May 14, 2007 - Vol.18, No. 33


 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Cherish LaBelle, Key Club President-Elec.

Senior Members:
Ed Merski, Peter Karagianis, Warren Mitchell, Roger Webster, Ed Chertok, and Howard Bacon

Roger That!

Another Korean War flashback?
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

From the Key Club: Calise Houle, Kayne Kreitser, Ben Perkins, Cherish LaBelle, and Ashley Landof, 8 8

Kayne Kreister: Laides Man
L-R Calise Houle, Amanda Landof, Cherish LaBelle, and Kayne Kreitser.

Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Win A Classic!
There are only 3 stops left for the Motorcycle Raffle in 2007. The first is this Sunday, May 20th in Concord at the Concord Kiwanis Club’s Custom Motorcycle Show and Shine. Paul Cotton and Warren Mitchell will be there from 11am-6pm. After that: The Portsmouth Boat show Thursday, May 31st through Sunday, June 3rd. The schedule is:

Thursday, May 31
set up to closing: Paul Cotton and Larry Murphy

Friday, June 1
set up to closing: Paul Cotton and Larry Murphy

Saturday, June 2
10am-3pm: Phil Bonafide and Lori Dickson
3pm-8pm: Joe Adrignola and Don Nelson

Sunday, June 3
10am-4pm, breakdown, and trailer home: Don Nelson, Sue Nelson, and Mike Marsh
Don will trailer the bike home after the show closes on Sunday.

Bike Week 2007
The Grand Finale for the Motorcycle comes Bike Week, June 8th through June 17th. A signup sheet was circulated at this week’s meeting and will go around in the weeks to come. Please check your schedule for availability and sign up when you can. The shifts are as follows:

Saturday, June 9th
11am-3pm _________________ and _________________
3pm-7pm __________________ and _________________

Sunday, June 10th
9am-1pm _________________ and _________________
1pm-5pm _________________ and _________________
5pm-9pm _________________ and _________________

Monday, June 11th
9am-1pm _________________ and _________________
1pm-5pm _________________ and _________________
5pm-9pm _________________ and _________________

Tuesday, June 12th
9am-1pm _________________ and _________________
1pm-5pm _________________ and _________________
5pm-9pm _________________ and _________________

Wednesday, June 13th
9am-1pm _________________ and _________________
1pm-5pm _________________ and _________________
5pm-9pm _________________ and _________________

Thursday, June 14th
9am-1pm _________________ and _________________
1pm-5pm _________________ and _________________
5pm-9pm _________________ and _________________

Friday, June 15th
9am-1pm _________________ and _________________
1pm-5pm _________________ and _________________
_________________________ and _________________
5pm-9pm Paul Cotton and _______________,
____________, ________________, and ____________

Saturday, June 16th
9am-1pm Paul Cotton and ______________, ________________, _____________
1pm-5pm Paul Cotton and ______________, ________________, _____________
5pm-9pm Paul Cotton and ______________, ________________, ______________

Sunday, June 17th (Father’s Day)
9am-11am (need 5)
Paul Cotton, _______________, _________________, ______________, ___________
11am-3:15 (need 12),
Paul Cotton and ______________, ________________, ________________, ___________, ______________, ______________, ______________, __________________, _________________, _______________, _______________, and __________________.

Again, please check your schedules and sign up when you can. As always, we need all hands on deck during the big giveaway on Sunday and lots of help during the week. Thanks in advance for your support as we get ready to give the bike away and raise hopefully lots of money for our club!

Bike Rodeo 2007
Thanks to everyone who made the Bike Rodeo a success this past weekend. Among those on hand: Roger Webster, Steve Loughlin, Kathy Calvin, Dianne Roberts, Paul Normandin, Warren Mitchell, Jim Fortier, Chet Cilley, Carroll Stafford, Ed Chertok, Lori Dickson, and Joe Collie. Also a BIG thanks to the volunteers and sponsors from outside the club who made the day more enjoyable, including Patty Jeanne Calvin, Carolyn Muller with LRGH, Kathleen Yale and Dennis Ashley with the Laconia Police Department, Balloon Man Mr. Phil, Piche’s Ski and Sports Shop, The Laconia High School Key Club, Laconia Savings Bank, and Contagiani’s Catering. Congratulations to the winner of the bike from Piche’s, Justin McDonald of Laconia. In all, 38 kids participated in the rodeo this year. Discussion to increase participation and community reach for next year has already begun. Thanks again to all who were involved. Click to see pictures below.

Downtown Laconia: Bike Rodeo
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Straight from the top…
Here’s a letter Joe Collie received last week, addressed to the Laconia Kiwanis Club:

May 1, 2007

Dear Joseph,

What wonderful news to learn that you just completed 80 years of service to your community and to the world!


Your gift of service is helping make the world a better place in which to live. Your commitment is making a difference, especially in the lives of children.

The International Board and staff join me in wishing you a wonderful anniversary.

Remember, “One Can Make A Difference”…imagine what 1 million can do!

Yours in Kiwanis Service,
Nelson Tucker
President, Kiwanis International.

“I never got a letter from the International President” Warren Mitchell
“Frame It!” Phil Bonafide

Also in the mail this week:
President Joe Collie received a letter from the Kiwanis International Foundation with a certificate of appreciation for Dick Metz and his generous support. Dick was not at the meeting this week. The letter and certificate will be presented when Dick returns. Stay Tuned…

Hey Kiwanis….THANKS!
We received a thank you letter from the Boys and Girls Club for our recent donation of $500.00 toward their banquet on June 30th. Please remember that as a sponsor, the club does receive 5 tickets to the banquet. Any members interested in attending should let Joe Collie or Dianne Zawacki know.

We’re Invited…
To the open house at Lakes Region Child Care Services on May 16th, this Wednesday evening, from 5p-7p. We donated $45,000 to the center and this will serve as a good opportunity to see what our donation provided. Jim Fortier reports that we have 3 rooms in the Center named for our club and Warren Mitchell reports that both he and Jim would be in attendance at the event, but it would be great if more Kiwanians could also make it.

The club has 4 seats at the Salvation Army luncheon, scheduled for noon Thursday, May 17th at the Winnipesaukee Expo Center. Joe Adrignola and Kathy Calvin will be there. Will you? If interested in attending and representing Kiwanis, please let either Joe or Kathy know at or Remember, it’s at noon Thursday at the Winni Expo Center in Lakeport.

Roaring 20’s a Roaring Success!
Roger Landry reports that the Roaring 20’s Private Collections event Friday night last week to benefit the Belknap Mill was a great time and success for the Mill. On hand was Dick Metz, Roger Landry, The Merskis and The Murphys, Warren Mitchell, Mike Marsh, Lori Dickson. Roger indicated that The Key Club showed up Saturday morning to help with the clean up of the Ice Arena. Well done!

Reading is FUNdamental
Remember the two RIF events scheduled for early June. The first is Monday, June 4th from 9:40am-11:15am at Woodland Heights Elementary School. Joe Adrignola, Kathy Calvin, Terry Fortson, and Randy Brough are scheduled. The next is Tuesday, June 5th at Pleasant Street School from 2:00pm-2:45. The theme for this one is Aloha to reading. Joe Adrignola, Kathy Calvin, and Randy Brough are scheduled. Please check your schedule and if you can help out on either of those days, please let Kathy Calvin know and thanks in advance for your support! Sign up sheets will be coming around next week.

Schedule Reminder
There will be no meeting on Monday, May 28th due to the Memorial Day Holiday. We will meet the next day Tuesday, May 29th at 6:15 at Pheasant Ridge. Please make a note.


Warren Mitchell won $23.

Warren Mitchell cashes in on Russ Beane's absence.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Happy Dollars: 1
Warren Mitchell gave 3 for winning the other 20.
Dianne Zawacki gave 1 for the B&G Club winning the Sarah Allen award from the United Way and for the club’s sponsor of their upcoming banquet.
Ed Chertok gave 1 for being back in New Hampshire after sometime in Florida.
Phil Bonafide gave 5 dollars because his son is the Chief Resident at Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, his son was also married this past weekend, and the bride is an anesthesiologist. This means she can put Phil under whenever she wants!
Calise Houle gave 1 for Cherish LaBelle being elected new President of Key Club.
Roger Webster gave 1 because he has been deemed no longer disabled by the VA.
In all, $12 was collected from this happy group.

Joe Adrignola paid his fine from last week. Dianne Zawacki was late.

Next Kiwanis President?

Cherish LaBelle's jaw drops at the prospect of being Kiwanis President!
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Guest Speaker:

Larry Frates and Jim McCollum from Laconia Middle School spoke to the club. Frates is the Integrated Art Teacher at the school, and now in his 36th year of teaching. McCollum is the principal, and has been for the last 2 years. Integrated learning is a concept in curriculums is cross and applied through doing. Math and Science are crossed, as are reading and art. The practice has resulted in an 18 percent increase in test scores at the Middle School. Frates described the activities as Project Base Learning, in which students learn things, tie them into the community and whenever possible, apply what they have learned. Some examples were shown in a power point presentation. Among these, 1500 postcards that were sent to Iraq, a hot air balloon ride, and a rainforest display. Also, 3 gardens were built around the school to coincide with the lessons on World War II. The school is eligible for a grant to attract Monarch Butterflies to the garden, another way to integrate learning and doing. Additional projects include the Civil War and Ancient Egypt. A 24 foot American Flag was also constructed and presented to soldiers from Laconia, Gilmanton, and Plymouth that spoke at a recent school assembly. These projects, Frates said, were carried out by mainly 7th graders that are now in 8th grade, but by involving this year’s 7th grade class, a continuum was formed and the school will follow that model to keep these projects going from year to year. For more information check out the ilearn web site.

Joe Collie back in the principal's office.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Bike Rodeo Highlights:

Dianne gets the big kids. Kathy gets the little ones.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Matching hats: $20. Matching watches: $50. Matching shirts: $40. Matching glasses: $30. Matching coins: $2. Looking almost exactly the same: priceless.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Mr. Phil and his understudy, Tevin Fortier.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Carroll Stafford prepays his next three parking tickets.
L to R. Officers: L Levin, D. Asley, Stafford, and K. Yale.

Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Balloon heads
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Only one of them has naturally blue hair. You decide.

Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Officer Dennis Asley: Our friendly neighbor cop.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


May 21st
Laura Stuckey from Awakenings Expresso Cafe will make a presentation on coffee.

May 28th
No meeting. Memorial Day.
We will meet Tuesday, May 29th.


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Joe Collie

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