July 18, 2023 - Vol. 34, No 10



News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families



Date of Meeting: July 18, 2023

Venue: The Belknap Mill

Attendance: 25 in attendance: 10 members and 15 guests


Kiwanis Members:
Betty Ballantyne
Phil Bonafide
Ray Chambers
Bill Gile
Steve Loughlin
Don Nelson
Tara Shore
Keith Styles
Bob Willey
Zach Dea

Jackie Bonafide - Phil’s wife
Kathy Calvin - Honorary Member
Roger Dargy – guest of Betty Ballantyne
Brad Geltz – guest of Bill Gile and husband of Lu Mussari
Paula Gile – Bill’s wife
John Intorcio – guest of Bill Gile
Muff Kruse -former Kiwanian and wife of Honorary Member John Walker
Lu Mussari - guest of Bill Gile and wife of Brad Geltz
Rosemary Murphy – Honorary Member
Sue Nelson – Honorary Member and wife of Don
Robbie Prescott-Neylon – Woodland Heights Elementary School Media Specialist
Abby Teichert – guest of Phil Bonafide and former LHS Key Club Vice President
Arlene Torrisi – sister of Honorary Member, Rosemary Murphy

Guest Speakers:
Charlie St. Clair – Executive Director of Laconia Motorcycle Week Association
Jennifer Anderson – Deputy Director of Laconia Motorcycle Week Association

Jackie Bonafide
Kathy Calvin
Roger Dargy
Brad Geltz
Paula Gile
John Intorcio
Muff Kruse
Lu Mussari
Rosemary Murphy
Sue Nelson
Robbie Prescott-Neylon
Abby Teichert
Arlene Torrisi
Charlie St. Clair
Jennifer Anderson
Above photos by W. Stephen Loughlin


President Bill opened the Meet & Greet meeting at 6:05 pm by thanking those in attendance for their help in making many great community service events happen this year. He then explained the Kiwanis mission noting that the organization of volunteers is dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.

President Bill Gile makes his opening remarks.

Bill’s message was followed by:
• The Pledge of Allegiance
God Bless America led by Don Nelson
• The opening prayer led by Paula Gile
• The evening meal

The evening meal was followed by a cake that emphasized Bill’s message to those who have supported the Club and community.



Steve Loughlin introduced Charlie St. Clair, the Executive Director of the Laconia Motorcycle Week Association, and Jennifer Anderson, the Deputy Director of the Laconia Motorcycle Week Association. He noted that Charlie and Jennifer are the organizers of the oldest national motorcycle rally in the country with roots dating back to the summer of 1916.

In addition to their involvement with Motorcycle week:

Charlie St. Clair is currently serving as a New Hampshire State Representative for District 5. He also serves as the Vice Chair of the Laconia Planning Board and owns the Laconia Antique Center in downtown Laconia. Charlie was a member of the Laconia Kiwanis Club from 1999 through Sept. 2013.

Jennifer Anderson is a full-time college professor with Plymouth State University in the Psychology Department and also works part-time at Lakes Region Community College. She earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work and has a doctorate in Educational Leadership. Jennifer serves on the boards of several nonprofit organizations, including the Belknap Mill Society, Laconia Rotary Club, Lakes Region Cancer Support Team, Belknap Economic Development Council and she is the Chair of the Laconia School Board.

During their presentation Charlie and Jennifer discussed various aspects of Motorcycle Week including the following statistics:

For many years the rally was a week-long event through 1965. From 1966 to 1990 the rally encompassed only three days and averaged 30,000 – 40,000 people.

In 1991, the official Rally Association was formed by local businesses and organizations determined to bring the rally back to a robust week-long event. Once that happened, attendance jumped from less than 50,000 during the 3-day event to 300,000 over 9 days. Below are other interesting statistics:
• Currently, the rally is the largest multiday event in the state of New Hampshire
• A record-breaking 400,000 riders attended in 2004 and at least that number was expected in 2023. Currently, the rally averages 275,000 to 325,000 visitors each year
• 2/3 of visitors are from out-of-state and stay more than three nights

Jennifer Anderson and Charlie St. Clair address the crowd.
Bill Gile and Paula Gile enjoy a lighter moment during the presentation.
Steve Loughlin (center) congratulates Jennifer and Charlie on their fine presentation while Bill Gile (left) looks on.
Note: In the above picture, Steve is holding up the book Images of America: Laconia Motorcycle Week, which is a history of the Rally from 1916 to 1998.
The book was coauthored by Charlie St. Clair and Jennifer Anderson and is available for sale at the Belknap Mill.
Above photo by Tara Shore
Unless otherwise noted, all photos by W. Stephen Loughlin

Subsequent to the Kiwanis Club meeting, we received historical, statistical, and marketing information on Laconia Motorcycle Week prepared in early 2023 by Jennifer Anderson which is available by “clicking” here. NOTE: It make take up to 60 seconds to download this PDF file.

We were also advised that, through the end of August 2023, there is a display on the second floor of the Laconia Public Library highlighting 100 years of Laconia Motorcycle Week. Below are a few pictures of the display.


Can you name the notable person who owns this vest?
For the answer, "click" on the above picture.

Above photos by W. Stephen Loughlin


Following Charlie and Jennifer’s presentation, Bob Willey, Zach Dea, and Betty Ballantyne addressed the group.
Bob gave an overview on Kiwanis International and his role as Lt. Governor of Division 5.
Zach Dea discussed details of the Laconia Kiwanis Club and some of the events in which the Laconia Kiwanis Club has participated.
Betty Ballantyne thanked those in the room for their assistance this year and how we look forward to working with them again in the future.
To view Bob Willey's comments, "click" here.
NOTE: It may take up to 60 seconds to download this video.
When viewing the video on your computer, "click" the lower right corner to make the video larger.
To view Zach Dea's comments, "click" here.
NOTE: It may take up to 60 seconds to download this video.
When viewing the video on your computer, "click" the lower right corner to make the video larger.
To view Betty Ballantyne's comments, "click" here.
NOTE: It may take up to 60 seconds to download this video.
When viewing the video on your computer, "click" the lower right corner to make the video larger.
Above photos and videos by W. Stephen Loughlin


President Bill adjourned the meeting at 7:34 pm.


During the months of June and July, we received several thank you notes.

They included a thank you from the Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation for our recent donation in continuing our scholarship support of students attending college. To read that thank you, "click" here.

We also received a thank you from six of the twelve students who received a scholarship from the Laconia Kiwanis Club in 2023. To read those thank you notes, “click” on the respective pictures below.

Hannah Lowell
Annie Dionne
Ella Muller
Lydia Tucker
Ava Whitton
Cameron Whitty


Laconia Kiwanis read to the kids at Rotary Park on Wednesday, July 5th, as part of
the Belknap Mill’s Kids in the Park program.
Laconia Kiwanis is proud to be one of the sponsors of this great summer program
and glad to also participate in it.
Paula Gile reads to Kids In The Park
Keith Styles enjoys reading to the crowd.
Above photo's by Bill Gile


Past and Present Laconia Kiwanis Club members were spotted at the
Lakes Region Rotary 11th Annual Charity Car Show
that was held Saturday, July 22, 2023 in Weirs Beach.
A partial view of Lakes Region Rotary 11th Annual Charity Car Show
Warren Mitchell (left) and Roger Landry pose in front of Warren’s 1964 Dodge Dart.
Warren Mitchell was Kiwanian of the Year in 1986, 1991, and 2006.
Warren was also Laconia Kiwanis Club President 2003-2004.
Warren Mitchell is presently an Honorary Member of the Laconia Kiwanis Club.
Roger Landry was Kiwanian of the Year in 2009 and Laconia Kiwanis Club President 2011-2012.
Phil Bonafide (left) and Steve Loughlin pose in front of Phil’s 1970 Pontiac GTO.
Phil Bonafide is a current Kiwanis Club member and Board member.
Phil Bonafide was Kiwanian of the Year in 2005 and 2019.
Phil served as President of the Laconia Kiwanis Club in 2001-2002.
Steve Loughlin is a current Kiwanis Club member, Board member, and Bulletin editor.
Steve was Kiwanian of the Year in 2008 and 2015.
Above photo by Maggie Gibbs
A birds eye view of Phil and Warren's classic cars.
Warren Mitchell in his 1964 Dodge Dart.
Phil Bonafide in his 1970 Pontiac GTO.
Unless otherwise noted, all car show photos by W. Stephen Loughlin

Many thanks to Joe Adrignola, Betty Ballantyne, Phil Bonafide, Bill Gile and Brian Winslow for their assistance with this bulletin.





Tuesday - August 1st- Venue: ZOOM MEETING
6:00 pm - Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday - August 15th : Venue: The Belknap Mill
6:00 pm - Speaker to be announced


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