Novembert 6 , 2006 - Vol.18, No. 6

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Russ Beane

Senior Members:
Ed Chertok, Howard Bacon, Roger Webster, Warren Mitchell, Paul Normandin

Polly Chertok with Ed

Key Clubbers:
Kayne Kreitser, Jackie Montembeau, Emily Kean, Cara Clemens

Key Clubbers with PP Jim and Pres. Joe
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Win A Classic :  
The motorcycle raffle will be on the road twice in November. The bike will be at the Manchester Armory November 18th and 19th and at the Winnipesaukee Expo Center on November 25th and 26th. Signed up to work so far are :

Manchester Armory, November 18-19
Saturday 11/18
8am-10am (set-up)
Paul Cotton, __________________
Paul Cotton, __________________
Noon to 4pm
Jim and Arlene Fortier
Sunday 11/19
Howard Bacon
2pm-4pm and breakdown
Paul Cotton and Warren Mitchell

Winni Expo, November 25-26
Saturday 11/25
8am -10am (set-up)
Paul Cotton
Roger Webster and Dick Metz
Sunday 11/26
Warren Mitchell and Jeff Stone
2pm-4pm and breakdown
Paul Cotton

The sheets will be circulated again at the meeting of Monday, November 13th, so please check your schedules and availability. Thanks in advance for helping out!

Get a Leg Up on this deal...  
The Dover Kiwanis Club is hosting a bus trip to Boston to see the Rockettes Christmas Show at the Wang Center on December 10th, a Sunday. The show starts at 4, the bus will leave Dover at 1:30m and return at 7pm. Tickets are $120.00 per person and include the bus trip to and from, orchestra seating, and a snack pack for the ride home. Anyone interested should call Gail Baker at 475-3501 or Kim Raimer at 742-7012. President Joe Collie has more information should you need it.

Go Sachems!  
The Laconia Football Team won their playoff game last week and will be playing in the Championship game  Saturday November 11, 2006. Thanks to all who helped in the snack shack this season and to those that were part of the fun at the big game! Go Sachems !

Speaking of Laconia High School...  
Numerous Key Clubbers were on hand for our meeting. Kayne Kreitser gave the following update: The Key Club is working the snack shack at the Championship game and made over $1,000 at the semifinal game on November 4th. Next week, they will be participating in Hunger and Homelessness Week and will spend a night sleeping on the front lawn of Laconia High School. They are also forming a human food chain in which they will line the sidewalks from the high school to the Salvation Army building and pass food along the way. Later: the Fashion Show is set for January 2007 and during February vacation week, they will be part of Alternative Spring Break and head south to build a Habitat for Humanity house in the Atlanta area. Good work, Key Club. Be proud!

Board Minutes from October 10th 


Sec'y Kathy Calvin recapped the busy board meeting of October 10th by reading the minutes. They were approved as read. The board approved the July and August financial reports, pending an audit. The board also approved $5,000 to Community Health and Hospice Young Families program. The Charity budget was approved as read. Joe Collie, Joe Adrignola, and Dianne Roberts were approved as check signers on the account. The number of senior members was left at 10, and the same 10 senior members were approved this year as last. The board accepted, with regret, the resignation of Nancy Williams-Hunt and then made Nancy an honorary member. The board also approved Dick Metz as a new member. Doug Wentworth's memership was terminated. Kathy Calvin was appointed Secretary and $1,000 was approved to be donated to the WLNH Children's Auction, to be paid in two $500 increments.




"Permanant" Secretary Kathy Calvin
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin


Welcome a-BOARD  
Nancy Williams-Hunt's resignation opened a spot on the board of directors. That spot was filled by Russ Beane. That spot was filled...or that plot was filled by Russ Beane...??


Russ Beane and Dick Metz split $21

Russ, Dick and "Thing."
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Babies are Coming...
President Joe reports "baby Collie" is a forthcoming this week. Russ Beane reports his first granddaughter, "baby Beane," will soon be arriving.

Happy Dollars:
Russ Beane for winning the 50/50 and for his granddaughter coming this Wednesday. That's 2 bucks. Ed Chertok for UNH Football; despite the score, the nice picture of Roger Ballantyne in the previous bulletin and for Joe Collie's broadcasting award. That's 3 we're up to 5. Dianne Zawacki gave for Steve helping her with a digital photo and for completing the Boys and Girl's Club application at the Teen Center. Those 2 make a total of 7 Happy Dollars Collected.

"Happy Jack" is Back :

Peter Karagianis is back to good health and was recently spotted at his "home away from home."
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

het was pinless.
Charlie was late.
Charlie was pinless.
$.75 collected

Monday, November 13th
Spencer Reid from will speak

Monday, November 20th
Program scheduled. Check back for specifics.

Monday, November 27th
Program scheduled. Check back for specifics.

Monday, December 4th
Board meets. NISE collected.

Monday, December 11th
Childeren's Christmas Party.

Monday, December 18th
Yankee Swap.

Monday, December 25th Christmas Day
No meeting this week. Next meeting. Next meeting January 2nd at One Mill Plaza.


Joe Collie

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