October 5, 2009 - Vol.21, No. 1

News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families







Joe Collie - your emcee for the evening.

Tonight's Installation Banquet is brought to you by Sam Adams.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin



Warren Mitchell

Pledge of Allegiance:
Senior Member, Howard Bacon (1953) led the club.

God Bless America:
Don Nelson led the club

Senior Members:
Paul Normandin, Howard Bacon, Warren Mitchell, Paul Cotton

Honorary Member:
Dick Breton

Meet the Head Table:
Past Lt. Gov. and MC for the evening Joe Collie
President: Brian Winslow
President Elect: Dick Metz
1st Vice President Elect: Mike Marsh
2nd Vice President Elect: Denise Dow

Mahogany Row: The Kiwanis Executive Branch
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Past Presidents:
The following past presidents of the club were present and acknowledged:
Dianne Roberts, Joe Collie, Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell, Larry Murphy, Don Nelson, Phil Bonafide, Jim Fortier, Paul Normandin, Dick Breton, Joe Adrignola, and Howard Bacon.

Special Guests:
From the Dover Kiwanis Club:
Brig Clark, outgoing President
Gail Baker
Kim Raimer
Shirley Manley
George Manley

The Dover Kiwanis Club came to get their gavel back!
Front Row l to r: Pres. Brig Clark, George Manley, and Shirley Manle
Standing l to r:
Kim Raimer and Gail Baker
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Family and Guests of President Elect Dick Metz:
Chrissie Metz (Dick's wife), Mike Metz (Dick's son), Lissa Metz (Mike's wife)
Bill and Sally Kosmos, Steve and Sue Cutillo, Tom and Cathy Knox
There are 4 people in this picture: Dick's wife Chrissie, daughter in law Lissa, and son Mike. Also...Dick's soon to be first grandchild.
Mike and Lissa Metz
Bill and Sally Kosmos
Sue and Steve Cutillo
Tom and Cathy Knox

Others in attendance:
Jim & Arlene Fortier and Don & Sue Nelson
Joe and Vi Adrignola
Howard and Shirley Bacon
Paul Normandin and Dick Breton
Larry Murphy and Phil & Jackie Bonafide
Warren Mitchell, Paul Cotton and Ed Merski
Mike and Lori Marsh
Dan Feehily, Steve & Paulette Loughlin, and Dianne Roberts

Dover Club update:
After seeing to it
that the Dover club's gavel was returned, Joe Collie called Pres. Brig Clark to the podium to say a few words on recent activity of the Dover Club.
Brig noted his club just competed a pancake breakfast this past Saturday and on October 24th the club will be holding a walk-a-thon for kids in the city of Dover.

Two past Lt. Governors, Joe Collie and Brig Clark share the microphone.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Objects of Kiwanis:
Past President, Past Lt. Governor, Honorary Member, and Lifetime Member Dick Breton presented the club with The Objects of Kiwanis.

Dick Breton can count The Objects of Kiwanis with one hand.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Thanks for your service:
Joe Collie discharged the outgoing board members. Their term expired on September 30th of this year and they have served two years on the board successfully. They are: Peter Karagianis, Jim Fortier, Lori Dickson, and Denise Dow. Well done!

Continuing to serve on the Board are: Steve Loughlin, Ed Merski and Ron Penn.

Joe also recognized Joe Adrignola for serving as club Treasurer and Kathy Calvin for serving as Secretary.

Brian Winslow retires...
Last year's outgoing president, Dianne Roberts presented Brian Winslow with his past President plaque.

Joe glances over his notes while Dianne hands Brian his Past President's plaque.
Like all other Past Presidents, Dianne and Brian are all smiles.

Brian then thanked the Board and also those who assisted him while in office namely: Steve Loughlin (for working on the bulletin), and Joe Adrignola (for his counseling). Brian also recognized Dan Feehily as a friend to the club and our newest member. He also recognized Tom Knox as a past member and potential future member.

All present and accounted for....
Secretary Kathy Calvin acknowledged Peter Karagianis for being a member for 60 years.

Perfect attendance pins were given as follows:
Brian Winslow - one year
Steve Loughlin - three years
Roger Landry - six years
Phil Bonafide- twelve years
Kathy Calvin - 10 years


Kiwanian of The Year
Steve Loughlin passed on the Ned Roberts Kiwanian of the Year

Steve noted: "This year’s winner of the Ned Roberts Award has excellent attendance, and gives exceptional time to the Club. He is normally the first to show up for a meeting and the last to leave. That’s because he heads up many committees including the House Committee, Program Committee and is the Sergeant at Arms."

"His behind the scenes involvement often goes unnoticed. For several years, through his business, he has subsidized the cost of our raffle tickets and has also provided the club with space to store Kiwanis records and equipment."

"On a weekly basis, his spur of the moment humorous outbursts bring levity to our meetings…often at the expense of his good friend Dick Metz."

This year’s winner seems to live his personal and professional life around acronyms. Unknown to many, these acronyms have double meanings. For instance he is a member of BIBA…Bald is beautiful always."

Steve noted, "like last years winner of the Kiwanian of the year, tonight’s recipient has ALSO weaseled out of taking on the executive role of this club. He makes that clear with the acronym that he displays on his shirt and business vehicles listing the four letters N A P A, NOT A PRESIDENTIAL ALTERNATIVE."

Steve then introduced this year's winner, Roger Landry.NOT A PRESIDENTIAL ALTERNATIVE.

Although Roger was on his second honeymoon in Florida, Pam Landry arranged for Roger to hear the presentation via his cell phone. Roger will receive his award at next Tuesday's meeting.


Steve called Roger Landry on the phone to wish him a happy anniversary...and to give him the Kiwanian of the Year Award!
Photo by Phil Bonafide

In with the New...
Joe Collie then installed the new board members and slate of officers. The board for 2009-2011will include DIANNE ROBERTS, who has just completed a term as Past President and is now going to be on the board. PETER KARAGIANIS, JIM FORTIER, LORI DICKSON, all of whom were on the board before and now have come back on. JOE COLLIE is also joining the board in replace of Denise Dow, who is now 2nd Vice President.

Joe then installed incoming treasurer JOE ADRIGNOLA, Second Vice President DENISE DOW, 1ST Vice President MIKE MARSH and finally DICK METZ as President.

Welcome Dick Metz...
In his opening remarks as the new club President, Dick Metz noted...

"I think the Kiwanis Club is really a very well kept secret in the community. I don't think people realize what the Kiwanis Club does and how many families that it touches."

"I look around the room here and there has been some pretty big shoes that Brian has had to fill. Now I'm going to get the opportunity to walk in some of those parts that others have treaded for many years and given of themselves and their families. I am very honored to be the president of the club this year. I will do my darnedest to make everyone happy in the club (and) outside the club."


New members...
Joe acknowledged
the three new members that joined the club this past year namely: Tom Knox, Dan Feehily and Steve Gorse.

Indian Givers...
Joe acknowledged
Steve Loughlin, last year's Kiwanian of the Year,