October 19, 2009 - Vol.21, No. 3

News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families





Dan Feehily

Senior Members:

Jim Fortier, Ed Merski, Warren Mitchell, Paul Normandin, Roger Webster, Paul Cotton, and Howard Bacon

Tom and Cathy Knox, Art Desmarais, and Pam Landry

Tom and Cathy Knox
Art Desmarais
Pam Landry


What's his name....?
Steve Loughlin presented Dan Feelihy with his name tag.

After delivering the new nametag, Steve Loughlin surreptitiously
checks Dan Feehily's pocket for spare happy dollars.

Photo by Phil Bonafide

Thank's Nancy!
Meredith Village Savings Bank and honorary member, Nancy Williams-Hunt continue to assist the Kiwanis Club by laminating our name badges. Nancy, your efforts are very much appreciated.

While at Meredith Village Savings Bank, Steve Loughlin discovered a familiar face in Kayne Kreitzer. As many will remember, Kayne was a long time member and secretary of the Laconia Key Club. In recent years, Kayne was a frequent guest at many of our weekly meetings. Today, Kayne is a part time teller at Meredith Village Savings Bank.

Kayne Kreitzer
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Thank you, Kiwanis...


President Dick read a thank you from Community Health and Hospice for our recent contribution. To read the letter, "click" on the letter at the left and a larger version will appear. To view an even larger version, "click" the letter that opens.








...and the winner is....
For some it was a re-run o
f Installation Night. However, for Roger Landry it was a "live" occasion as he (accompanied by Pam ) was present to receive his Kiwanian of the Year trophy. Presenting the trophy to Roger was last years recipient of the award, Steve Loughlin. ro

Roger and Pam are all smiles after just returning from their second
honeymoon...nobody knows what Steve Loughlin is so happy about.

Photo by Phil Bonafide

Thanks for participating...
President Dick thanked everyone who helped at the Downtown Merchants Kiwanis Car Show last Saturday. Those members who participated were Roger Landry, Warren Mitchell, Paul Cotton, Dick Metz, Jim Fortier, Phil Bonafide and Denise Dow. Below are some of the pictures taken by Warren Mitchell.

"Click" on the thumbnail pictures to open a larger picture. To make the larger picture even larger, put your cursor over the picture and "click" again... Below are some of the pictures taken of the event by Warren Mitchell:

L to R: Roger Landry's 1969 Chevy Chevelle, Pam Landry's 1971 VW Bug, Warren Mitchell's white Dodge Dart convertible
Past President Paul Cotton supervises the toll taking while Pam Landry and Sue Cluff ignore him. wh
Phil Bonafide's red 1966 Pontiac GTO


Kiwanis KARES...
Secretary Kathy Calvin reminds the club that there will be a Kiwanis K.A.R.E.S. event this Thursday @ Elm Street School @ 10:30. The next Kiwanis KARES event will be at Pleasant Street School on November 5th.

Coming Home...
President Dick also announced that Lori Dickson will be returning from her leave of absence sometime in November.

50 50:
Paul Normandin won $27.

"I love winning the 50/50 THIS much!"
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Free Meal:
Don Nelson won the monthly drawing for the free meal.


Happy Dollars:

Nine happy dollars were contribuited
-Paul Normandin gave three for wining.
-Dick Metz gave a happy dollar in honor of Roger Landry getting the Kiwanian of the Year award.
-Paul Cotton gave a happy dollar because he was very happy to watch the Patriots win in a snow storm.
-Howard Bacon gave a buck but when asked why he commented, " I don't know."
-Dan Feehily gave a buck because he happy to be sitting nextd to Howard Bacon and also because he was looking forward to Howard's wife recovering soon.
-Roger Webster gave one because his wife is coming home Friday.
-A happy dollar was also given another member.

None this week.

Board Minutes:

Kathy Calvin read the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting from September 14, 2009. The following are the highlights:

The minutes from the previous month's meeting were approved.
The club approved the treasure's report.
A number of names were submitted and approved for membership in the club.
A motion was made and approved to grant a leave of absence to Dianne Roberts from August 1st to October 1st.
Authorizations were made to:
- pay a dental bill to Dr. Finn for $84.50.
- donate $4,000 to Community Health and Hospice to fund their young children's program.
-donate $500 to the Salvation Army Food Pantry

The Director's meeting was adjourned at 7:20 pm.


Tonight's meeting was adjourned at 7:06 pm.


Upcoming Schedule:


Monday, October 26th

Monday, November 2nd
Boards Meet and Food Pantry money collected


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Joe Collie

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