May 21, 2007 - Vol.18, No. 34


 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Joe Adrignola

Senior Members:
Ed Merski, Peter Karagianis, Warren Mitchell, Roger Webster, Ed Chertok, Howard Bacon, and Dennis Denoncourt

Phil Bonafide enjoys his time at the Kiwanis Kiddie Table.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Hon. Mem. Dick Breton and, from the Boys and Girls Club, Jen Lutz, Diedre Lutz, Matt Carignan, and Michael Stillings

Win A Classic!
Paul Cotton reported that the bike raffle did not make the trip to Concord this past weekend because of the rain. Good choice because Charlie St. Clair reports there was nobody there. The next scheduled outing is the Portsmouth Boat Show. The work schedule is as follows:

Thursday, May 31
set up to closing: Paul Cotton and Larry Murphy

Friday, June 1
set up to closing: Paul Cotton and Larry Murphy

Saturday, June 2
10am-3pm: Phil Bonafide and Lori Dickson
3pm-8pm: Joe Adrignola and Don Nelson

Sunday, June 3
10am-4pm, breakdown, and trailer home: Don Nelson, Sue Nelson, and Mike Marsh
Don will trailer the bike home after the show closes on Sunday.

Motorcycle Week Schedule:
The Grand Finale for the Motorcycle comes Bike Week, June 8th through June 17th. A signup sheet was circulated at this week’s meeting and will go around in the weeks to come. Please check your schedule for availability and sign up when you can. The shifts are as follows:

Saturday, June 9th
11am-3pm Phil Bonafide and _________________
3pm-7pm _Kathy Calvin and _________________

Sunday, June 10th
9am-1pm Kathy Calvin and __________________
1pm-5pm Jim Fortier and Arlene Fortier
5pm-9pm _________________ and _________________

Monday, June 11th
9am-1pm Howard Bacon and ______________________
1pm-5pm Kathy Calvin and Lori Dickson
5pm-9pm Dianne Roberts, Larry Murphy, and Russ Beane

Tuesday, June 12th
9am-1pm Larry Murphy and Dianne Zawacki
1pm-5pm Larry Murphy and ______________________
5pm-9pm Kathy Calvin, Dianne and Dan Zawacki

Wednesday, June 13th
9am-1pm _________________ and _________________
1pm-5pm Ed Merski and _________________________
5pm-9pm Larry Murphy and Kathy Calvin

Thursday, June 14th
9am-1pm Larry Murphy and Ed Merski
1pm-5pm Larry Murphy and ______________________
5pm-9pm Don Nelson and Sue Nelson

Friday, June 15th
9am-1pm Larry Murphy, Ed Merski, and Roger Webster
1pm-5pm Larry Murphy, _________________
________and _________________
5pm-9pm Paul Cotton, Don and Sue Nelson

Saturday, June 16th
9am-1pm Paul Cotton and ______________, ________________, _____________
1pm-5pm Paul Cotton and Don Nelson, Sue Nelson, and ______________
5pm-9pm Paul Cotton and Don Nelson, Sue Nelson, and ______________

Sunday, June 17th (Father’s Day)
9am-11am (need 5)
Paul Cotton, Phil Bonafide, Lori Dickson, _______________, _________________
11am-3:15 (need 12),
Paul Cotton, Dianne Roberts, Jim Fortier, Arlene Fortier, Don Nelson, Sue Nelson, Steve Loughlin, Phil Bonafide, Jackie Bonafide, ________________, ___________ and __________________

Reading is FUNdamental
Remember the two RIF events scheduled for early June. The first is Monday, June 4th from 9:40am-11:15am at Woodland Heights Elementary School. Joe Adrignola, Kathy Calvin, Terry Fortson, and Randy Brough are scheduled. The next is Tuesday, June 5th at Pleasant Street School from 2:00pm-2:45. The theme for this one is Aloha to reading. Joe Adrignola, Kathy Calvin, and Randy Brough are scheduled. Please check your schedule and if you can help out on either of those days, please let Kathy Calvin know and thanks in advance for your support!

"If you have it...give it!"
That was Dick Metz' quote upon acceptance of his certificate of support from The Kiwanis Children's Fund. Dick said the cause Kiwanis supports in area children is meaningful and so many people have needs. He gladly accepted the certificate of thanks from Kiwanis International. We thank you, Dick!

Pres. Joe looks at the camera while Dick Metz is mesmarized by the light fixture.

Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Hey Kiwanis...THANKS!
We received a thank you from Simplicity T. Clown for having her at the Bike Rodeo. Mr. Phil was also there. Though Simplicity could not be there for the first half of the event, she sent a card thanking the club for having her stand in, Mr. Phil, there doing balloon characters. She expressed interest in helping us again next year.

Guest Speakers
Roger Landry alerted the club that, as of now, we do not have any scheduled speakers for the next few weeks. Please be on the lookout for guest speakers. We do not have speakers the first Monday of the month, but all other Mondays are fine. Please let Roger know if you have a speaker that you would like to schedule.

Speaking of schedule…

Please remember that because of the Memorial Day Holiday next week, we will meet on Tuesday, May 29th. Also...please remember that we will be in the big room at Pheasant Ridge, and not in the room we usually meet in.





Job Well Done!
Kiwanis was well represented at Annual Salvation Army Luncheon on May 17th. On hand was Kathy Calvin, Diane Zawacki, Joe Adrignola, Roger Landry, and Don Nelson. Also, Calise Houle and Key Club President Elect Cherish LaBelle were on hand. The club was awarded 2nd place for the bell ringing at Christmas. The Key Club took home the third place plaque. Well done!

Who said there was no prize for second place?
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Island Getaway...
Larry Murphy, Carroll and Sandy Stafford, and members of the Boys and Girls Club went out to Mayhew Island this past weekend and helped with the annual summer prep and clean up day. It was not an easy task because of Saturday's rain, but the crew did it all in less than 4 hours. Matt Carignan reported that they opened cabins, washed dishes, swept and mopped the gym, hockey rink and basketball courts. They also opened the First Aid station. Well done!

Mayhew Survivors:
L to R: Michael Stillings, Matt Carignan, Larry Murphy, Dianne Zawacki, Jenn Lutz, and Deirdre Mae Lutz.

Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin counts!
Dick Metz reminded the club that the only way to get new members is to ask! What a novel idea. He said to talk up Kiwanis when you are out and about and you will like the result. He indicated that there will be three new members coming on board this summer and he challenged each member to bring on someone new by year's end.


Ed Chertok, $23

This $23 will get Ed a quarter of a tank in his Caddy!
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Happy Dollars:
Ed Chertok and Ed Merski

Happy Ed gives a Happy Dollar.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Fines: 1
Kathy Calvin was late.
Dianne Zawacki was late.
Howard Bacon was pinless.
75 cents was collected.

Guest Speaker:
Laura Stuckey from Awakenings Cafe in downtown Laconia came to speak about coffee and fair trade in the coffee industry. Laura, along with a team from the University of Vermont, visited Mexico in January. She visited Las Canadas, a center for ecological sustainability. On the farm, they grow all their own food, use solar energy, and composting toilets. They even had to light a fire under a tank of water to heat the water for hot showers. She explained that coffee is grown in a narrow band around the globe and there are 2 species of coffee plants; arabica and robusta. Coffee is the 2nd most traded commodity in the world. The first is petroleum. Fair trade is designed to help farmers. It promises a paycheck every week and a minimum purchase price of $1.26 per pound for coffee growers. $1.41 per pound if organic certified. The average coffee farm needs to sell it's product at $1.00 per pound to sustain year round operation. Visit Laura at Awakenings Cafe on Canal St. in Laconia, right across from the post office. Check them out online at

Regular on the left and Decaf on the right.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Roger Ballantyne Update:

Susan Smith, Administrator at the Taylor Community, wrote the following email report on the health status of Roger Ballantyne on May 16, 2007. As many of you know, Roger had been employed as HR Director at the Taylor Community, where he continues to maintain many friendships.

“I had a delightful call from Roger today (May 16th). He is hanging in there. Monday (May 14th) he was at Beth Israel and got the following report: He has four tumors, one on his spine and three in his lung. His current treatment protocol is intended to shrink these tumors. The three tumors in his lung have responded and have shrunk. The spinal tumor did not appear to have changed. There is hope that a cyberknife procedure can be utilized to remove this tumor. This is the same procedure that was used to remove the two brain tumors.”

“Roger is in the second cycle of his current chemotherapy regime. The original schedule was four weeks on - one week off - four weeks on, etc... He was unable to keep that schedule due to the severe gastrointestinal effects, so the new schedule is two weeks on - one week off - two weeks on, etc. He is tolerating this two-week cycle better. So he has had a total of six weeks of treatment. His appetite is just doesn't taste good. Sue Richardson from LRGH is going to meet with him next week to see what kind of foods might be helpful. He reports his weight is down to 190 pounds...and on the positive side....that has helped bring his blood pressure down. He is getting out a little bit....going to the health club and working on the cycling machine.”

On May 21, 2007, Betty Ballantyne reported, “Roger is back on the Sutent and will be for another two weeks." Betty noted that “Roger has improved…” and “he has gained back some of his weight, too.”

Roger welcomes your kind wishes. You can send him an email at:


Be the first Kiwanis member to correctly identify the name of the owner of all four body parts shown above and you will win a free meal at a future Kiwanis meeting! There will be only one winner. Only E-mail answers are accepted. Please E-mail your four answers to The winner will be announced at next TUESDAY'S meeting. Good luck.



Upcoming Schedule:

Tuesday, May 29th (no meeting Monday)
We're in the big room at Pheasant Ridge.

Monday, June 4th
Boards meet. NISE collected.

Monday, June 11th
Bike Week.

Monday, June 18th
Bike week wrap and giveaway recap.


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Joe Collie

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