October 11, 2011 - Vol. 23, No. 1


News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families



Adam Cote

From the Key Club:
Key Club Advisor - Bonnie Ashworth
Key Club Members: Maddy Philpot, Elosia Rodriguez, Adasha Santos, Beth Teichert, and Marissa Witshire

From the Laconia Police Department: Lt. Al Lessard ,

Bonnie Ashworth
Maddy Philpot
Eloisa Rodriguez
Adasha Santos
Beth Teichert
Marissa Witshire
Lt. Al Lessard































News from the OUTGOING Prez:
Mike reported the Gilford High School Robotoic team is looking for sponsorship. The Robotoics team last spoke to the Kiwanis Club at our meeting dated, 7/11/11. No decision was made on this request.

Mike Marsh then led a discussion on the Laconia Kiwanis Club including: what the Club is about, where it’s going in the future, and what can be done to make it more inviting. Input was given from both new members and from long term members. Input was also provided in a letter from Jack Batchelder. Suggestions included:

• More involvement in activities with the Key Club
• Become involved in supporting the Builders Club in Jr. HS (pre-Key Club)
• Promotion on our activities and on recruiting new membership
• Mixing seating arrangements so members get to know each other. Also, once a month, assigning seats to committee members with their respective chairman so they can discuss committee business
• Reaching out to younger people and networking via facebook and other new methods of communication
• Consider doing more activities in the community (even if they are not fundraising) such as a soup kitchen
• Go back to using committees to working together with designated assignments
• Go back to reading the Board of Directors minutes to the membership to provide membership with information on what is happening within the Club
• Bringing a politician(s) (from both parties) as a guest speaker to bring public attention to the Club

Mike then thanked the group for their comments and Jack Batchelder (for his letter) and noted this type of meeting needed to be done in efforts to strengthen the Club.

News from the INCOMING Prez:
Roger Landry reminded the membership the next meeting, which will be on October 24, will be the installation of new officers and directors. Roger extended an invitation to the Key Club to attend. The meeting will be held at the Beane ConferenceCenter and Russ Beane has lined up a surprise entertainer.

For directions to the Beane Conference Center "click" here.

Russ Beane extended a very warm invitation to the advisors and members of the Key Club to join us at our installation night at the Beane Conference Center and offered to pick up the cost of their meals.


News from our Secretary:
Kathy Calvin reported two Kiwanis KARES are scheduled as follows:
Elm Street School – Tuesday, October 25th from 9:30 to 10:30 am
Woodland Heights School – Friday, Nov 18th from 9:00 to 11:00 am
Volunteers are needed.

Kathy also noted the Dover Kiwanis Club was holding a walk-a-thon (through downtown Dover) on Saturday October 15th to raise money for needy children. Kathy and her daughter, Patty Jean,will be participating. Any matching funds and/or participants are welcome.

News from the Key Club President:
Beth Teichert looked for moral support from the Kiwanis Club at the Key Club's participation in the annual Salvation Army Turkey Plunge. This year, the Turkey Plunge will be held at Opechee Park on November 19th. Kathy Calvin will, again, be participating. For more details, “click” here.

News from a Past President and former Lt. Governor:
The Laconia Kiwanis Club was started June 1, 1927. Accordingly, Chet Cilley reported " next year we will be celebrating our 85th anniversary." Chet noted this might be an opportunity to promote the club. In celebration of past milestones, the club often published a special supplement in the Laconia Citizen. To view the supplement from our 65th anniversary, “click” here. Note: This is a large file. After "clicking," it will take about 60 seconds to download.


Take the Challenge:

Lifetime member, Dick Breton issued a challenge to the membership. Dick brought in recent members (Scott Laurent and Betty Ballantyne) and challenged the Club to bring in a new member or a past member over the next three months. He plans to get another one.

50 50:    
$21 to the winner...

Al Lessard enforces an honest draw.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

....and the winner is Scott Laurent.

Too bad, Joe!
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Happy Dollars:

•$1 from Scott Laurent from winning
• $1 from Kathy Calvin because Betty Ballantyne, through The Irwin Zone, was instrumental in helping to raise in excess of $2,000 for the Laconia High School Band
• $6 from Joe Adrigola in honor of each Key Club member and advisor who showed up at this evening’s meeting
• $5 from Mike Marsh to celebrate his last meeting as President

Free Meal:    
Won by Warren Mitchell

Food Pantry:    
Joe Adrignola explained what the Food Pantry collection was all about. Once a month, on the night of the board of directors meeting, we “pass the hat” to benefit the Salvation Army Food Pantry. We accumulate that money and then buy a gift card in September (prior to the close of the Club’s fiscal year). In November of each year, we go to Market Basket and purchase-needed items for the food pantry. All Brite Cleaning accepts our donation and doubles it.

$48 was collected tonight.

None this week

If you are not on the Kiwanis Bulletin e-mail list (and would like to be) please give Steve Loughlin your e-mail address. (Also, if you are reading this bulletin and are not presently on the mailing list (and would like to be), “click” here.

Tonight's meeting was adjourned at 7:54 pm.


Monday October 24th
Club Meeting - Annual installation of new officers and directors - Beane Conference Center, Blueberry Lane, Laconia

Monday November 14th
Club Meeting - Guest Speaker TBA

Saturday November 19th
Support Kathy Calvin and the Laconia Key Club at the annual Salvation Army Turkey Plundge. This year, it's at Opechee Park on North Main Street, Laconia.

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