June 16, 2008 - Vol.19, No. 38


 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families



Dick Metz

Senior Members:
Peter Karagianis, Paul Normandin, Ed Merski, Howard Bacon and Warren Mitchell

Randy Brough, Laconia Public Library
Eric Johnson, Elm Street School
Colleen Poire, Elm Street School
Pat Chase, Elm Street School
Liz Rosenfeld. Pleasant Street School
Alan Robichaud, Exec. Dir. of Belknap County Citizens Council on Children and Families
Kimber Dolloff, Elm Street School parent
Robbie Prescott, Woodland Heights
Tiffany Dube, Woodland Heights
Stephanie Leroux, Woodland Heights Volunteer Grandmother
Sue Nelson with Don Nelson

L to R: Kimber Dolloff, Colleen Poire, and Eric Johnson
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


L to R: Pat Chase, Robbie Prescott, Tiffany Dube, and Stephanie Leroux
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

L to R: Liz Rosenfeld and Randy Brough
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Singing Duo, Don and Sue lead the club in Amercia The Beautiful.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Hey Kiwanis…THANKS!
The three elementary school librarians introduced themselves and their respective guests from their schools. All echoed words of THANKS from the kids and the staff for our participation in the RIF program during the last school year. RIF will be changing names next year, but the format will remain the same. We have completed all RIF distributions for this year, as the school year ends next week. Kathy Calvin read some of the thank you notes that were submitted by the 3rd graders. Thanks to all the club members who took the time to participate in the program this year at the schools in Laconia. Well done! A special tip of the Kiwanis Kap to Kathy Calvin for serving as RIF chair this year. Also…3rd grade teacher Tiffany Dubois introduced an idea she has about a bookmobile for the summer months to stay connected to kids over vacation. More to follow!

ATV Raffle

Thanks to all that were all involved in selling tickets this past weekend. We raised approx $1,000 for the weekend. This weekend, we will start on Friday, June 20th. On the schedule this weekend:

Friday, June 20th
9am-1pm: Kathy Calvin and Ed Merski
1pm-5pm: Denise Dow and Warren Mitchell
5pm-9pm: Dick Metz and Ron Penn, and

Saturday, June 21st
9am-1pm: Lori Dickson and Joe Adrignola
1pm-5pm: Brian Winslow and Steve Loughlin
5pm-9pm: Dick Metz and Ron Penn, an

Sunday, June 22nd
10am-3pm: Jim and Arlene Fortier and Dick Metz and Howard Bacon

Roger Landry and Warren Mitchell will be breaking down the display Monday morning, June 23rd. Thanks again to all involved. We’re off to a good start.

Hey Kiwanis….THANKS! part 2:
We received a thank you note from St. Vincent DePaul, thanking us for our recent contribution to the food pantry. They indicate that the number of people that they service has gone up and they appreciate our support.

Eric Johnson of Elm Street School wins the 50/50…worth $32.

Eric Johnson is pleased to have won the 50 50.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Happy Dollars:

Warren Mitchell and Paul Cotton gave $2 for the tent being set up nicely at the Weirs. Joe Collie gave 2 dollars: 1 for the crew doing a great job at the ATV Raffle and one for Steve Loughlin’s birthday. Eric Johnson gave 2 for winning the 50/50 and for the great job his staff has done in his first year as principal at Elm Street School.

Dianne Roberts and Lori Dickson were pinless.


Guest Speaker:

Alan Robichaud spoke to the club. He is the Executive Director of the Belknap County Citizens Council on Children and Families.

In his power point presentation, he focused on juvenile justice noting that nearly 4 percent of juveniles are offenders. In Belknap County, offending youths are dealt with in a series of graduated sanctions. First offenders go into a court diversion program. This program is highly successful and has an 85 percent success rate of keeping first offenders from becoming repeat offenders. A bulk of court diversion programs receive their money from municipalities and recent budget cuts have really started to hurt these programs. Step 2 means that the child has to go before the judge and will have to renter the restorative justice program and go through a yearlong program. Step 3 is court involved. This means that a youth has a probation officer. With this comes more costs from schools and police departments and taxpayers. Out of home placement options for offenders includes the 144-bed Sununu Youth Center in Manchester. Robichaud said this is a last resort, as it is saved for the most repeat of offenders and costs $375 per day to taxpayers.

Robichaud says when restorative justice was introduced by Belknap County; the probation caseload was cut in half. The concern now is that recent budget cuts will eliminate the program and this will cause caseloads to go up, and at a time when state agencies are at hiring and budget freezes. Typically, a youth that goes to court makes three courtroom appearances: 1. Arraignment, 2. Hearing, 3. Disposition. All three of these court appearances require a judge, lawyers, court administration, and lost work costs. All these costs fall back on taxpayers. The court diversion program tries to avoid these costs by heading off troubled youth before they end up in court.

L to R: Joe Adrignola, Pres. Dianne Roberts, and Alan Robichaud
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin



Governor John Lynch helped kick-off he 85th Anniversary of Bike Week with a press conference at Meredith Harley-Davidson dealership. On hand were Kiwanians Charlie St. Clair, the Executive Director of the Laconia Motorcycle Week Association and Peter Karagianis, the owner of Happy Jacks Cigars in downtown Laconia.

During the ceramonies, Peter Karagianis, along with the late Peter Makris, who was a co-owner of the Naswa Resort in The Weirs, were given the 2008 Fritz Baer Award for outstanding contributions to motorcycling and to the success of Laconia Motorcycle Week. In presenting the awards at the Meredith Harley-Davidson store, Charlie St. Clair noted that Karagianis and Fritz Baer worked together to ensure that the rally received the financial support it needed from the business community.

Gov. John Lynch congratulated Kiwanian Peter Karagianis (second from right) and Cynthia Makris (second from left),
who accepted the 2008 Fritz Baer Award on behalf of her father. Pictured L to R: Jennifer Anderson, Makris,
Gov. John Lynch, Karagianis, and Charlie St. Clair.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Gov. John Lynch poses for a picture with the Karagians family.
Pictured L to R: Gov. Lynch, Kiwianian Peter Karagianis, Peter's son, Peter, and Lydia Karagianis.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Gov. John Lynch poses for a picture with the organizers of Bike Week.
Pictured L to R: Jennifer Anderson, Director of the Laconia Motorcycle Week Association, Gov. Lynch, and
Charlie St. Clair, Executive Director of the Laconia Motorcycle Week Association.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Check out next week's Kiwanis Kronicle for Bike Week pictures on the Boardwalk.

Upcoming Schedule:


Monday, June 23th

Monday, June 30th
Dianne Zawacki along with the "youth of the year" from the Boys & Girls Club of the Lakes Region

Monday, July 7th
Boards Meet and Food Pantry money collected

Monday, July 14th

Monday, July 21st
Charlie St. Clair and Jennifer Anderson will discuss their book, Laconia Motorcycle Week..


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Joe Collie

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