July 28, 2014 - Vol. 25, No. 19


News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


15 members and 5 guests

Brian Winslow

Shelly Batchelder - first lady
Samantha Batchelder - first daughter
Laura Brusseau - former Key Club advisor
Lisa Morris - guest speaker
Tammy Levesque - guest speaker

Shelly Batchelder
Samantha Batchelder
Laura Brusseau
Lisa Morris
Tammy Levesque

News From The President:
President Jack introduced his daughter, Samantha, who then presented Steve Loughlin with a thank-you letter for the scholarship money she received from the Laconia Kiwanis Club through the LR Scholarship Foundation. Jack then called on Scott Laurent to recap the recently completed Home Run Derby. Jack announced a Board meeting this Wednesday at 6:30 PM place to be determined.

News From Our Members:
Steve Loughlin read thank you letters from Brenna Cass and Samantha Batchelder for the Kiwanis scholarships they received through the Lakes Region Scholarship Fund.

To read Brenna’s thank you letter, “click” here.
To read Samantha’s thank you letter, “click” here.

Dick Breton received a thank you letter from Kiersten Slater this year's recipient of a Charles M. Smith scholarship. Charlie Smith was Kiwanian of the Year in 1982 and 1988. The Kiwanis Club, through Dick Breton, is responsible for awarding the annual scholarship.

To read Kiersten's thank you letter, "click" here.


Scott Laurent briefed the Club on the recently completed Home Run Derby. He noted the money was still coming in so a final take is not yet known, however, it is anticipated the final number will be in the vicinity of $2,500.

Home Run Derby 2014
Photo by
Tekla Frates

Steve Loughlin announces
the competition with fellow Kiwanian John Walker
Photo by
Meredith Horton

L to R: Eric Petell (over 18 Division); Jordan Otiz (13 and under D
ivision); Scott Laurent, Committee Chairman; and Riley Stone (14-18 Division)
Photo by
Tekla Frates

You can view the many Home Run Derby photos taken by Tekla Frates, by "clicking" here.


Betty Ballantyne briefed the Club on Roger’s Ride. She reported we are hoping to sell 600 tickets this year, which results in about 30 per member. Please do your part in supporting this event, and please come to Rotary Park on August 24th to work at supporting the ride.

For more details on Roger's Ride, “click” here.

50 50: $28 Lisa Morris. Lisa was very generous and donated the money back to the Club. Thank you, Lisa!

Lisa Morris says "thanks" but "no thanks!"
Photo by
W. Stephen Loughlin

Happy Dollars:

$3 from President Jack: $1 for his looking forward to the road trip in taking Samantha back to college in Kansas, $1 for the RVYSEF helping six children with soccer equipment, and three cheerleaders with equipment this past week, and $1 for having his wife and daughter at dinner tonight.
$5 from Steve Loughlin for Scott Laurent fixing the PA system which malfunctioned about one third of the way through the three hour Home Run Derby.
$1 from Roger Webster for his granddaughter completing her final semester at the University of NM and her subsequent admission to the University of Florida for her Master’s Degree
$3 from Bill Gile: $1 for Brian’s suggestion in taking the Got Lunch! Seadoo to the antique boat show in Meredith to sell raffle tickets, and $1 each for the great success both Saturday and Sunday in selling approximately $2,400 in tickets
$7 from John Walker: $5 for the five Kiwanis members who participated in Got Lunch! Laconia this 7th week of distribution, and $2 for putting up with three hours of being in the press booth during the Home Run Derby “watching Steve bounce off the walls.”
$5 from Brian Winslow saluting the success of the Home Run Derby
$1 from Scott Laurent for his daughter losing her second tooth
$2 from Betty Ballantyne in honor of our two guest speakers this evening

Sergeant-At-Arms Phil announced he is entering a period of rejuvenation and beginning at our meeting of August 11th, any infraction will be noted and fined. Be forewarned. As a side-note, Phil also offered to defend, for a small fee, any fined member.

Guest Speakers:
Tonight’s first guest speaker was Lisa Morris, Executive Director of The Lakes Region Partners in Public Health.

Lisa reported that, since her joining the organization nine years ago, they have grown from two employees to 19. Their role is to educate the community on public health issues. Following a brief over-view of all that that entails, Lisa introduced Tammy Levesque, a Community Health Educator.

Tammy heads the Region’s Healthy Eating Active Living program, and reported on the various programs enacted in the last several years in our area. She noted the following statistics:
• 20% aged 2-4 are overweight
• 3rd Grade obesity rates highest in the state
• Children rate their favorite vegetable as French Fries. #2 is ketchup. Steve agrees.
• Highest suicide risk is among young men 18-24 years old
• School vending machines no longer have soda, only water.

In conclusion, Tammy gave several highlights of new and ongoing programs enacted to improve nutrition awareness for our children.

For more information on the Lakes Region Partnership for Public Health, please “click” here.

L to R: Betty Ballantyne, Lisa Morris and Tammy Levesque
Photo by
W. Stephen Loughlin

Tonight's meeting was adjourned at 7:56 p.m.

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Monday - August 11th
Club Meeting - OPEN

Sunday - August 24th
Roger's Ride - Belknap Mill - Downtown Laconia

Monday - August 25th
Club Meeting - OPEN


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