November 3, 2008 - Vol.20, No. 5


 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families



Dianne Roberts

Senior Members:
Carroll Stafford, Ed Chertok, Ed Merski, Peter Karagianis, Jim Fortier, Roger Webster, Howard Bacon, and Paul Normandin

Key Club Members: Kayne Krietzer, Mackenzie Duquette, Janelle Mudgett, and Erica Cross (Key Club President)

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Stick Around A While…
Senior Member Carroll Stafford received his Legion of Honor Plaque and pin. Stafford was not at this year’s installation to receive the mementos. Carroll was recognized for his 40 years in the club. President Brian pointed out that Carroll has been in the club longer than he has been alive. Ed Chertok points out that Carroll is getting ready for his 75th birthday.

Brian awards Carroll for being in Kiwanis longer than Brian has been alive!
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Brian helps Carroll get his zipper unstuck.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Hey Kiwanis…THANKS!:

Roger Landry read a letter from Detective Jeff Steigler thanking us for the chance to speak to the club last week. He said he appreciated our hospitality and the chance to spread the word about identity theft and ways that the public can help prevent it.

Key Club:
The Key Club update was given to us by Erica Cross, the President of the Key Club. Erica tells us that the Key Club will be selling ice cream sundaes at Laconia High School Wednesday and Thursday this week…the proceeds will benefit the Food Pantry. Also, on the 19th of this month, they will host a spaghetti supper to benefit the Food Pantry. Tickets are available through the Key Club at $5 for adults and $3 for veterans and students.

Erica Cross explains current Key Club activities.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Roger Webster, $29.50


Roger was happy to win...the club was happy he didn't make a speech!
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Happy Dollars:
Ed Chertok gave a happy dollar for being here. Carroll Stafford gave a happy dollar for his 40 year Legion of Honor. Joe Collie gave a happy dollar for the last political advertisement being scheduled on the radio station. Roger Webster gave for winning the 50/50.


Free Meal:
Roger Landry

Fund Raising Discussion:
Ed Chertok spoke of his weekend with his daughter. He said that they are sports fans and bike fans and when he told them about the possibility of a chair raffle and a bike raffle, they told him that it was their opinion that the club should shy away from said activities as they have not seen big crowds at bike shows and people would only buy raffle tickets for chairs if they had a place to put the chairs. Ed stressed membership should be our focus this year. He suggested holding off on a raffle and focusing on getting new people into the club and then doing something bigger in the future.

Dick Metz then said he agreed to a point with Ed, but thought we should do something.

Tom Knox said he had the chance to talk with the folks at Meredith Harley, which is now called Laconia Harley, and they showed a willingness to give us a good deal on a motorcycle should we decide to do that. Tom said that there could be a chance to sell sponsorships to offset costs.

Joe Adrignola spoke about manpower. His concern was the number of people that may be available to sell tickets. Joe also spoke about the financials and his concern about how much money we have.

Larry Murphy said we should find out who does not want to participate in a bike raffle and then not ask them. He said that we should have a more optimistic attitude about fund raising.

Charlie St. Clair said perhaps an older classic bike for half the cost would be the way to go as we would be committing ourselves to less of an outlay.

Joe Collie asked why the bike has to be a $20,000 motorcycle. A cheaper motorcycle would put less pressure on the club to raise money at numerous shows throughout the winter and over Bike Week.

A motion was made to go back to the drawing board and table the discussion until a different fund raising plan could be drawn up. The motion was seconded and the discussion was ended at 7:37.


Smilin' Faces...


The membership page has been updated. Check out the smilin' faces by "clicking" here.




Meeting Minutes from October…

Kathy Calvin presented the October board minutes to the general membership.

Some of the highlights:
*** September minutes were approved
*** Kathy Calvin was appointed secretary
*** The Charity Fund was approved
*** The General Fund was approved
*** Jamie O’Connor and Tom Knox were approved for membership.
*** $375 was approved for the ATV booth at the Sandwich Fair.
*** $500 was forwarded to DARE for T-shirts
*** $341 was spent on new Kiwanis pens
*** Signers on the checking account were approved to be the treasurer, the president and the vice president.
*** The number of senior members was kept at 10 with Jim Fortier being added.
*** Honorary Members were approved with changes.
*** The proposed charity budget was approved as presented.
***Board meeting adjourned at 7:55.


Charlie St. Clair leaves with cans, a cup, and a smile.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin



Upcoming Schedule:


Monday, November 10th
Senior Member Ed Chertok speaks on Laconia Kiwanis Club history

Monday, November 17th
Jim Carroll (guest of Jim Fortier)

Monday, November 24th

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