July 27, 2009 - Vol.20, No. 43

News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families





Immediate Past President Dianne Roberts

Senior Members:
Howard Bacon, Ed Merski, Paul Normandin, Carroll Stafford, Peter Karagianis, Dennis Denoncourt and Jim Fortier.


Operation Membership:

President Brian Reports on the membership meeting on Thursday, July 23, 2009 in which Joe Adrignola, Steve Loughlin, Larry Murphy and Brian Winslow were in attendance. President Brian informs the club that the next meeting, Monday August 3rd will be devoted to discussing and brainstorming membership strategies…all members should make a point to be there.

Still Recovering....

Larry Murphy reports that Dick Metz is doing better but still doesn't feel well. Larry visited Dick and found him in the garage… because of Dick’s headaches he was keeping one eye closed which really freaked Larry Murphy out. Roger Landry asked the membership to keep Chrisy Metz in their prayers because Dick is going to be home a long time.

Ed Merski reports that Roger Webster is doing well and is now telling stories to his nurses in multiple languages.


50 50:
Dianne Roberts won $14.

She claims to have won the 50/50, but really we paid her to do the invocation.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Happy Dollars:

$1 from Dianne Roberts for winning.

Fined for being pinless: Dennis Denoncourt, Paul Normandin, and Russ Beane
Fined for having her picture in the paper was Kathy Calvin.

Roger should be fined for his new moustache.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Guest Speakers:
Paul Normandin gave a four-minute historical introduction on our guest speaker, Armand Maheux.

Paul began by first noting that Normandin Square (which is located on Union Avenue between Davis Place and Winter Street and extends up to the Rite Aid drug store across from the French Catholic Church) was named after his uncle and aunt, Armand Normandin and his sister, Alice. Both were doctors who lived across the street from the present location of the Normandin Cheney & O’Neil law office (at the site of the new CVS drugstore, now under construction).

Paul noted, at the time he and Armand Maheux were born, all the children were delivered at home. Paul recalled that Armand Maheux was named after Dr Armand Normandin, the doctor who brought him into the world.

Paul then introduced Armand Maheux, Chairman of the Laconia Police Commission.

Armand began his presentation by noting he has done many things in his lifetime. He was a retailer for many years, he was a police officer (mid 1960’s to late 1970’s), and just prior to his retirement, he worked for Aavid Engineering for 18 years.

As Laconia Police Commissioner, Armand discussed the following:

The proposed late night curfew: At this time, Armand would first prefer to study the proposal and not rush into a “knee jerk reaction.” Once the summer ends and school begins again, Armand and fellow commissioner, Warren Clement, each plan to ride with a patrolman to determine if a serious after hours problem exists. If it is felt there is a problem, and if a curfew is recommended, it would be up to the City Council to pass an ordinance.

Restorative justice program: Armand reported this program, which has been in effect for eight years, has been “the most successful program I have seen in all my life.” When a youth is involved in a crime, the victim, the juvenile, the parents of the juvenile, and anyone else effected by the crime are invited to be part of a panel to discuss the infraction.

During the discussion, the people directly and indirectly affected are discussed. The juvenile is then required to sign a contract (which normally lasts a year), which includes restitution and community service. If the contract is successfully completed, the juvenile will have no criminal record. This is important because a criminal record will adversely effect a juvenile's chance for future employment. Armand reported the Restorative Justice Program has had an 80% success rate. That is, eight out of 10 kids who come through the program do not re-offend. For more information on the Belknap County Restorative Justice program “click” here.

L to R: Pres. Brian Winslow; Police Commissioner, Armand Maheux; Paul Normandin.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

The meeting adjourned at 7:19 pm.


Chet Cilley was in the news last week.

The Citizen did a feature on Chet Cilley. You can read that story by "clicking" on Chet's picture at the left.

Once opened, "click" on the article to make it larger.


Upcoming Schedule:


Monday, August 3rd
Boards Meet and Food Pantry money collected

Monday, August 10th

Monday, August 17th
Sherri Litchfield, Health and Safety Director of American Red Cross

Monday, August 24th

Monday, August 31st

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Joe Collie

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