June 15, 2009 - Vol.20, No. 37

News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families





Roger Landry

Senior Members:
Peter Karagianis, Paul Normandin, Carroll Stafford, Jim Fortier, Roger Webster, Ed Merski, Paul Cotton, and Howard Bacon

In Honor of Joe...
President Brian honored Treas. Joe Adrignola by allowing his table to eat first. Unfortunately, Joe was absent from tonight's meeting.

Bike Week Update:

Pres.Brian thanked the following members for working at the boardwalk: Dick Metz, Phil Bonafide, Denise Dow, Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell, Larry Murphy, Roger Landry, Russ Beane, and Bill Cosmos (friend of Kiwanis). Pres. Brian advised the club that, as of 3:00 p.m. Monday, the money raised at the Boardwalk totaled $810.00. He also noted that additional help is needed for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Anyone in need of a place to park can do so at Thurston's Marina in the rear of the property. Before parking you can get a parking pass by going in the front door and asking for one.

For details on the items being raffled off at our booth on the boardwalk "click" here.

At this point the following have signed up to work:

Saturday, June 13th
Set up: Dick Metz and Brian Winslow
10am-3pm: Dick Metz, Howard Bacon, Phil Bonafide (until 12 noon), Denise Dow
3pm-8pm: Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell, and ______

Sunday, June 14th
10am-3pm: Dick Metz, Howard Bacon, Larry Murphy, Denise Dow
3pm-8pm: Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell, and ______

Monday, June 15th
10am-3pm: Roger Landry, Larry Murphy, Ron Penn and ______
3pm-8pm: Dick Metz, Howard Bacon, Mike Marsh, Russ Beane

Tuesday, June 16th
10am-3pm: Roger Landry, Larry Murphy, Warren Mitchell, and ______
3pm-8pm: Dick Metz, Howard Bacon, Mike Marsh, and ______

Wednesday, June 17th
10am-3pm: Dick Metz, Howard Bacon, Phil Bonafide (until 4 p.m.), and _____
3pm-8pm: Don Nelson, Dianne Roberts, Steve Loughlin (starting at 4 p.m.), and _____

Thursday, June 18th
10am-3pm: Dick Metz, Howard Bacon, Ed Merski, ______
3pm-8pm: Larry Murphy, Don Nelson, Warren Mitchell, and _____

Friday, June 19th
10am-3pm: Dick Metz, Howard Bacon, Ed Merski, Dianne Roberts
3pm-8pm: Larry Murphy, Jim Fortier, ______, and ______

Saturday, June 20th
10am-3pm: Dick Metz, Howard Bacon, Ron Penn, Steve Loughlin
3pm-8pm: ______, ______, and ______

Sunday, June 21st
10am-12pm: Dick Metz, Howard Bacon, Lori Dickson, and ______

Kiwanis Kares:
Kathy reported the club did reading at Woodland Heights last Tuesday and a reading at Pleasant Street School last Thursday. Those participating last Tuesday were: Chet Cilley, Dick Metz, Larry Murphy, Joe Adrignola, Brian Winslow and herself. Those on hand for Thursday were: Chet Cilley, Larry Murphy and Joe Adrignola.

Photos from our readings at Pleasant Street School taken Thursday June 11, 2009
Click" on thumbnail pictures to open larger pictures.
Photos by Liz Rosenfeld

50 50:
$15.00 to the winner.

Bonafide and Loughlin share the winnings.
Photo by Roger Landry


Happy Dollars:

$1 from the 50 50 winners.
$1 from Phil for "Dick Metz being in our club."
$1 from Larry Murphy stating he wanted to "thank my boss, Dick Metz for allowing me to take tomorrow (Tuesday) off (from Boardwalk duty) so I can play golf with my grandson who graduated from Gilford on Sunday."
$1 from Brian Winslow in honor of Dick Metz "because he's down there right now" (on the Boardwalk selling tickets).
$1 from Roger Landry because Dick was down at Weirs Beach and NOT at the meeting.


No fines this week.

Roger that...

A ancient war hero in search of a parade.
Photo by W
. Stephen Loughlin



Charlie St. Clair goes Hollywood. "Click" the picture below for details.
Then, "click a second time to make the picture larger.

Upcoming Schedule:

Monday, June 22nd
Ron Hrasna New England Task force leader of Ride for Kids benefiting the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation guest of Dick Breton.

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Joe Collie

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