The following information on "Tilly the Titan" was originally posted August 21, 2006 in the Kiwanis Kronicle.

The “Corpse Flower” bloomed Monday afternoon and the excitement was apparent as several hundred people made their way to Lakeport to see it.

Photo by Steve Loughlin


Publicity Machine
The flower could not have brought the club any more publicity. Aside from great local coverage on WMUR-TV and in the local papers, the flower story hit the AP wire and made it to the Boston newspapers. Also…several NH radio stations mentioned Tilly on Friday and once it hit the wire, all NH television/radio stations had the story available to their news departments.

Quotable Quotes:
" I didn't do it this year because I am too fat."
John Stow on why he didn't ride his bike up Mount Washington this year like he did last year.

On The Corpse Flower:

" It smells like my running shoes." -- Sheriff Dan Collis

" We did it in Lakeport so the smell would just blend in." -- Joe Collie

" Are you saying Lakeport smells like Dan's sneakers?" -- Don Nelson.
" The plant was grown by Gilford resident Rick Odello." -- Channel 9.


A pictorial reveiw of the "Corpse Flower"

By: W. Stephen Loughlin


The writer had the opportunity to follow the progress of Tilly the Titan over the last two weeks. During that time I took over 600 pictures of Tilly and many of the people who worked so hard to make this presentation possible. The following are a few of the pictures taken of this special event.


Thursday August 17, 2006 AM.

Kiwanis Past President Joe Adrignola makes opening comments to the media. From l to r: Eileen Cabanel, Laconia City Manager, Suzanne Stiles, LRGHealthcare, Joe Adrignola, Suzanne Rountree, media correspondant.

Suzanne Stiles makes comments to the media. From l to r: Suzanne Stiles, LRGHealthcare VP Administration & Supply Services, Eileen Cabanel, Laconia City Manager, Lou Ricciardiello, Joe Adrignola, Michael Kitch, Daily Sun reporter, Suzanne Rountree, media correspondent.

Lou Ricciardiello (blue shirt and white hat) makes his comments to the media.


Thursday August 17, 2006 PM

Tilly the Titan is secured for the move from the greenhouse in Gilford to the Lakeport Fire Station. l to r: Bob Abbott, Dennis Whitcher, Roger Landry, Pam Landry.


Workers look out of the greenhouse thorough the section of the wall that was removed. L to R: David DiMuzio, Gary Drake, Roger Landry.


Roger Landry gently lifts Tilly.


Roger Landry moves Tilly toward the pick up truck waiting outside the greenhouse. Lou Ricciardiello looks on (blue shirt and white hat).


Roger Landry lifts Tilly into the pickup truck.


Tilly is safely placed in the pickup truck. Gary Drake (standing on rear of forklift) supervises.


Dennis Whitcher screws on the rear wall of the specially constructed compartment that houses Tilly. Bob Abbot watches from inside.


An additional wall is secured in place. Lou Ricciardiello records the event.


The greenhouse walls are reinstalled and the final wall is placed on the compartment that houses Tilly.


At 1:04 p.m., Sheriff Dan Collis begins the procession from Gilford to Laconia.


At 1:20 p.m., the procession crosses Stark Street on to Union Ave.


At 1:23 p.m., Tilly safely arrived at the Lakeport firehouse.


The walls are removed from Tilly’s traveling house.


Tilly is carefully moved into the firehouse as Bob Abbot looks on.


Roger Landry assists in guiding the forklift into the firehouse.


Sheriff Dan Collis smiles as the mission has been successfully completed.


Thursday August 17th through Wednesday August 23rd

The crowds trickled in during the first four days of the viewing. Then, on Monday August 21, the crowds grew larger as the flower began to open.


The sign outside the firehouse advised the public that Tilly was blooming.


Joe Adrignola makes calls to advise his associates of the BIG event.


Joe Adrignola and his family demonstrate their pleasure on seeing Tilly at her best.

The crowd observes Tilly’s bloom.


Tilly is a crowd pleaser.


Kevin Sperl, of The Citizen, takes a closeup of Tilly’s leaves.


Close up of Tilly’s leaves.


Looking down into the flower are from l to r: Lou Ricciardiello, Sandy Marshall, and Gary Drake.


Tilly’s interior.


Sandy Marshall, LRGH Community Affairs and Volunteer Service Coordinator, is interviewed by WMUR TV news anchor, Scott Spradling.


This picture was taken of the hole that was cut into the base of the flower after it bloomed. Deep inside the flower, the male and female flowers are separate, with the females clustered at the bottom. Once they are ready, the males above them release pollen.


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