June 22, 2015 - Vol. 26, No.17


News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Attendance: 17
12 members, 5 guests

Larry Murphy

Sue Nelson - Honorary Member and wife of Don Nelson
Vi Adrignola - wife of Joe Adrignola
Shanna Saunders - Laconia Planning Director and guest speaker
Brandee Loughlin - Laconia Assistant Planner and guest speaker
Tivan Saunders - son of Shanna Saunders

Sue Nelson
Vi Adrignola
Shanna Saunders
Brandee Loughlin
Tivan Saunders


Present by Picture Proxy:

Howard Bacon with Diana, his caregiver
Picture courtesy of John Walker

Photo of picture by W. Stephen Loughlin

From the President:
President John reminded members that this was our last meeting at Pheasant Ridge and the end of our contract with Contigiani's Catering. Betsy was working alone tonight but she was sincerely thanked and given a round of applause for our 13-year association. In July, we will be meeting at Joe's place, the Busiel Mill Community Room at One Mill Plaza.

Our next meeting is here, at One Mill Plaza, on July 13th.
hoto by W. Stephen Loughlin


President John next introduced Scott Laurent who led the induction ceremony of new member Rob Reid. Congratulations, Rob and welcome to the Club!

Celebrating the moment: Pres. John Walker, Past President Scott Laurent and, our newest member, Rob Reid
hoto by W. Stephen Loughlin

President John then listed the charities that our Club has made financial donations to this calendar year, and re-emphasized his point that we may be a small club, but we make a BIG impact in our region.

John pointed out that of the 27 volunteer slots available the 9 days of Bike Week, Kathy Calvin filled nine of them.  John also suggested that members thank BRIAN WINSLOW for the work he did in helping to make the concessions stand a success again this year. Thank you, Brian!

Meet Kathy Calvin our #1 Boardwalk volunteer.

To view more Kiwanis related pictures from Bike Week, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

From the Members:

Honorary Member Sue Nelson reported that the written online instructions that were provided for those working Bike Week were excellent and very helpful.

Muff Walker reminded the Club of the August 10th party at the beach house of South Down Shores. Sign-up sheets will be available at the July meetings.

Betty Ballantyne re-briefed the Club on the upcoming Roger's Ride, to be held August 30th, and announced a committee meeting immediately following tonight's meeting.

Joe Adrignola volunteered to visit other NH Clubs to sell raffle tickets that are being sold as part of Roger’s Ride. He asked members to consider joining him.


50/50: Winner of $18: Sue Nelson and Vi Adrignola

It pays to buy a super arms length.
hoto by W. Stephen Loughlin

Happy Dollars:

$3 from Sue Nelson in celebration of her and Don's 50 years of marriage and the surprise party put on for her and Don by their children
$2 from Joe Adrignola: $1 for each of the guest wives being in attendance
$4 Rob Reid for the safe conclusion of Bike Week
$3 John Walker: $1 each for our two guest speakers and $1 for the successful start-up of Laconia today
$3 from Betty Ballantyne: $1 each for Shanna, Brandy and Tivan being our guests

Scott Laurent, Jim Fortier, and Steve Loughlin for not wearing their pins.  John Walker was fined for addressing Steve as “Mister.”

Guest Speakers:
Betty Ballantyne introduced our guest speakers:  Shanna Saunders and Brandee Loughlin.

Shanna Saunders is a 2003 graduate of the Resource Administration and Management Master’s Degree from the University of New Hampshire. She also has an undergraduate degree in Environmental Conservation and Wetlands from UNH. She has worked for the City of Laconia Planning Department since 2004. While at the City of Laconia, she has integrated low impact development principals into construction proposals, redrafted the cluster ordinance in the form of Randall Arendt’s Conservation Subdivision, enacted steep slope protections, and helped design a new lighting ordinance under the Dark Sky Initiative’s principals. She continues to strive everyday to integrate wise land use principals into New Hampshire land use policies.

Shanna lives, runs, cooks, and gardens in Seacoast New Hampshire with her husband and two children.

Brandee Loughlin received a BA in American Studies/History from Franklin Pierce College in Rindge, NH and an MS in Historic Preservation from the University of Vermont. Brandee has worked as the Assistant Planner for the City of Laconia since 2013. In that time, she has helped to finalize changes to the Planning Board’s Architectural Design Guidelines, design and implement community engagement efforts for the updated City Master Plan, and provide guidance to residents and developers in the City. Brandee is also a Board Member of Fusion, the Lakes Region’s young professional network. Prior to her time with the City, she worked for the Massachusetts State Historic Preservation Office as a Preservation Planner.

Brandee resides in Moultonborough with her husband, Marc, and their dog, Duncan.

Shanna briefed the club on the work being done with the "Re-Imagine Laconia” program that began in October of 2014, and is currently ongoing. Shanna provided an overview of the process, and shared many of the findings they have come up with to date, all of which are on their website. Input has been gathered in several clever ways, including attending homecoming at LHS and soliciting input from LHS students. Shanna also shared that these findings become part of the city's Master Plan, which by statute is re-done every 10 years. She also commented that developers pay attention because if the community does not want something built, for example the storage facility at the Weirs, they will not get permits from the Planning Department to build it.

For more information on Re-Imangine Laconia and to view a powerpoint presentation, "click" here.


L to R: Betty Ballantyne, Brandee Loughlin, John Walker and Shanna Saunders
hoto by W. Stephen Loughlin


Tonight's meeting was adjourned at 7:34 p.m.

Our next meeting, which is July 13th, we will be meeting at Joe's place, the Busiel Mill Community Room at One Mill Plaza.




Thank You Kiwanis:
We recently received thank you letters from three of the students who received scholarships from the Laconia Kiwanis Club. "Click" on the card below to read the letter.

from Annie Dionne
from Emilie Maddocks
from Becca Sirious

Honorary Kiwanian Peter Karagianis celebrated his 99th birthday on June 25th.

Honorary Kiwanian Peter Happy Jack Karagianis
hoto by Karagianis Family

Ed Merski and fellow Kiwanians were rockin' to the music of The Rockin' Daddios who appeared at the Taylor Home on Monday evening, June 29th.

Ed Merski says "hi" to his Kiwanis friends.
hoto by W. Stephen Loughlin

Larry Murphy, Ed Merski, Rosemary Murphy (behind Ed), Joanne Merski, Arlene Fortier and Jim Fortier
hoto by W. Stephen Loughlin

Can you find Jim Fortier in this picture?
hoto by W. Stephen Loughlin


Larry Murphy shows off his Independence Day hat with Uncle Sam
hoto by W. Stephen Loughlin

Bill Gile does in fact
hoto by W. Stephen Loughlin


Steve Loughlin enjoys the view from the tower on Lakeside Ave.
Jim Fortier and Larry Murphy promote the goods.
Follow the sign to our booth.
"We're over here."
Service with a smile!!
Veteran Boardwalk Barkers
Dianne Roberts, Laconia Kiwanis Club Past President (2007-2008) extends her greetings to the Club.
Future Kiwanians?
Future Rotarian?


Kiwanis In The News:
The Citizen did a detailed story on the Laconia Kiwanis Club and Laconia Rotary Club and their involvement with Motorcycle Week.
To read the story, dated 6/17/15, "click" here.






Monday - July 13th - Venue: One Mill Plaza- Community Room
Club Meeting - guest speaker - Nikki Lyons from the Make a Wish Foundation

Monday - July 27th - Venue: One Mill Plaza- Community Room
Club Meeting - guest speaker - Ed Pierce - feature writer for the Laconia Citizen

Monday - August 10th - Venue: Southdown Shores, Beach House, Laconia
Club Meeting - Summer Outing including spouses and guests

Monday - August 24th - Venue: To Be Announced
Club Meeting - guest speaker - TBA


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