September 14, 2009 - Vol.20, No. 50

News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families





Warren Mitchell

Senior Members:

Paul Normandin, Howard Bacon, Roger Webster, Warren Mitchell, and Peter Karagianis

Honorary member, Dick Breton

Dick Breton gives a BIG high five.

Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Installation 2009:
President Brian reminds all that the Dick Metz installation will be October 5th in the big room at Pheasant Ridge. A sign up sheet will be circulating next week with more specifics including the cost. If you plan on attending please sign up or let President Brian know.

Thank You, Kiwanis...
President Brian circulated thank you notes from students at Woodland Heights Elementary School in appreciation for the Kiwanis KARES program and for the books we purchased.

This student may have the best idea for the meaning of Kiwanis KARES.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

You're Invited...

President Brian advised the club of the following invitations:

-Community Health & Hospice Annual Meeting on September 23rd, 5:00pm at Church Landing. If you are interested in attending to represent Kiwanis please let President Brian know. There is no cost for the meal.

-New England District Gov-designate David Koohy will be visiting District 6 on October 3rd, at the Strafford Farms Restaurant in Dover. Let Brian know if you are interested in attending. Kathy Calvin says she will go if we find 3 more people to go.

-the Kiwanis Club of Mt. Washington Valley invites you to the Kiwanis Autumn Express on October 18th. For details "click" here.

Phil Bonafide was in the spotlight when Warren Mitchell passed around a picture of Phil from this past Saturday's antique car show. Warren felt Phil should be fined for his appearance with the Disney rodent.

Roger Webster reminded the club that both he and Mickey Mouse share the same birthday. Mickey Mouse was born November 18, 1928.

Would you hire this guy as your criminal lawyer?
Photo by Warren Mitchell

50 50:
$17.00 won by future President Dick Metz (2009-2010) and Past President Howard Bacon (1957-1958). Past President Joe Adrignola (1993-1994) called the victory "an outrage." (See Joe's happy dollar comment below.)

Dick Metz and Howard Bacon break Joe's winning streak.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Food Pantry Money:
Collection for food pantry raised $41.

Happy Dollars:

$1 from Joe Adrignola for finally not winning the 50/50 because he was afraid he would have not gotten out of the meeting alive if he had won (three weeks in a row).
$1 from Phil Bonafide because he went to a car show on Saturday and was happy that Warren Mitchell brought two umbrellas. Phil got the second choice.
$2 from Russ Beane, one because he has a new daughter-in-law and one because his son got married.
$1 from President Brian because we squeaked by with a quorum for tonight’s Board meeting.

Bonafide drops a happy buck for the mouse umbrella.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Kathy Calvin was pinless.


Board Meeting Minutes:
Secretary Kathy Calvin read the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting from August 3rd. The following are the highlights:

-The minutes from the previous month's meeting were approved.
-The club approved the treasurer's report.
-A motion was made and approved to transfer $1,000 to the 4th of July fund.
-A motion was made and approved to support the Laconia School District's Project Extra summer camp for $35.00 per week over five weeks (a total of $175.00).
-A motion was made and carried to grant a leave of absence to Ron Penn for the month of August subject to paying his dues.

The Board meeting was adjourned at 7:38 p.m.



Tonight's meeting was adjourned at 7 p.m. RThe


Phil is a bonafide winner!
Congratulations to Phil Bonafide whose 1966 GTO took second place in the 60-75 Muscle Cars category at the 24th Annual Antique & Classic Car Show. Warren Mitchell's Dodge Dart took second place in his class of 1960 to 1984 Convertibles. The event was hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Concord and held at the NH Technical Institute in Concord.

Muscle man Phil with his muscle man trophy.
Photo by Warren Mitchell


Upcoming Schedule

Monday, September 21st
New date for new membership roundup.

Monday, September 28th

Monday, October 5th
Annual installation of new officers and directors

TUESDAY, October 13th
Boards Meet and Food Pantry money collected.

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Joe Collie

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