May 8, 2006 - Vol.17, No. 32

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Dick Breton

Senior Members
Ed Merski, Warren Mitchell, Ed “nice tan” Chertok, Howard Bacon

Hon. Member Dick Breton, Polly Chertok with Ed Chertok, Key Clubbers Kayne Krietser and Cara Clemons.

Pauline and Ed back from FLA.
Photo by W.S. Loughlin

Campaign 2006
The ballots were passed out and filled in by the membership. There were 5 candidates for 4 open seats on the Board of Directors to serve a term from October 1, 2006 through September 30, 2008. The 4 members elected to the board are: Don Nelson, Joe Adrignola, Paul Cotton, and Dianne Ziwacki. It's the first time on the board for Dianne. We welcome her. Ed Merski was unusually grateful for not winning. For Treasurer, John Stow was re-elected. Jeff Stone was elected 2nd VP and Dianne Roberts VP. Jane Thibault was chosen President-Elect. The board has received a pending letter of resignation from Jane. We will be taking nominations for President-Elect through October 1st. If anyone is interested, please see Joe Collie or any other member of the nominating committee; which would include Phil Bonafide, Larry Murphy, Warren Mitchell, and Roger Webster.

Don't Show Up...
A schedule reminder for later this month: Tuesday, May 30th we will be meeting and NOT Monday, May 29th because of the Memorial Day holiday.

Phil "Good Humor Man" Bonafide
Photo by W.S. Loughlin

Bike Rodeo
That time of year again. The Bicycle Safety Rodeo is coming together and coming up fast on the calendar. The event will be Saturday, May 20th at the former Brook’s parking lot in Laconia….at the high school and across from Laconia House of Pizza. The time is 10-1. All available club members that can attend should. Paul Cotton mentioned that Kelly at The Sign Shop is working up a banner for the event and Paul also mentioned that we may have participation from MC Cycles in downtown Laconia and that Asylum Sports will be conducting the bike inspections that day. Warren Mitchell pointed out that if anyone has business, or knows of one, that would be willing to contribute to the goodie bags we will be providing kids that day, please let him know. Chet “Asleep at the Wheel” Cilley personally thanked Paul Cotton, Warren Mitchell, Dick Breton, Roger Landry, Jim Fortier, and Kathy Calvin for their participation and efforts while he has been extended at work. Nice teamwork! Great job!

Win A Classic!
The next two Motorcycle Road Shows are coming up later this month. The Bike will be at the Concord Bike Show on May 21st and no one is signed up at this point, The Bike will then be at Gunstock for the Hot Rod show on May 27th. On board for that one are Roger and Pam Landry. The sheets will be around again next week. Please check your schedule and your availability.

And who are you?
Steve Loughlin announced to anyone who requested nametags that they are complete and in the bin. Pick yours up today. Also…a tip of the Loughlin hat to Nancy Williams-Hunt for helping in the process.

Key Club Update...
Kayne Krietser updates the club on the Key Club. The club this month donated $50 each to 3 staff members of Laconia High School battling breast cancer. Also…the club donated $200 to the St. Jude Research Center. The Key Club banquet is coming up soon. It will be held at Patrick’s Pub in Gilford. The club will also have members helping out the Teen Center at the upcoming Hot Rod show. A bust time for the Key Club. Nice work!

RIF Update
Kathy Calvin reminded the club of the final RIF reading. It’s Tuesday (before this publication) May 9th at 1pm at Elm Street School. On board: Kathy Calvin, Joe Adrignola, and Warren Mitchell.

Larry Rode The Boat Ashore...
Larry Murphy said that he, Rosemaire Murphy, Carroll and Sandy Stafford, and Paul Cotton, all pitched in and helped with the Maheau Island Clean Up project on Saturday, May 6th. Larry said that aside from the bugs, it was a good time. He said the crew got the place back in order in 2 hours and were off the island by 11am. Way to go! PS - No sign of Larry’s sister-in-law.

Ed Chertok, $22

Ed Chertok wins twice
Photo by W.S. Loughlin

Happy Dollars
--$2.00 from Chet Cilley for the aforementioned support he is getting in coordinating the bike rodeo.
--$2.00 from Ed “now I only have $20 left” Chertok for winning the 50/50.
--John Stow gave $2.00 for his wife Michelle giving birth to a healthy baby boy last Wednesday. Henry Philip Stow weighed in at 8 lbs. and 20 inches. Welcome to the world, Hank! (Note: John did question why the baby looked like his brother...)
--Paul Cotton pitched in for the baby, too. (He’s excited to have a new neighbor with less hair than he has.)
--Roger Landry gave $5.00 for his son graduating Northeastern.
--And Steve Loughlin gave Joe Collie a dollar for the article in the Daily Sun last week in regards to his radio awards. Joe then gave a happy dollar in Steve’s name.
Note: If this writer counted correctly; that’s $14.00. Though Roger Landry didn’t pay for my education…

Pres. Collie's mouth gets award
Photo by W.S. Loughlin

Not So Happy Dollars (aka Fines)
Charlie St. Clair for being late and Jim Fortier for being pinless. Both fined a quarter.

Guest Speakers
Laura Brusseau and Jessica Dutille spoke to the club about the Faith, Hope, and Love Foundation. It’s a non profit they formed earlier this year out of their passion for children and is dedicated to helping youth reach their full potential. Laura teaches 9th grade at Laconia High School and serves as the Key Club advisor and hekps out at the Teen Center. Jessica runs the Pemi Youth Center in Plymouth and taught for a year at Holy Trinity in Laconia before that. The mission statement of the organization is bring relief to children and youth suffering from hunger, poverty, or homelessness, and to bring them hope through faith and love so they may accomplish their dreams. The goal of the organization is have the ability to award a significant amount of funds to an organization or agency directly working with youth. In addition, they hope to give a smaller amount directly to a child or youth in need. They are in the process of lining up various fund raising events and can be reached by phone at 603-536-1962 or via e-mail at and snail mail at PO Box 64 in Laconia, NH 03247.

Co-Presidents of The Faith, Hope, & Love Foundation Laura Brusseau and Jessica Dutile
Photo by W.S. Loughlin

Monday, May 29
No meeting. Memorial Day. We WILL meet on Tuesday, May 30th. Open so far...

Monday, May 22
Open so far...

Monday, May 15
Board for '06-'07 will elect new secretary. No speaker yet.

Joe Collie

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