February 12 , 2007 - Vol.18, No. 20

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Hon. Member Dick Breton with thoughts and prayers for Roger Ballantyne.998, JunK
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Senior Members:
Ed Merski, Peter Karagianis, Dennis Denoncourt, Warren Mitchell, Carroll Stafford, and Paul Normandin

Hon. Mem. Dick Breton, Jim Cande, and Mike Marsh

Mike Marsh, our newest addition, is still learning the secret handshake.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Welcome Aboard!
No longer a guest, Lori Dickson was introduced as the newest member of the Laconia Kiwanis Club. Lori is a long time employee of Metz Electronics, where she currently serves as office manger and director of human resources. She was welcomed with a big round of applause. Welcome aboard, Lori!

In Memory of Max...
Over the course of the last week, the club has received $185 dollars in donations in memory of Max Wakeman, who passed away last month. The donations have come from Laconia Savings Bank and the Narragansett District Education Association in Massachusetts, where Max's daughter is a member. Carroll Stafford also made a personal donation.

Save The Date!
The Greater Lakes Child Advocacy Center has scheduled their 1st year annual meeting for next Thursday; February 22, 2007. The event will be at the Belknap Mill on the 3rd floor conference center and all Kiwanis members are invited to attend. The events starts at 5:30 with the formal program at 6. No RSVP necessary.

Hey Kiwanis...THANKS!
The club received a letter of thanks from the Laconia Public Library for our recent donation of $5,000. This brought the remaining balance to approx $4,000, which will be paid later on this year. Last month Paul Cotton made a check presentation for the $5,000 and it was featured prominently on the front page of The Laconia Daily Sun! The thank you note said the library project was honored with the improvement of the year nod from the Laconia Main Street Program and the Golden Hammer Award from the Greater Laconia-Weirs Beach Chamber of Commerce. The thank you was signed by Jon Nivus.

On the Campaign Trail...
The Division 6 Caucuses are scheduled for Saturday, March 31 from 10am-2pm at the Wolfeboro Inn. President Joe Collie will be attending. Anyone interested in attending can ride over with him. President Joe vows not to return as Lt. Gov-elect.

Speaking of the Lt. Gov...
Lt. Gov Bill Smith will be joining us for the meeting we are having on Monday, February 26th. Please try and attend to meet the Lt. Gov, if you haven't already, and to find out what other clubs in our district are doing.

New at the box office: Tilly: The QUINTS!
Dr. Lou Ricciardello informed the club that he had another corpse flower bloom on Monday and invited members of the club to come and see Tilly V. Don Nelson, Kathy Calvin, Steve Loughlin, and Joe Collie visited the greenhouse after the meeting. Joe Collie presented Lou with a plaque from Kiwanis International thanking him again for the generous donation of the 1st flower last summer. More pictures at bottom of this page.

After removing plaque all day, Dr. Lou receives a plaque.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Got stuff?
Warren Mitchell informed the club that plans are underway for the Bike Rodeo this year. Among the plans: stuffing the goody bags for kids with goodies. Should anyone have trinkets and appropriate items to contribute to gift bags, or know where to get some, please forward them over the next several weeks. The Bike Rodeo is scheduled for May...the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend. Thanks in advance for your contribution.

Bottoms Up!
Katherine Contagiani reminds the club, when we return to Pheasant Ridge in March, alcohol will be available for purchase. Soft drinks, water, and coffee will still be out and included with our meal. We return to Pheasant Ridge on Monday, March 5th.

Schedule Reminders:


Next week...we meet on Tuesday because of the President's Day Holiday on Monday. Also: the following week we will meet on Monday, but we will meet at The Belknap Mill and NOT at One Mill Plaza.




Katherine Contigiani, $18

Dick Breton and Carroll Stafford
Both were pinless and both were fined a quarter.

Happy Dollars:
Dick "Happy" Metz gave $5 happy dollars this week. They were for:
$#1 - His neighbor has been accepted to the Air Force Academy in Colorado
$#2 - His urologist said he's OK!
$#3 - His wife got her purple belt in karate.
$#4 - He gets to go to Florida without Mom!
$#5 - His daughter received an honor for undercover work with the DEA.
The general fund thanks you very much, Dick.
Roger Landry gave $2 for the new members that have joined the club recently.
In total, $7 happy dollars were collected.

Dick Metz counts his blessings after going to the doctor.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Guest Speaker:
Jim Cande spoke to the club. A lot of us know Jim from his days at WLKZ and his involvement in Cruise Nights and the Laconia Nationals. Now he is the General Manager of Castle in the Clouds in Moultonboro, NH. He's been on the job for approximately 10 months. Jim spoke to the club about the Castle and it's history. It was built by millionaire businessman Thomas Plant in 1913-1914 and it's original name was Lucknow. That was also the name of a successful brand of beer that was brewed on the property until earlier this decade. Castle in the Clouds in the number 2 tourist attraction in New Hampshire, behind only the MS Mount Washington Cruise Ship on Lake Winnipesaukee. Jim said future plans for the Castle include a possible return of horseback riding, a possible conversion of the restaurant into a less cafeteria-style setting, and a Fireman's Muster is scheduled for 07/07/07. Last year, the facility handled 46 weddings. Jim said one of the other things his staff is working on is tracking down Thomas Plant's original Laker boat, which was built by Goodhue Hawkins and was the biggest of it's kind in it's day. Check out the Castle in the Clouds online at www.castleintheclouds.org.

Pres. Joe and Jim Cande.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Roger Ballantyne Update
The following report on Roger's treatment was submitted by Betty Ballantyne on 2/12/07

Roger and I spent the night in Boston last night in preparation for Roger's pre-testing to the Interlunkin2 treatment. Our first appointment was as 7:00 am today. The first of several tests was a chemically induced stress test. This test takes approximately 3 to 4 hours. He did very well on this test. (The IL2 can push his heart and they want to know his heart can take the stress.) The Head MRI was done this morning too. They performed a CT Scan on his chest and torso. Blood work. A pulmonary test (three different tests) she said Roger did well above expected. A hip xray and a follow up from his orthopedic oncologist, too. She said all was clear. No changes on his hip and pelvis. No signs of cancer. Roger will begin additional PT to improve his mobility this week. We also met with a key member of the Renal Cell Interlukin 2 Team too. We finished more quickly than expected. The hospital staff was outstanding. They all worked together for Roger. The last test was expected to be completed by 6:30 pm. All the testing was completed by 4:30 pm. We had also included two additional appointments that we thought we might have to come back to Boston on another day. We expect Roger to be admitted into the IL2 on March 5th for one week, one week home and admitted to the hospital for one more week on March 15th.

Roger was prepared for the day and his attitude and cooperation was outstanding. He is so glad this day of testing is over. He is now in bed for the night and happy to be home.

We expect to hear from them this week to finalize Roger's admittance into the treatment. This will give Roger some time to gain more strength and momentum to handle the IL2. It is a difficult treatment, but Roger is so committed to the treatment. He is striving for complete remission.

We appreciate the phone calls, notes of encouragement and keep the prayers coming!

Our Love to All,
Roger & Betty

The following pictures were taken in Dr. Lou's greenhouse shortly after our meeting.

A greenhouse full of corpse flowers.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

2 Past President's, 1 Secretary, and a corpse flower. No partridge. No pear tree..
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Kathy Calvin checks out the big guy. Hopefully she doesn't smell her hand when she is done.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Richard Wood from Community Health and Hospice will be speaking about the TeleHealth program...a program in which a patient's vital signs can be monitored at home electronically without daily nurse supervision. He will be bringing a TeleHealth machine to demonstrate.

Monday, February 26, 2007
The club meets at The Belknap Mill, adjacent to One Mill Plaza.
Lt. Gov. Bill Smith stops by for a district update.

Monday, March 5, 2007
We are back at Pheasant Ridge Country Club. Boards meet. NISE collected.

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Joe Collie

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