October 23, 2006 - Vol.18, No. 4

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Roger Landry

Senior Members:
Ed Merski, Ed Chertok, Howard Bacon, Dennis Denoncourt, Carroll Stafford, and Paul Normandin

Polly Chertok with Ed

and meet at Joe's ...

House Committee Chair Roger Landry advised the club that we will be meeting at One Mill Plaza during the months of January and February. On at least one occasion, we will meet at the Belknap Mill, but otherwise we will meet at One Mill Plaza over the winter months.

Reading is FUNdamental:
There was a RIF reading on Monday, October 23rd at Woodland Heights Elementary School. On hand for the event were Don Nelson, Roger Webster, Joe Adrignola, Kathy Calvin, and Dianne Zawacki. Also pitching in were Terry Fortson and Randy Brough. The group read to 61 kids! Well done. The next RIF is scheduled for Wednesday, October 25th (date of this publication) at Elm Street School from 1:45 to 2:45pm. At press time; Joe Adrignola, Kathy Calvin, Sue Laramee, and Officer Don Kimtus were signed up to participate.

Thanks to "my crew."
...--Jim Fortier  

With those words, Jim acknowledged the hard work at the football food shack of Chet Cilley, Larry Murphy, Kathy Calvin, and himself. (The Crew) The last regular season home game was this past Friday. Should Laconia advance to the championship game, they will have another home game on November 11th. Stay Tuned.

Gone...but not forgotten  
Steve Loughlin acknowledged and thanked Nancy Williams-Hunt for her help on two fronts. Number 1: laminating the new name badges that Steve had made for Dick Metz, et al. And Number 2: for Nancy graciously hosting the motorcycle in the lobby of Meredith Village Savings Bank . Thanks, Nancy!

MVSB Bike Sales Team: l to r: PP Nancy Williams-Hunt, Rose Bastraw, and Judi Tucker (past Kiwanian)
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Speaking of Nancy...  
We do need to fill the vacancy on the board of directors created by Nancy's resignation from the club. If you'd like to be on the board, please let a member of the board know. If you'd like to nominate someone, please let a member of the board know. If neither one of these things happen, the board will appoint a member to fill the seat. Nominations and interested parties will be addressed at the meeting of 10/30, should there be any. The board will appoint someone at the meeting of November 6th should there not be any.

Update on Peter Karagianis:  
The report is that he is doing fine and should be back with us soon. In other words....Happy Jack has been Crappy Jack lately, but is back to being Happy Jack again. We are glad. Look forward to seeing you again, Peter.

Roger Ballantyne Update:  
No one seemed to have any recent information since the last meeting. That news was positive and in this particular instance, no news may in fact be good news.  Stay Tuned...and keep "Spaceshot" in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks.

Guest Speakers:  
As we pointed out in the past...it should be easy enough to avoid double booking. However, Roger Landry has offered to coordinate scheduling and contact any potential guest speaker that you may come across. If there is someone you have in mind, let Roger know. If you feel comfortable enough, schedule them yourself. The schedule is usually a month out online at the bottom of the recent bulletin.


Dick "Beginners Luck" Metz, Roger Landry,and Jeff Stone split $17.00

Carroll Stafford congratulates Dick Metz on winning the 50-50 two weeks in a row.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Happy Dollars:
The above 3 had 2 for winning. Not sure how that worked out.

Bruce Elder from a Kiwanis Club in Virginia sent a Happy Dollar with Dick Metz for Dick joining the club.

Ed Chertok had $1 for the great meal he and Polly had at Stone House.

In all, $4.00 was collected

President Joe Collie said there are happy dollars coming for his recent recognition at the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters Golden Mike Awards. His WASR morning news program was honored with the first place awards for best newscast, best sportscast, and best public affairs show. His Friday morning High School Sports Show, Coach's Corner, won the first place awards for best sports feature.

Big Dog Collie proudly displays one of the four awards he received for excellence in broadcasting.
Photo by Lindsey Robbins, Co-Host "Seacoast In The Morning," 98.7 WBYY-FM


Roger Landry was fined a quarter for referring to someone as "Mister." At press time, this writer is having writer's block and cannot remember who. Maybe it should be whom. Whatever .

Monday, November 20th

Monday, November 13th

Monday, November 6th
Boards meet. NISE collected.

Monday, October 30th

Joe Collie

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