November 23, 2015 - Vol. 27, No. 4


News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families



Woodside at the Taylor Community

12 members and 6 guests

Muff Walker

Officer Eric Adams – guest speaker
Izzy Brake – guest of Rob Reid
Dominic Cannuli – Laconia Key Club President
Alexyah Dethvongsa – Laconia Key Club Vice President
Delia Cormier – Laconia Key Club Secretary
Ashley Burgos – Laconia Key Club member

Officer Eric Adams
Izzy Brake
Dominic Cannuli
Alexyah Dethvongsa
Delia Cormier
Ashley Burgos

From The President:
President John updated the membership on the health concerns of Dick Breton, and past member Howard Bacon.  John also reviewed upcoming events including this Sunday's Holiday Parade, and the Salvation Army bell-ringing on December 23rd.  Other events include the Kiwanis/Key Club Market Basket shopping trip December 5th and our Christmas party meeting on December 14th. The Christmas Party includes a Yankee Swap. Members are encouraged to bring a wrapped gift costing no more than $15.00.

From The Members:
Kathy Calvin reviewed the schedule for the December 23rd event raising money for the Salvation Army, details below.  She also reviewed the two Kiwanis KARES events scheduled for December 4th at Woodland Heights School and for December 14th at Elm Street School.  Additionally, Kathy reported that Joe Collie, past member and past President of the Laconia Kiwanis Club, was a guest speaker at a recent Taylor Home event and donated his $100 speaker fee to the Laconia Kiwanis Club.  If you see Joe, please tell him thank-you.

Rob Reid reported on the very, very successful just-concluded Wine Down for Warmth event that raised just under $2,400 which will be donated to the Santa Fund to purchase winter clothing for needy area children. To review highlights of the event, scroll down the page.

Scott Laurent reviewed Parade plans for this Sunday. Any member who would like to assist with creating the float, meet up at Scott's home at 76 Woodland Ave in Laconia at 10am this Sunday. The parade begins at 4pm. If you care to march with the club, you are asked to assemble at Wyatt Park at 3:30pm. The parade begins at 4pm. The parade is expected to conclude at about 5 pm. For more details on the parade, "click" here.

Bill Gile reviewed the upcoming Key Club events.

Key Club President Dominic Cannuli talked about the fund-raising sale of calendars.


We need volunteers to man the bell-ringing for the Salvation Army on Wednesday December 23rd. If you would like to add your name to the list, please indicate the day and time preference and “click” here to send an e-mail to our bulletin editor. Your preference will then be updated into the schedule listed below:


09am - 10am:sKathy Calvin and Don Nelson
10am - 11:00:sKathy Calvin and Meredith Michaud

11am - noon:
sKathy Calvin and Meredith Michaud
xnoon - 1pm:. Kathy Calvin and Dana Scott Beane

.1 pm - 2pm:
Phil Bonafide and Steve Loughlin
.2 pm - 3pm:
Bill Gile and Betty Ballantyne
.3 pm - 4pm:
Joe Adrignola and_______________
4 pm - 5pm:
Scott Laurent and Rob Reid


50/50: None this evening

Happy Dollars:

• $3 from Steve Loughlin for the three Kiwanians (Jeff Beane, Meredith Horton and Rob Reid) who worked diligently to make the Wine Down for Warmth event a huge success
• $5 from Bill Gile: $1 for not being fined for being late this evening, $1 for the successful Key Club homeless awareness event, $1 for his own involvement with the event, $1 for the money raised by the Key Club at the event primarily from Putnam Fund attendees, and $1 for the progress recently made by his mentee
• $2 from Rob Reid: $1 for the Key Club accomplishments so far this school year, and $1 for his mom's help with the 50-50 raffle at the Wine Down for Warmth event.
• $1 from Roger Webster for just turning 87 years old
• $4 from President John: $1 for having a great vacation in Hawaii, $1 for a great grand kid visit to Colorado en route to Hawaii, $1 for four Key Clubbers joining us this evening, and $1 for Officer Adams being our guest speaker
• $2 from Betty Ballantyne: $1 for the success of the Wine Down for Warmth event and $1 for Laconia’s Parks & Rec Department approving the use of Rotary Park for Roger's Ride in 2016

Hoop adds two with a two dollar bill.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Guest Speakers:
Betty Ballantyne introduced our guest speaker Laconia Police Prevention Enforcement Treatment (PET) Officer Eric Adams.

Officer Adams started his career in Law Enforcement in 2000 as a Corrections Officer for the State of NH.

In 2004, he was hired as a police officer for the Town of Tilton.

In 2005, Officer Adams was assigned as an undercover narcotics detective with the Attorney Generals Drug Task Force. While in this role, he worked on numerous narcotic investigations all across the state.

In 2012, he joined the Laconia Police Department. In October of 2014, Officer Adams was re-assigned as the Prevention, Enforcement and Treatment Coordinator for the department. In this role, he works with individuals suffering from Substance Misuse. Officer Adams responds to and works with individuals who have overdosed or are at the critical point in their addiction. His main focus is support and guidance to resources for individuals seeking help. He also works with the community to help strengthen the Prevention aspect of Substance Misuse.

He is also an active member of Stand Up Laconia and the Family Violence Prevention Council.

During his presentation, Officer Adams described the program he heads up at the Laconia Police Department, which is a new and innovative approach to battling addiction and attaining recovery for those afflicted. Officer Adams gave a thorough ever-view of the program, his own training, and the success the program has become. He saluted our community as one that really cares and that has gotten behind his efforts in a big way. Recognition has become statewide and other communities are beginning to mirror Laconia's program as well. Officer Adams reported a 70% success rate with community members he has come in contact with. Some statistics of note include: 1 out of every 8 babies born nationally are born addicted due to their mother's being addicted during pregnancy, that number is 1 out of 3 in Laconia. New Hampshire ranks #1 nationally in having the largest per capita number of citizens in the 18-25 age group that binge drink, #1 nationally in having the most drug users in the 18-25 age group, #4 nationally in the age 12-18 binge drinking, #2 nationally for drug use in the 12-18 age group, and ranks #49 in available resources to combat these statistics.

For more information on Officer Eric Adams and his efforts as prevention enforcement and treatment coordinator for the Laconia Police Department, "click" here.

Officer Eric Adams is congratulated by Betty Ballantyne for his very informative presentation.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Tonight's meeting was adjourned at 8:06 p.m.

November 18, 2015
Hosted By: The Laconia Kiwanis Club
Sponsored By: Stafford Oil Company, Inc.
Venue: The Beane Conference Center
Artist: Larry Frates
The crowd welcomes Laconia artist, Larry Frates.
Last chance for 50 50!
Larry Frates draws the winning ticket.
Rob Reid congratulates 50 50 winner Linda Meyer.
I'm afraid the fence in my painting looks like... like a boat dock!
Larry and the crowd enjoy a lighter moment over the painting with a "boat dock."
You Decide: Does it look like a boat dock or a fence?
The artists complete their paintings.
I'm done!
We're done!
Final showings
Photos by W. Stephen Loughlin    






Sunday - November 29rd - For details, "click" here.
Holiday Parade - Begins from Wyatt Park at 4:00

Monday - December 14th- Venue: Taylor Community - Woodside For directions, "click" here.
Club Meeting - Member Christmas Party and Yankee Swap


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