April 30, 2007 - Vol.18, No. 31


 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Dianne "not gonna be President" Roberts

Senior Members:
Ed Merski, Peter Karagianis, Carroll Stafford, Warren Mitchell, Roger Webster, and Howard Bacon, 8,

Welcome back: Howard Bacon
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Kevin Keenan and Chris Kelley
Both are from the Gilford Police Department and both were guests of Dick Metz.

L to R: Mike Marsh, Dick Metz and guests Kevin Keenan and Chris Kelley
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Nominating Committee:
President Joe Collie called for a meeting of the nominating committee (Nelson, Adrignola, Bonafide, and Collie) immediately after the regular meeting to discuss the vacancies on the Board of Directors and officer vacancies. At press time, we do have 4 candidates for the 4 seats on the board. We are waiting for answers on 2 more and we are also looking for a 2nd Vice President for 2007-2008. Also at press time, we are looking for someone to step into the role of President next year, beginning in October, as Dianne Roberts has declined. A ballot of some sort will be finalized in time for the meeting on Monday, May 7th. Be ready to vote!

On The Road Again...
The Motorcycle Raffle will make a one day stop in Meredith this weekend at Meredith Harley's Customer Appreciation Day. Selling tickets from 9-3 will be Warren Mitchell, with help along the way from Joe Collie, Roger Webster, and Kathy Calvin. The next road show is coming at the end of this month at the Portsmouth Boat Show, May 31st through June 3rd. The only hole is Saturday afternoon. Please check your schedules and let us know if you can help out. The work schedule is as follows:

Thursday, May 31
set up to closing: Paul Cotton and Larry Murphy

Friday, June 1
set up to closing: Paul Cotton and Larry Murphy

Saturday, June 2
10am-3pm: Phil Bonafide and Lori Dickson
3pm-8pm: ___________ and ___________

Sunday, June 3
10am-4pm, breakdown, and trailer home: Don Nelson, Sue Nelson, and Mike Marsh


Belknap Mill Fundraiser...
The club has 6 tickets to the Private Collection Fund Raiser to benefit The Belknap Mill Society. The event is next Friday, May 11th at the Laconia Ice Arena and will offer dinner, dancing, and entertainment. Dick Metz, President of the Belknap Society, says that club members should attend because, in addition to having a great time, you will be able to see how a lot of money can be raised in a short amount of time. If interested in attending, please let President Joe Collie know.

Boys and Girls Club Banquet...
On Saturday, June 30th, the Boys and Girls Club Gala Celebration will be held at Sacred Heart Hall in Laconia from 5pm to 9pm. The Laconia Kiwanis Club sponsored that event and has a table for 5 reserved. Again, let Joe Collie know if you’d like to go. The club is looking for representation at this event. Thanks in advance for your time!

Bike Rodeo:

NOT THIS WEEKEND, but next, is the Annual Bike Safety Rodeo. The event is scheduled for May 12th at the parking lot across from Greenlaw's in downtown Laconia. The Rodeo runs from 10am to 2pm.

On the schedule for the day:
Kathy Calvin, Warren Mitchell, Steve Loughlin, Larry Murphy, Jim Fortier, Ed Chertok, Peter Karagianis, Roger Webster, Dianne Roberts, Lori Dickson (from noon-2), and Joe Collie (from 9:30 setup to 11am, then Makena's dance recital).
Please check your schedule and join us. Outside of the motorcycle raffle and RIF, this is a signature event of the Laconia Kiwanis Club.


Hey Kiwanis...Thanks!

Jim Nute of the Mayhew Program sent us a "thank you" for allowing him to speak to the club last week. He said he hoped that he did not cause too many naps with his "yapping" and that he left feeling pretty energized. He attributed that to the cookies from Contagiani's. He invited the club out to Mayhew Island to see the program in action whenever we'd like.



Guess who.
Clue: Same as last week.

Russ Beane wins again. Jeff and Don share Russ's enthusiasm.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Happy Dollars: 1
Russ Beane gave $3 for winning the 50/50 again. Howard Bacon gave $4 for being back in the cold weather. Ed Merski gave $1 for being gainfully employed at the golf course. Roger Webster gave $1 for reasons this writer does not remember. In all, $9 was collected.

Chet Cilley was pinless.

Guest Speaker:

Caryn Sheehan spoke to the club about prostate cancer. Caryn is a nursing student at St. Anselm College in Manchester going for her doctoral degree. Her main focus is research in the cause and prevention of prostate cancer. She gave the club a two part quiz of our knowledge of prostate cancer. The first part was completed before an informational video was shown and the second part shown after the video to see how well we knew the material. She also handed out several information pamphlets and worksheets on the disease, which is most common among men between the age of 45 and 75 and it the leading cause of cancer in men, though not the most deadly. Interestingly enough, 10 times more men die each year from heart disease than prostate cancer. Caryn resides in Northwood with her husband and 5 year old son.




Caryn Sheehan and Past, Present, and Future (?) President Joe Collie.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Nitey Night:

PP Roger Webster enjoys the meeting.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


This picture appeared in an automotive trade magazine. It was taken at a Chrysler Jeep dealership in Wayne, New Jersey.  
Could a certain senior member of the Laconia Kiwanis Club be living a double life?  
Does Janet know?

Photo submitted by Roger Landry



May 7th
Annual Meeting. Boards meet. NISE collected, and election of new officers and directors.

May 14th
Larry Frates talks about Technology and the Arts at Laconia's Memorial Middle School.

May 21st
Speaker from Awakenings Cafe (Guest of Warren Mitchell)


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Joe Collie

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