August 7, 2006 - Vol.17, No. 45

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Warren Mitchell

er Landry
Senior Members
Peter Karagianis, Warren Mitchell, Ed Merski, Paul Normandin, and…drum roll please…ROGER BALLANTYNE

Roger Ballantyne is back
Photo by Steve Loughlin

Guests: The Honorable Jim Depoin from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts…

Roger Ballantyne's best friend....Jim
Photo by Steve Loughlin

Motorcycle Raffle…
Stay tuned next week for an update on the bike. Things are happening now that are not for publication…there will be more information, one way or another, at next week’s meeting and subsequently in next week’s bulletin.

Kiwanis in Bloom…
Joe Adrignola reports that there are also things happening on the Corpse Flower front. Joe understands that the flower will in fact bloom sometime between August 24th and 27th. The initial plan…and this is all subject to town approval and timing, etc… is to show the bloom at a yet to be dermined location and to use the Gilford High School parking lot as a staging area. LRGH will be formulating a press release and contacting Channel 9. We will be working with Metrocast to set up a web cam and Lakes Region Public Access TV is scheduled to tape a session covering the information about what this bloom means and why it’s so special. We also plan to contact the University of New Hampshire and Dartmouth College. The next meeting on this is schedule for this Thursday, August 10th at LRGH at 10:30. If attending, meet Joe Adrignola in the lobby. Stay Tuned…

Installation 2007
The Installation dinner will be held on Monday,. October 2nd. All members and spouses are invited. We will also invite some past presidents and members. This may also be a good event to invite prospective members to. Further discussion coming soon to a Kiwanis meeting near you…

Board minutes from July 10th
The board approved the club to advertise the bike for sale in local newspapers and the board gave Joe Collie, Warren Mitchell, and Paul Cotton authorization to sell the bike within the price parameters set by them board that night. Meeting adjourned sometime after 7pm…

Joe Adrignola and Jim Fortier split $17.

Some things never change.
Photo by Steve Loughlin

Happy Dollars
The above two gave one between them. Go figure… Steve Loughlin gave $10 in honor of the return of Roger Ballantyne.

Happiness is having Roger back!
Photo by Phil Bonafide


Dennis Denoncourt, Jim Fortier, and Phil Bonafide were pinless and Kathy Calvin was late. A total of $1.00 was collected…

$20 was collected. A tip of the Collie Cap to Paul Cotton, who pitched in for our “plastic only” President.

Free meal
Don Nelson…which probably means he’ll invite Sue next week.

Monday, September 4th
No meeting. Labor Day. We meet Tuesday, September 5th. Boards meet, NISE collected

Monday, August 28th

Monday, August 21st

Monday, August 14th
Dr. Lou Ricciardello



Joe Collie

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