October 25, 2022 - Vol. 34, No.1



News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families



Date of Meeting: October 25, 2022

Venue: 405 Pub & Grill

Attendance: 25 in attendance: 9 members and 16 guests


Laconia Kiwanis Club Members:
Betty Ballantyne
Phil Bonafide
Zach Dea
Bill Gile
Steve Loughlin
Don Nelson
Scott Laurent
Kara Stanley
Bob Willey - also a member of the Hooksett Kiwanis Club and Lt. Gov. District 5

Aidan Coulette – son of Kara Stanley
Amber Costa – Scott Laurent’s significant other
Roger Dargy - guest of Betty Ballantyne
Paulette Loughlin – wife of Steve
Warren Mitchell – Honorary Member
Janet Mitchell – wife of Warren Mitchell
Rosemary Murphy – Honorary Member
Lauren Murphy – daughter of Rosemary
Sue Nelson – Honorary Member and wife of Don
Corinne Parent – guest of Kara Stanley
Ben Pearson – grandson of Warren & Janet Mitchell

Aidan Coulette
Amber Costa
Roger Dargy
Paulette Loughlin
Warren Mitchell
Janet Mitchell
Rosemary Murphy
Lauren Murphy
Sue Nelson
Corinne Parent
Ben Pearson
Above photos by W. Stephen Loughlin


Hooksett Kiwanis Club Guests:
Matt Barrett - Lt. Governor – District 6
Judy Barrett - wife of Matt and Secretary of District 6
Sue Willey - wife of Bob Willey and Treasurer of the Hooksett Kiwanis Club

Matt Barrett
Judy Barrett
Sue Willey
Above photos by W. Stephen Loughlin


Key Club Guests:
Shelby Luther – LHS Key Club Co-President
Gracie Lewis – LHS Key Club Secretary

Shelby Luther
Gracie Lewis
Above photos by W. Stephen Loughlin



L to R: Matt Barrett, Lt. Gov. District 6; Judy Barrett, Secretary District 6; Sue Willey, Treasurer, Hooksett Kiwanis Club; Bob Willey, Lt Gov. District 5
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Invocation & Pledge:
Invocation: By Phil Bonafide
Pledge of Allegiance: Led by all
God Bless America: Led by Don Nelson

The Pledge
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin



President Bill introduced our fellow Laconia Club Kiwanians, District 5 & 6 Lt. Governors, Honorary Members, Key Club Members and Guests. He discussed Kiwanis Global Mission of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time. He read the Six Permanent Objects of Kiwanis International instituted in 1924 that have not changed since its inception.


Bob Willey, District 5 Lt. Governor, spoke of International Kiwanis located in 80 countries with 500,000 Kiwanis members, NE Pediatric Trauma Institute with Tufts along with Tufts providing the helmets for our Bike Rodeo and the ducks to gauge the bath temperature for babies bathing. He spoke of the accomplishments of the Club recapping the following: Bike Safety Rodeo, Hydration Station on Bike Week, K.A.R.E.S. Program for 3rd graders in the Laconia elementary schools and Key Club events.


Bob then did the installation and recognized outgoing Director Brian Winslow. He thanked Brian for his service this past year along with filling in when needed in Bill’s absence. Bob noted that Brian will be managing the update of our Club By Laws and Policies. He also thanked President Bill Gile for all his contributions in the past year.

Bob installed Tara Shore and Zach Dae as new Directors and thanked them for stepping up into these leadership positions. Bob then installed Bill Gile (who will serve a second term) as President and Betty Ballantyne as First Vice President.

Following their installation, Lt. Gov. Bob Willey (center) congratulates President Bill Gile and First Vice President Betty Ballantyne.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Kara Stanley gave us an update. As of the date of our meeting, 207 of the 250 available tickets had been sold with just 6 days remaining. Kara noted that if all 250 tickets are sold, and after cutting a $1,000 check for the winner, the Club will net $1,500.
NOTE: the winning ticket was drawn live on line on 10/31/22.

For a report on the number of tickets sold and to view the raffle drawing held on October 31, including the name of the winner, “click” here.


Shelby Luther and Gracie Lewis spoke of the Laconia High School Key Club events. The Key Club provided water stations for the Tanger Run for Cancer and beginning Oct. 31st, they will be working the concession stand for state high school soccer state tournaments. The Key Club continues to provide a meal once a month for residents of the Belknap House. On Saturday, October 29th, the LHS Key Club will be helping the Belknap House with outdoor fall cleanup. They have approximately eight Key Club Members that will need rakes. Bill and Betty said they can bring rakes, a leaf blower, and a truck to help the Key Clubbers.


Betty Ballantyne reported Elm Street, Pleasant Street School and Woodland Heights School have received the books for the 2022/2023 school year. Toni at Elm Street has set the three dates for KARES being October 18, December 13, and February 14. All will be held at 10:15 a.m.


Bob Willey brought a proposal to arrange a Mum’s sale along with a proposed handout. (“Click” here to view the handout.) Bob noted that he met with a gentleman suggesting a veteran support sale. His proposal did not require out of pocket funds from the Club. Referrals of sales from Laconia Kiwanis will earn us monies toward the sale of the Mums. An example: sell 3 Mum’s for $20 dollars, and the Club will earn $5 of the $20 for each sale generated by Kiwanis. Betty also was reviewing another form of the sale including a local landscaper. She is to chat with Scarborough Kiwanis Club to learn of their success of their sale. Bob & Betty will work together to form this fund raiser to present to the club in the future.

Betty mentioned she was reviewing other clubs’ events via social media in hopes of setting a small committee to review and contact other clubs with their ideas for successful funraisers. Betty also mentioned an idea, though yet without research, of holding a Pickle Ball Tournament to earn monies. It’s a fast-growing sport with a well-established demographic.


Judy Barrett, the District 6 Treasurer, brought an agenda to recruit attendees to join the NE & Bermuda District of Kiwanis Fall Conference to be held on November 18-20 at the Grand Hotel in North Conway. The Grand Hotel has an excellent hotel rate of $159 nightly, a reduced rate. Sign up should be completed in a couple of days. Judy also discussed the Jared Box Project. It is a service provided for children in hospital. The children receive a clear shoe size tote box filled with fun activities for the children to provide a fun diversion. They plan to organize two hundred boxes for the children at the conference. For those unable to attend the conference, consider sponsoring an item off our Amazon Registry. "Click" here for the donation link.

Bill handed out a sign-up sheet for the LHS Key Club Concession Stand. Kiwanis Club members will assist with the grilling burgers and hot dogs. They are short in coverage for a few shifts including November 12th.



President Bill enjoys the meeting.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Food Pantry: $72 was collected

Good news, All Bright Cleaners will match the funds donated to the Food Pantry. Bill Gile will reach out to Kathy Calvin and the Key Club to gather monies and shop for the food in December.

Happy Dollars: $42 was collected

Zach Dea counts the cash.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 15, at 6:00 pm at the Belknap Mill. Our guest speaker will be from The Streetcar Company who will be discussing their children’s program. Our December meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 13, 2022. Discussion was to consider a Christmas party. That decision will be managed at the Board of Directors meeting to be held on Tuesday, November 8, via Zoom at 6:00 pm.


President Bill adjourned the meeting at 7:35 pm.


Key Club Clean up Belknap House :

On Oct. 29, 2022, four members of the LHS Key Club along with advisor, Jilli Paul, participated in an outdoor fall yard cleanup at the Belknap House. Kiwanians Bill Gile and Betty Ballantyne also participated. Below are a few memories:

L to R: Jilli Paul (Key Club Advisor), Kathryn Beane (LHS Key Club Co-President),
Alexis Wilson, Haily McCarty and Payton Doherty
Above photo by Bill Gile
L to R: Jilli Paul (LHS Key Club Advisor), Bill Gile (Laconia Kiwanis Club President), Kathryn Beane (LHS Key Club - Co-President), Alexis Wilson,
Payton Doherty, and Haily McCarty
L to R: Haily McCarty, Payton Doherty and
Kathryn Beane (LHS Key Club - Co-President)
Above two photos by Betty Ballantyne

L to R: Betty Ballantyne (Laconia Kiwanis Club First Vice President), Jilli Paul (LHS Key Club Advisor),
Bill Gile (Laconia Kiwanis Club President), Kathryn Beane (LHS Key Club - Co-President)
Alexis Wilson, Payton Doherty, and Haily McCarty
Above photo/selfie by Betty Ballantyne


Kiwanis K.A.R.E.S. (Kids And Reading Equals Success)

On October 18th, Kiwanis K.A.R.E.S. was held at Elm Street School. Participating in the event were Kiwanians Betty Ballantyne and Bob Willey along with Patti Jeanne Calvin and her mom, Honorary Kiwanian Kathy Calvin. Below are a few memorable moments:


Bob Willey captures the attention of the students
Patty Jeanne and Kathy Calvin
Above photos by Betty Ballantyne



Members of the Laconia Kiwanis Club (and friends) were pleased to participate in a challenge to help the Belknap House raise operating funds. The Belknap House, located at 200 Court Street in Laconia, provides temporary housing, education and skill building programs for homeless families with children.

Since opening its doors five years ago, The Belknap House has sheltered 86 families and 1,628 people, and provided 11,065 bed-nights for children. The challenge which runs over a five-week period through November 16, was made by local businessman, Dan Dagnesse, calling for 100 Chamber members to tour the Belknap House facility. For every person who participates in the challenge, Dagnesse has offered to donate $250 per participant (up to $25,000) toward the operations of The Belknap House.

On October 19th, the following eight members and friends of the Laconia Kiwanis Club toured the Belknap House: Betty Ballantyne, Phil Bonafide, Kathy Calvin (Honorary Kiwanian), Roger Dargy (friend of Kiwanis), Bill Gile, Don Nelson, Sue Nelson (Honorary Kiwanian), and Tara Shore. Below are a few pictures:

L to R: Phil Bonafide, Don Nelson, Sue Nelson (Honorary Kiwanian), Paula Ferenc (Executive Director - Belknap House), Betty Ballantyne,
Roger Dargy (friend of Kiwanis), Bill Gile, and Tara Shore Not Pictured: Kathy Calvin (Honorary Kiwanian)
above photo by Kevin Person, Belknap House staff
The group is ready for the tour.
Childrens' playground at the rear of the Belknap House
Above two photos by Betty Ballantyne
Paula Ferenc addresses the group in the kitchen area.
Paula Ferenc addresses the group in the house common area.
Above two photos by Phil Bonafide
Tara Shore finds enjoyment in the Book Nook
Above two photos by Phil Bonafide


Betty Ballantyne was spotted at the Colonial Theatre on October 2nd viewing the musical group, Can’t Get Next To You, A Temptations Experience. In addition to being the First Vice President of the Laconia Kiwanis Club, Betty Ballantyne is a member of the Laconia Putnam Fund, the organization that funded the evening’s free entertainment.

Betty Ballantyne enjoys a moment with members of can't get next to you, A Temptations Experience
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin




On October 7, 2022, long time Kiwanis member, Howard Bacon passed away at age 101. Howard had been a member of the Laconia Kiwanis Club for 62 years (1953 – 2015) and was President of the Club during the 1956-57 term.

For details on the life of Howard Bacon, you can read the Proclamation that was presented to him on the occasion of his 100th birthday (April 26, 2021) by Andrew Hosmer, Mayor of Laconia, by “clicking” here.

The following is a pictorial tribute to our friend and fellow Kiwanian, Howard Bacon.

From 2002
From 2007
From 2008: Howard and Shirley
From 2010: Howard and Kathy Calvin
From 2012
From 2013: CHEERS!
From 2013: Legion of Honor - 60 years
From 2015: Howard and Bill Gile
(in the rear: Roger Webster, Diana Comeau and John Walker)
From 2015: John Walker presents Howard a Member Emeritus plaque (1953- 2015)
From 2016: Steve Loughlin shares a moment with Howard Bacon at his Taylor Community residence.
Above photo by Paulette Loughlin
Unless otherwise noted, all photos by W. Stephen Loughlin




Many thanks to Joe Adrignola, Betty Ballantyne, Phil Bonafide, Zach Dea, Paula Ferenc, Bill Gile, and Jilli Paul for their assistance with this bulletin.





Tuesday - November 8th - Venue: ZOOM MEETING
5:30 pm - Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday - General Meeting - November 15th - Venue: - Belknap Mill
6:00 pm - Guests Speaker: Carey Hough from The Streetcar Company Youth Drama Program

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