick Breton, has also offered the Club the opportunity to place a scooter at his business, Wells Fargo Advisors, which is located across the street from the Laconia Antique Center. A scooter along with a poster and tickets will be placed at both locations.

Other News:
Honorary Member, Dick Breton reported
Past President (1999-2000) Marty Hirshberg and his wife, Lillian, have recently moved in with their daughter and are now located in Keene, NH. Marty has a computer and has been given the web address of the Kiwanis Kronicle to view the current events of the Club. Best regards, Marty!

Dick Breton reported Fratello's Laconia restaurant is supporting the foundation that helps children with brain tumors. Fratellos will contribute 25% of the tab to the foundation for anyone who goes there for dinner and cocktails on Wednesday, May 26th. The only stipulation is that a ticket must be presented at the time of the dinner. Anyone interested should see Dick Breton for a ticket.

Joe Adrignola reported the Club now has a permit to set up on the Weirs Boardwalk. An

Kiwanis KARES:
The next Kiwanis KARES event will be on April 15th at Pleasant Street. Please let Kathy Calvin know if you are interested in helping.

50 50: $19 to Dick Breton

Dick Breton wins with the purchase of just one ticket.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Dick Breton counts his winnings.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Happy Dollars:

$5 from Dick Breton for winning

$1 from Carroll Stafford because he won $50 on a chance he took with Lakes Region Charitable child care.H

No fines this evening.

Guest Speaker:

Larry Murphy introduced Jim Nute, Executive Director of The Mayhew Program. Jim was accompanied by Lisa Foley, the Development Director.

This was Jim's third appearance to the Laconia Kiwanis Club. Jim previously spoke to the Club on 4/23/07 and on 11/24/03. (Click on dates to view Jim's past appearances at the Laconia Kiwanis Club.)

Jim initially thanked the Kiwanis Club for all the contributions made over the years to The Mayhew Program. He also thanked Carroll and Sandy Stafford and Larry Murphy for the personal support they have given to The Mayhew Program over the years.

Jim then showed a video that highlighted the children and activities involved in the program.

Mayhew is a non-profit program that strives to encourage the positive social, emotional, physical, and behavioral development of at-risk New Hampshire boys, so that they can become happy, successful, and contributing members of their communities. For more information on The Mayhew Program visit their website by "clicking" here.


L to R: Carroll Stafford, Jim Nute, Lisa Foley, and Larry Murphy.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Tonight's meeting was adjourned at 7:37 p.m.

Kathy Calvin appeared in The Citizen on Thursday April 8th to promote the 20th Annual Taste of the Lakes Region. To read the full story, "click" here. Once opened, to make the picture larger, "click" on it again.


Upcoming Schedule:

Monday, April 19th
Detective Thomas Swett fro
m the Laconia Police Department- Child Advocacy Program - guest of Joe Adrignola

Monday, April 26th

Monday, May 3rd
Boards Meet and Food Pantry money collected

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Joe Collie

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