January 2, 2007 - Vol.18, No. 14

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Warren Mitchell

Dick Metz doesn't know that the hands go in FRONT of the body..
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Senior Members:
Warren Mitchell, Ed Chertok, Roger Webster, Ed Merski, Paul Normandin, Peter Karagianis

Thanks, Joe!
The club acknowledged Joe Adrignola with a round of applause for letting us meet at his workplace, One Mill Plaza, in downtown Laconia. Joe described the artwork displayed in the room as being the work of Peter Osman, who is from Maine. Joe said next month, a local photographer's work will be displayed. We will be meeting at One Mill Plaza through February, with the exception of January 15th when we will meet at The Lodge in Belmont.

Win a Classic!!
January represents our busiest month with the motorcycle raffle. This weekend; the 6th and 7th we will be in Hartford. The Nelsons, Fortiers, Murphy's and Adrignolas have it covered. Expect an update Monday. The rest of the month looks like this:

January 13th and 14th
Shriner's Auditorium, Wilmington, MA
Sat 1/13
8am setup: Paul Cotton and Warren Mitchell
10am-2pm: Phil Bonafide and The Zawackis
2pm-6pm: Don and Sue Nelson

Sun 1/14
10am-3pm: Roger and Pam Landry
3pm-5pm, breakdown: Paul Cotton and Warren Mitchell

January 19th, 20th, and 21st
Eastern States Exposition Center, Springfield, MA
Fri 1/19
Setup: Paul Cotton
4pm-9pm Paul Cotton

Sat 1/20
10am-4pm: Don and Sue Nelson
4pm-7pm: Paul Cotton

Sun 1/21
10am-4pm: Dick Metz and ____________
4pm to close: Paul Cotton

January 27th and 28th
Rockingham Park Race Track, Salem, NH
Sat 1/27
Setup:: Paul Cotton and Warren Mitchell
10am-2pm: Phil Bonafide and The Zawackis
2pm-5pm: Don and Sue Nelson

Sun 1/28
10am-3pm: Roger and Pam Landry
3pm-5pm, breakdown: Paul Cotton and Warren Mitchell

NOTE: At press time, we were really in need of someone to work the shift on 1/21 with Dick Metz. Please check your schedules. Dick said he'll drive...he even said you can drive his car...Thanks in advance for pitching in.

Ding Dong!
Warren Mitchell thanked all members for their participation in our day of bell ringing for the Salvation Army on 12/23. Special thanks given to Paul Cotton, who covered Warren's shifts because Warren was sick and to Steve Loughlin for taking photos of the ringing throughout the day. Well done!

From the House Committee...
Roger Landry reminded the club to clean up after each meeting we have at One Mill Plaza, our home away from home for the next couple of months. He is also ordering shirts and reminded the club that if you want another shirt, or a new shirt, to let him know.

Polly's Legacy...
Roger Webster reports that the LRGH Auxiliary has collected more than $1,500 in memory of Polly Chertok, who passed away last month. Ed Chertok said that the total has grown to $1,554 and that there is talk of Ed and family creating a scholarship from that, with some additions, for a nursing student. A great tribute to Polly Chertok. "Well, she was a great gal..." said Ed Chertok.

Not a very bored board....
Joe Adrignola read the minutes from the December board meeting. The highlights: 

The November Charity Fund and General Fund were approved as read.
Joe Adringola was reimbursed for the purchase of computer checks.
The rental price for the PO Box was paid.
$250 was donated to the Daniel Webster Council Boy Scouts for winter campers.
$200 was donated to LRGH Auxiliary in memory of Polly Chertok.
Charlie St. Clair was granted a leave of absence through April 16th.
Up to $225 was approved for the purchase of gifts for the Children's Christmas Party.
$250 was approved for gift certificates for Jim and Katherine Contagiani and Santa.
$15,000 was approved for the next installment on the LRCCS pledge.


Dianne Roberts

Dianne Roberts is pleased to be the next Kiwanis President.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Happy Dollars:
President Elect Dianne Roberts gave $5 because her son had been accepted to UMASS Amherst, was admitted to the College Honors Program, and given a scholarship renewable for 4 years. Chet pointed out that UMASS was number 10 in a recent survey of "party schools..." Ed Merski gave $1 for listening to Glenn Miller on WASR Sunday morning. President Joe Collie gave $1 for he and Jill becoming homeowners last week and moving this past weekend and $1 because someone was listening to WASR. In total, $8 was collected.

$18 collected. Larry Murphy on the cuff...

Larry is amused by Phil's can in a cup trick.

Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Paul Cotton, Chet Cilley, and Dick Metz all pinless and fined a quarter each.
Larry Murphy was pinless and on the cuff...again...

Free Meal
Dick "Membership has it's privileges" Metz.

Quotable Quotes:
"Madame President..." Roger Webster to Joe Collie

"That's number 10 on the list of top party schools.." Chet Cilley to Dianne Roberts after Dianne announced her son had been accepted to UMASS Amherst.

"It may be number 10 now, but once he gets there...it'll be number 7." Joe Collie on UMASS standing on the party school list and Dianne Roberts' son being accepted there.

"Does it have a Vermont license plate on it?" Roger Landry to Joe Collie on the mobile home Joe has purchased.

"Can you put the bag a little higher next time?" Phil Bonafide on pulling a name from the free meal bag. While trying not to look, he missed the back..and got Joe Adrignola.

Ed Chertok marvels at the recent advancements in cane technology.

Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Board Member Peter Karagianis recently appeared in the press...


Monday, January 8, 2007
Jim Steiner of the Daniel Webster Council of the Boy Scouts of America will speak.

Monday, January 15, 2007
We meet at The Lodge in Belmont.

Monday, January 22, 2007
Mark Leibel, NH State Police

Monday, January 29, 2007
Carla Scott, NH Make A Wish speaks.


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Joe Collie

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