May 24, 2010 - Vol.21, No. 34



News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families




Pre-Meeting Give-a-way:
Prior to the commencement of the meeting, Jaylin, the winner of the bike from the Bike Rodeo stopped by with her parents to pick up her bike.

Jaylin and First Vice President Mike
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

First Vice President Mike Marsh

Dick Breton - Honorary Member

Betty Ballantyne - Guest of Dick Breton

Mike Fogg - Guest of Mike Marsh

Dick Breton
Betty Ballantyne
Mike Fogg

Kiwanis K.A.R.E.S Readers:
Sue Nelson - wife of Don Nelson
Randy Brough- Director - Laconia Public Library

Sue Nelson
Randy Brough


Elm Street Elementary School Staff:
Eric Johnson - Principal
Kelly Bliss - 3rd Grade Teacher
Colleen Poire - Specialist

Eric Johnson
Kelly Bliss
Colleen Poire

Woodland Heights Elementary School Staff:
Robbie Prescott-Neylon - Library Specialist
Ashley Hogan - 3rd Grade Teacher
Marilyn Johnson - 3rd Grade Teacher
Theresa McDonnell - 3rd Grade Teacher

Robbie Prescott-Neylon
Ashley Hogan
Marilyn Johnson
Theresa McDonnell

Pleasant Street Elementary School Staff:
Patty Dietz - 3rd Grade Teacher
Ellen Ward - 4th Grade Teacher

Patty Dietz
Ellen Ward

Hooksett Kiwanis Club:
Fred Bishop - Secretary
Pauline Bishop - Member
Frank Kotowski - President
Vivian Kotowski - Member
Ron Dion - Immediate Past President
Irene Dion - Member

Fred Bishop
Frank Kotowski
Ron Dion
Pauline Bishop
Vivian Kotowski
Irene Dion

Senior Members:
Ed Merski, Howard Bacon, Jim Fortier, Roger Webster, and Paul Cotton


Don't forget:


Because of the Monday Memorial Day holiday, our next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 1st.



From the Prez:
Don’t forget to sell your raffle tickets for the Scooter.
A sign up sheet will be circulating for raffle sales at the Weirs during Bike Week, sign up early to get a good slot.

From the Treasurer:
Joe Adrignola reminded the club of the meeting regarding the Colonial Theatre that is taking place at 7:30 pm this evening at the Belknap Mill.

From the Secretary:
Kathy Calvin introduced all of those who were attending who have helped with Kiwanis KARES this past year.  She also reminded the club that the next KARES event is at Woodland Heights on Thursday at 9:30am

50 50:
$23 to Joe Adrignola

Joe is glowing with happiness about finally winning again!
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Happy Dollars:

$1 from Joe Adrignola for winning

$2 from Frank Kotowski for the fine hospitality

Fines: There were no fines tonight.

Guest Speakers:

Fred Bishop, Frank Kotowski and Ron Dion were our guest speakers. Fred Biship started the presentation off by giving a brief history of the Hooksett Kiwanis Club. He also mentioned that he had visited the Kiwanis Club of Laconia before and had proof. He then held up the publication of the Citizen newspaper supplement from 1992. To download a copy of that publication, "click" here. (NOTE: It may take about 30 seconds to download.)
The Hooksett Kiwanis Club was chartered in 2000 with 60 members.  They experienced some membership decline in 2001-2005.  They formed a Foundation(501C3) in 2005 and a Builders Club and Key Club between 2005 and 2008.  During the years of 2006 and 2007 they did a community assessment to determine what the community needs were.  Recognizing a decline in membership in 2006 they took steps to become a more attractive club.  Some of their unique practices include:
·         No attendance requirement
·         Creating a membership package
·         Sending out Birthday Cards to members
·         Member of the Month
·         Monthly printed newsletter
·         Flexibility with dues billing and payment
·         Spousal membership discounts
They have adjusted the way they run meetings and the way they recruit new members. They keep meetings very casual but make sure there is always a warm reception and camaraderie.  They are very picky about speakers and don’t accept those that are asking for money…those people can make a presentation to the board of directors if they wish.  Other interesting ideas include holding summer meetings at member homes, personalized name badges for everyone, even guests, and nobody sits down until the bell is rung.  New members get a photo and short bio in local newspapers and they are asked to be active in recruiting other new members.  They recruit through club projects like their golf tournament, community leader events, old home days, trail projects etc.)
They were able to double their membership between 2006 and 2010.  Their current Member Demographics are as follows:
·         Men – 47
·         Women – 36
·         Ages – 30-7
·         Corporate – 3
·         Signature Project Joiners – 5
·         Educators – 7
·         SLP Parents – 7
·         Town Department Heads – 10
·         Couples – 13 (26 members)
·         Senior Members – 0
·         Honorary Members – 1
Recommendations from the Hooksett Club include:
·         Develop externally focused website
·         Develop recruitment package
·         Perform a community assessment
·         Develop a signature project
·         Recruit spouses
·         Consider meeting less than once a week with focus on high profile speakers
·         Eliminate attendance requirement


ALL SMILES: L to R: Fred Bishop, Pres. Brian, Frank Kotowski, and Ron Dion.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Tonight's meeting was adjourned at 7:25 p.m.

Upcoming Schedule:

Tuesday, June 1st (No meeting on Monday May 31st which is Memorial Day)

Monday June 7th
Boards Meet and Food Pantry money collected

Monday, June 14th returns

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Joe Collie

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