Novembert 20 , 2006 - Vol.18, No. 8

 News That Concerns Kiwanians and Their Families


Warren Mitchell

The song following the invocation was a welcome back "how do you do?" to Peter Karagianis

Peter "Happy Jack" Karagianis enjoys his musical "welcome back" reception.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Senior Members:
Howard Bacon, Roger Webster, Warren Mitchell and Peter Karagianis

Hon. Member Dick Breton

Win A Classic!  
Paul Cotton gave the update from the weekend in Manchester and thanked all that participated in the raffle road show. On board were Warren Mitchell, Pam and Roger Landry, Jim and Arlene Fortier, Kathy Calvin, and Howard Bacon. The next stop is this weekend at the craft fair at the Winnipesuakee Expo Center in Lakeport. The work schedule is as follows :

Winni Expo, November 25-26
Saturday 11/25
8am -10am (set-up)
Paul Cotton

Roger Webster and Dick Metz

Sunday 11/26
Warren Mitchell and Jeff Stone

2pm-4pm and breakdown
Paul Cotton

On The Road Again...  
A show in Springfield, Massachusetts has been scheduled for the weekend of January 19-21. The show will be at the Eastern States Expo Center. Paul Cotton is on board and will be circulating a sign up sheet in the coming weeks. 15,000 people attended this show last year and it could generate big bucks for the raffle. Please check your schedules.

You can Bank on it...  
Paul Cotton advises that the Bike will be in the McIntyre Circle branch of Meredith Village Savings Bank after December 2nd. The Rotary Bike will be at the South Main Street branch. Nancy Williams-Hunt gave Paul $120 in ticket sales from the Bike's stay at her branch. Thanks, Nancy!

Know Any Place???  
Warren Mitchell reminds the club that the Bike can be moved anywhere, so if there is a place that you think could generate some revenue for the raffle and the bike could be there, please let the club know and we will "make it happen."

The Lt. Gov. is coming  
By way of e-mail, Lt. Gov. William Smith alerted President Joe that he be in town for the meeting next week, Monday, November 27th. Please try and attend so that you can meet the new Lt. Governor and hear what is happening in our district. Hope to see you there!

Hey Kiwanis...THANKS!  
We received a letter of thanks from Lois Dean, a member of the board of directors at the Teen Center. Lois followed up her personal thanks last week by telling that  the $3,000 donation the club made to the scholarship find at the Teen Center will account for 75% of their scholarship funding during the transition period they are currently in. Grant money has ended and Boys and Girls Club money has not started yet. They really appreciated our "boost."

Party Time!  
The Children's Christmas Party is scheduled for Monday, December 11th. Kathy Calvin has slips for you to fill out on what gifts your child may be interested in. Please get them back to her at next week's meeting, if possible: November 27th.

A rare flower? I think NOT...
Ho hum...Dr. Lou Ricciardiello has bloomed another flower. If anyone would like to see it, it is at the greenhouse. Reliable sources say this is the final bloom of the season, but for those of you scoring at home: this makes 4 of the "rare" blooms. Lou has found the secret!


Peter Karagianis, $17
You could not have written a better script!

Happy Jack is happy.
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

Happy Dollars:
Peter Karagianis, $2 for winning the other 15.
Roger Landry for the return of Peter.
Jeff Kellett for speaking to the club.
In total, $4 was collected from this happy group.

Stick 'em Up!

Jeff Kellett, Cmndr. of the NHSP Criminal Records Division spoke to the club about his division's function within the State Police. He took the job 10 years ago with 8 people under him. Since then, the department has grown to nearly 30 people. The department is responsible for the central control of the Central Repository where they store ALL criminal records in the state of NH and all sexual offender registration information. Jeff said the department also oversees the Uniform Crime Reporting Section and the Biometric Identification Unit, in which they use AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) to match fingerprints with suspects.  Jeff is the state's "Compact Officer" and attends several meetings of task forces and law enforcement compacts around the country. He recently returned from Oklahoma City and estimates that he spends more than 3 months a year on the road. He was appointed by Atty. Gen'l Gonzalez and Gov. John Lynch to represent NH at these conferences. He said NH has made great strides in keeping up technologically with law enforcement around the country and he would rank NH's computer capability in the top 25 percent in the nation, despite early obstacles in the department's technology ability. Jeff said that in fiscal year 2006, his department handled more than 175,000 requests for record checks, generating some $2 million in revenue.

Jeff "Snoopy" Kellett with Roger Landry .
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin

How's Roger Ballantyne Doing?
In Roger's words (11/18/06):
"The brain tumor was removed on October 11. That made three tumors total that have been removed. That leaves three tumors remainining in my lungs. I return to Beth Israel Hospital this coming Monday for a "cyberknife" treatment to clean out any remaining cancer cells from the brain tumor that was removed. If all goes well I hope to reenter the clinical trial for renal cell cancer within a month. My hip surgery is looking better and the damage from the fall has just about healed. I am still going through physical therapy every week. The brain tumor left me with some memory problems, especially with phone numbers. Our four children and spouses and granndson are all coming for Thanksgiving. Elizabeth and I wish you and your family a very nice Thanksgiving. We have much to be thankful for this year.

...More from Roger (11/21/06):
Describing his day in Boston on Monday 11/20/06...

"It went well. They made a mask for me to wear during my treatments. The acual cyberknife treatments start next week. They showed me the room and setup where the treatments will take place. I will have any where from 1 - 4 treatments."

Dave Says Hi...
Past President (1990) Dave Varney was recently spotted with his wife, Carol, outside Loews in Tilton. Dave extends his best to the club.

"It went well. They made a mask for me to wear during my t
Dave and Carol Varney
Photo by W. Stephen Loughlin
tnents. The acual cyberknife treatments start next week. They showed me the room and setup where the treatments will take place. I will have any where from 1 - 4 treatments.

Monday, November 27th
Mark Frost will speak.

Monday, December 4th
Board meets. NISE collected.

Monday, December 11th
Children's Christmas Party.

Monday, December 18th
Yankee Swap.

Monday, December 25th Christmas Day
No meeting. Next meeting. Next meeting January 2nd at One Mill Plaza.


Joe Collie

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